Enjoy SAKURA Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Shopping. Malling. Relaxing. Refreshing. Everytime we give time to activities especially, winter, summer or spring. One of the most beautiful sights in the world is the blooming of cherry blossom trees in Japan when spring comes. It’s such a gorgeous sight that even the Japanese themselves cannot get enough of. For hundreds of years, they have been celebrating Hanami which is when they have picnics under the cherry blossom trees to look at flowers.

Every year, people from all over the world fly to Japan just so they can experience Hanami and see the cherry blossoms themselves, but not everyone can just drop everything, pack their bags, and jet off to the land of the rising sun!

Sakura season here in the Philippines, with Japanese cherries or sakura make up a tree with cherry blossoms.
This is why we at TOKYO BUBBLE TEA have decided to bring the SAKURA SEASON to you!

Spring often makes people think of blooming flowers and cool weather. Feel the spring vibe when you take a sip of our SAKURA JCC MILK TEAS!
Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea
Tokyo Bubble Tea JCC

Try the Sakura Royal Milk Tea, Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea, and Sakura Taro Milk Tea! These bubbly beverages will surely quench your thirst as they feature a Sakura spin on the typical Tokyo Bubble Tea JCC!

I had Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea, very refreshing, it comes with bubbles, pearls in brown sugar syrup. Light and not so sweet, super right...but something new in it. 


For all the grumbling tummies, get ready for the SAKURA BENTO TRAYS.

Have Hanami at our stores by chowing down on the Sakura Soy Ginger Fish, Sakura Chicken Katsu, and Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg. Each tray comes with a main course, miso soup, fried rice, 

Sakura salad and Sakura maki that were made especially for the season!

Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg.

What’s great about the Sakura JCC Milk Teas and Sakura Bento Trays is how well they go together!

The awesome customers who will mix and match these trays and drinks will get to pick a prize from our special Sakura tree which is overflowing with exclusive Tokyo Bubble Tea merchandise including super cute plush toys and snazzy tees featuring our three favorite Bubblets, Sakura, Midori, and Ichiban! 

You can also get some awesome vouchers which you can use to satisfy your rumbling bellies at Tokyo Bubble Tea!

Our Sakura Season menu will be available for a limited time starting April 15, 2015!


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