March 30, 2015

Jardine Distribution and BASF; 30 years of strong brand partnership and still growing

With the various construction projects flourishing in different parts of the country, Jardine Distribution Inc. works heavily with its industry partners in providing high quality products for the Filipino homes.
BASF and Jardine Distribution, Inc. continue its long-lasting and solid partnership to provide better services and products for Filipino homes.

One such partnership that is 3 decades strong is with the world’s leading chemical company, BASF, which recently launched Master Builders Solutions in the Philippines last February 6 at the InterContinental Manila, Makati City.

Master Builders Solutions is a result of BASF’s rebranding of 30 different brands under one collective brand name, giving its brands better recognition and standardized look.Jardine Distribution will continue to market and distribute water proofing solutions - Super Thoroseal (which is now named Masterseal 583), Waterplug (which is now named Masterseal 590) and Optimum Flex (which is now named Masterseal 540).

Jardine Distribution Inc. President Edwin Hernandez talks about the long-stading partnership of the company and BASF that resulted in years of providing high quality products for Filipino homes.

“We continue to lead the waterproofing industry in the country and that’s because our consumers have already proven to themselves that we have the best products out there. We promise to continue improving our products to cater to the needs of Filipino families,” said Nancy Pereyras, Product Manager, Jardine Distribution Inc.

Jardine Distribution President & General Manager, Edwin Hernandez also gave a brief speech during the event, talking about the long history of Jardine Distribution and BASF; rekindling the passion both companies have in providing high quality products for the Filipino home.

Different products and brands marketed under Master Builders Solutions will now feature a globalized naming system, allowing BASF help customers and partner companies to ensure the quality of products and services.

Jardine Distribution, Inc., represents a number of local and global companies that provide world-class crop protection and construction chemical products. They are focused on the safe use of these products, providing technical support, and with due consideration of environmental protection. For more information, visit

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