December 23, 2014

Maja Salvador’s debut album “Believe” went for the Gold, then for the Platinum

Maja Salvador’s debut album “Believe” signifies more than an exhibition of her singing abilities, one of her many talents. It has proven once again that this girl’s formula for success pans out the way she intends to: dream hard...then work hard for it to come true. “Napatunayan ko na hindi mahirap mangarap. Kapitan mo lang ang pangarap mo. Huwag mong pakawalan.”

It was an inspiring feat for Maja when “Believe” reached 7,500 in sales figures and had been certified Gold by the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry (PARI) last June 5th. It was quite an overwhelming triumph for a young woman testing the waters of a different industry. With her diligent willingness to leave a mark on music and a charismatic hold on a fanbase that never seem to thin out, things that took place after this Gold certification fell beyond the reach of the word “success”.

Numbering in the accolades of “Believe” is the Philippine Movie Press Club awarding the album as the Dance Album of the Year at the 6th PMPC Star Awards For Music, with another nomination for Maja for the New Female Recording Artist Of the Year award. It also pioneered the bar-raising “mastered for iTunes” hallmark for the entire OPM industry. “Dahan-dahan”, the flagship single for the album claimed the nod of OPM buffs as it charted atop national radio and music TV channel charts, and scored almost 6 million views for its music video on YouTube.

The end of the “Believe” era is still not in sight though.


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With a sprawling spread of recognition under her belt, “Believe” hits it even bigger with Maja tirelessly touring the country to promote the record and eventually, the countless hours of boosting the acquaintance of the public with the new sound that is Maja, paid off. Only 6 months after receiving

the Gold award from PARI, “Believe” called for a crown change to a Platinum certification, selling over massive 15,000 copies. The plaques were handed to a surprised and teary-eyed Maja on ABS-CBN’s ASAP show last Sunday, December 14.

OPM’s kudos to Maja’s musical work is truly significant, but the belief that she can take over this industry too as regarded by her fans, both newfound ones and those who have grown with her from the early beginnings of her career, is the highlight on Maja’s impressive resumé so

far. Though some “critics” bomb her vocal ability as half-baked at best, Maja knew better: she can sing, and right now that’s what she wants to do. Unlike most of her contemporaries, it wasn’t her intention to follow the regrettable practice of merely creating a 30-minute ad for a celebrity brand. In creating “Believe”, singing and creating a real record was her primary concern. At the very same time she can dance, she can act, she can model. She can relate to the audience. She knows how to envelop herself in the uniqueness of her skillset. From where we're all standing, Maja's got it pretty good at entertaining overall.

More than the efforts she has given to complete and promote the album, Maja only has one last advice: “Just BELIEVE!”

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