May 13, 2015

5 items you can sell right now and be a wealthier you!

One of the New Year’s resolution and future plans -  cleaning your room and to have more space you can enjoy. How to do it?  You will free up space in your closet and take out clothes you’re no longer using. If you haven’t cleaned or decluttered your home yet, there is no better occasion than now. And while you’re at it, you can also sell the unused stuff to make extra cash.

Open your closet and table drawers, look under your bed and move your furniture aside. To give you a head start, here are 5 items that you can consider selling:

Summer clothing and accessories

Hoarding a closetful of extra clothes? Sell them as preloved to fashionistas online. You can sell the old tees and jeans you haven’t used in ages and the dresses that no longer fit you. The rule is, if you haven’t seen or worn them in 3 months, let it go. 


If you have an old camera that has long been forgotten, it can be sold for a good price online. Tip: sell your old gadgets as soon you have bought a new one. Cameras are also one of the most sought-after gadgets during the summer, especially since most families and friends are going on vacations and outdoor trips. Smartphones may be ideal for selfies, but hi-res cameras are still the preferred lens for shooting landscapes and group shots. 

Books and other publications

Got a bookcase full of old books you’ve grown tired of reading all over again? Why don’t you sell them and use the money to buy the latest books you want? Used books, regardless if they are classic or contemporary, are the choice companions of people who are either on vacation or staycation.

Electronic gadgets and appliances

Want to upgrade to the latest high-end smartphone or LED TV without breaking the bank? Sell your old gadgets and appliances and then use the extra cash to supplement the money you need to buy brand-new gizmos. Lots of trendy online buyers are looking for good quality but discounted smartphones, TVs and other electronic appliances. 

Fitness and sporting equipment

If you have an unused yoga mat or an exercise bike that’s been left to gather dust in the corner of your room, sell it to other fitness enthusiasts. Lots of folks will be pursuing a new sports or fitness routine during the summer season. Most of them will also be looking for quality and affordable sports equipment and gears, from fitness trackers to treadmills. Take advantage of this trend by selling the ones you’re no longer using.

After you’re done identifying all the household items you want to sell, take photos and post your ads online. 

Use leading buy and sell sites, like OLX, to reach millions of Pinoy buyers and sell your preloved items fast. You can even download their free Android and iOS app to make your selling experience a lot faster and easier. 

Extend the value of your stuff by earning extra cash from it while also helping others get a good deal. This year, aim for an improved living space and a wealthier you! 

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