April 17, 2015

Perfect summer combination: Thread 365 goes googoo&gaga A collaboration that will make colors pop this season

Homegrown brands Thread 365 and googoo&gaga team up to give us the perfect summer wear – ones you can wear from the mall, up to the mountains, and down to the beach.

Yes, they’re that versatile and comfortable!
Fozzy Castro Dayrit

You really can’t go wrong with these colorful tops and shorts, with a twist.

It was a series of chance meetings that led to this match made in heaven. 

Thread 365, led by Terry S.A. President Anne Gonzalez, is a homegrown brand known for its high-quality essential tees in an array of colors. From its distinct name, Thread 365 produces timeless pieces that endure seasons and trends, ones you can wear any day of the year. Made of 100% cotton, these tees are thoughtfully designed to make you not just look good, but feel good.

“With Thread 365, there’s a lot of puso (heart) in this brand. It’s homegrown, and we are making basics, but in an updated, upgraded way. We use 100% cotton that is breathable and we produce our shirts following global best practices and we are very proud of that,” Anne says.

googoo&gaga on the other hand is an online store that offers “quirky clothes for kooky kids.” Its main headquarters is here in Manila, but accepts orders from some parts of Asia, Europe, and the United States. Internationally renowned graphic artist AJ Dimarucot – who has designed for global personalities such as Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Manny Pacquiao – handles all the creatives, while his wife Audrey is in charge of logistics, operations and marketing.

“Googoo means crazy, and that’s me, and gaga means love, and that’s her,” AJ quips.AJ’s designs are those that take up all the space and uses as much colors as possible. The question he always asks himself is, “What else can I put?”

googoo&gaga always goes all out with its designs, while Thread 365 is a minimalist. They’re the complete opposites, which only proves that opposites really do attract. 

Even before the collaboration, Anne admits she was a customer of googoo&gaga apparel for her daughter. She says, “I love just how alive their prints are, and that stayed with me. I always thought if we went into a kids’ line, they would be a great brand to work with. Interestingly, we started with an adult line with them".

“We do very colorful, and sometimes wild things, and so with this project, we have something to offer the market that prefers simpler, more basic things. We were ready to do something that could appeal to more people.” Audrey adds. 

So when Thread 365 was conceptualizing its summer collection for 2015, the partnership became inevitable. 

Thread 365 incorporated googoo&gaga’s signature Spectrum print to infuse subtle yet eye-catching details to its plain tees. The result? Comfortable shirts that will make you feel like everyday is a fiesta. Thread 365 is also releasing bottoms for the first time in this collection. Don’t even try counting the number of colors they used for the prints. Even the creators have lost count.

The Thread 365 summer collection will be available online at www.thread.365.com on April 1st, and will be up for grabs at Common Thread stores in Greenbelt 5 and Power Plant Mall, as well as AVA.ph on April 5th. Limited stocks only.

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