January 8, 2015

Better healthcare means investing in high-quality tech

B. Braun says future-proof medical technology is key in improving healthcare in hospitals

For hospitals and clinics, raising the quality of service is always a top priority. But with constrained finances, the challenge for these facilities is finding the right investments, in terms of medical equipment.

Typical infusion pumps, for instance, are used to deliver fluids (including nutrients and medications) into a patient’s body. However, these medical devices are limited in terms of the variety of fluids it can carry.

“Outdated medical equipment can pose challenges to delivering quality healthcare,” said Julian Nair, Country Manager of B. Braun Medical Supplies in the Philippines. “This makes finding technologies that offer flexibility at decreased operational cost all the more important.”

According to the International Trade Administration, there is an existing depreciation in Philippine medical equipment, as some hospitals have no option but to prolong their use. 

Nair pointed out, “Investing in future-proof medial solutions is the key in taking healthcare to the next level. It is really a matter of finding the right equipment to invest in.”

In line with this, B. Braun—the world’s leading provider of healthcare solutions—has developed Space Pumps, a modular system that configures the complex process of infusion pumps. Nair described it as “One Infusion System for all Therapies.”

Next generation technology

“Space Pumps are the smallest and lightest hospital infusion pumps in the world—this allows for easy transport. More importantly, Space Pumps usher a new generation of infusion technology,” said Nair. 

With this device, a single pump can be used for the entire clinical pathway for all hospital applications. Nair also noted that it “only needs a single power cord to run all the pumps, and there is only one data protocol to complete the fluid management required.”

Other benefits include: 16-hour operation time when off the line, easy integration in mobile intensive care vehicles, simple patient transfer with handy pumps, and minimum space requirement.

Unified standards

B. Braun’s ‘one system for greater diversity’ pump is universally implementable for hospital-wide standardization and simplification. Other pumps, Nair pointed out, may not be used for other therapeutic functions that create bottlenecks in availability.

“Single-type pumps are expensive as it can only be used for a single function,” Nair said. “However, using a pump that can be universally used for different drugs is more cost-effective.“ 

He concludes, “Because we believe that optimum patient care is not dependent on very costly medical equipment, all our devices are tailor-made based on unified standards. We have to avoid complications to meet excellent outcomes—both for our patients and the medical institutions as well.”

About B. Braun Medical Supplies, Inc.
25 years of Sharing Expertise in the Philippines

B. Braun Medical Supplies, Inc. is one of the country’s top healthcare companies. Although established in the Philippines only in 1985, B. Braun’s experience in the healthcare industry is backed by 175 years of continuous pioneering and innovative breakthroughs developed and implemented by its mother company B. Braun Melsungen AG, along with subsidiaries in over 60 countries.

B. Braun started in the Philippines with just one operating division, retailing sutures and disposables. On its 28th year in the country, with a strong and driven sales force and service team, it is almost a one-stop healthcare company offering quality and cutting-edge health care products such as infusion solutions and devices, IV cannula, sutures, surgical instruments, value added drugs, regional anesthesia and clinical nutrition.

B. Braun draws its innovative strength from the guiding principle “Sharing Expertise” which cultivates the exchange of information and experience both within the company and more importantly, with practitioners in the hospitals. “Sharing Expertise” is the promise that holds true for B. Braun employees and their customers.

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