April 15, 2015

World-renowned mixologist wows Manila at Cocktail Festival with Matthias Giroud

Experience a Buddha-Bar Manila evening like no other when Matthias Giroud, Chief Bar Manager of Buddha-Bar Worldwide flies in for a one-night only cocktails feast called Cocktail Festival with Matthias Giroud on April 17, 2015.

The metro’s most sophisticated restaurant-bar-lounge promises the ultimate cocktails night with the visiting mixologist concocting an array of great cocktails and demonstrating the techniques he has acquired and honed through the years. 

Guests get to taste Matthias’ special cocktails and new mixes for Php1,000. Discounts will be given to students and teachers who wish to watch a master mixologist at work, creating magical concoctions that inspire awe. 

Constantly experimenting to up the ante in the art of mixing drinks, Matthias Giroud never fails to leave audiences amazed with his unparalleled cocktail creations. By nature, mixologists resemble artists, skilled not only in creating blends of flavors that complement each other perfectly but masters of performance and presentation as well. 

Hailing from the French Antilles, four distinct islands that offer white-sand beaches, Gallic glamour, and gastronomy, Matthias grew up travelling the world with his parents. In essence, he was reared to become an explorer and adventurer. 

At 18, the young Matthias landed his first bar job at the legendary “Bar Fly Paris” and it also marked his long-standing stint under George V Entertainment. Armed with a prodigious gift, a winning personality and work ethics, Matthias rose to become the chief bar manager for all the venues run by the group including the emblematic “Buddha Bar,” “Barrio Latino” and “Barlotti” in no time at all. 

Soon he was conquering the world, designing, conceptualizing, training and putting in place the bar operation for all subsequent openings of the George V Entertainment group around the world. His remarkable journey has seen him traverse the continent, from Monaco to new York and from Mexico to Sao Paolo, through the Middle East right to the yet-to-be-discovered corners of exotic Asia.

It is but fitting that Manila is the next stop. Buddha-Bar Manila guests are bound to marvel at this French wizard of Buddha Bar’s signature mixed drinks. 

Buddha-Bar Manila is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. 

For reservations, call +632 8566859/ +632 8566719 and 0998-983-2918. You may also reach them at info@buddhabarmanila.com or like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BuddhaBarMNL

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