May 9, 2015

James Hardie: Living Without Compromise

Many people, when faced with time or budget constraints, or a decision between old and new ways of doing things, are forced to accept standards that are lower than desirable. Yet there is one aspect in life where there should be no room for compromise: the building of spaces where we live, work, play, and enjoy life to the fullest. 

James Hardie—a highly respected, admired innovator and world leader in the building materials industry—espouses elevating standards and prioritizing quality. As a result, its products, especially the HardieFlex brand of durable fiber cement boards, have become the top choice among discerning architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and homeowners since the brand’s introduction to the local market in 1996.

The brand trusted by the experts, James Hardie products, provide durability and design flexibility. And this is enhanced by James Hardie guidelines on how not to compromise when it comes to safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency. 

1. Put stock in things that last a long time

Founded in Australia in 1888, the company that pioneered state-of-the-art fiber cement technology in the 1980s has invested much in research and development for its cornerstone Philippines product range, HardieFlex. 

Now, the most trusted fiber cement brand by architects in the country, HardieFlex is the go-to material for withstanding the test of time and resisting a host of problems. Unlike plywood, HardieFlex is resistant to moisture damage, fire, termites, rotting, and impact. 

This durable product has also been tested on a variety of landscapes and weather conditions. The Philippines, in particular, is a tricky place in which to build homes and buildings, given its varying weather which ranges from hot and humid to cold and wet. HardieFlex® fiber cement products are specifically manufactured to perform superbly in the face of these unique factors affecting Philippine construction. It protects against moisture damage and rotting all year round, for many years to come. 

2. Think cost-efficient instead of cheap

When local homeowners economize on construction materials, are they truly saving their money or just compromising on quality? Some materials like wood and plywood may be less expensive initially, but since they’re not as durable, they need to be repaired and replaced more often. Result: they’re more expensive in the long run. 

Built to last, HardieFlex® is more pocket-friendly. It can be installed in various applications with minimal labor costs for homeowners. With HardieFlex®, construction can be cost-efficient without skimping on safety and structural integrity.

3. Choose both form and function

There are endless design possibilities with HardieFlex®. Initially marketed and known as material for ceilings and walls, the durable fiber cement boards has expanded its line, offering several applications such as eaves, fascia, flooring, wet areas, and external cladding. 

HardieFlex Ceilings, HardieFlex Walls, HardieFlex Wet Area Solution, HardieFlex® Senepa, HardieFlex Eaves, HardiePlank Siding, and HardieFlex Flooring all allow for a wide variety of sizes and applications to fit your design and decorative taste. 

4. Go for sustainable and health friendly

Years of experience, research and development, and knowledge from across the globe have made James Hardie products the ideal tool, not only because of their quality and durability. It aims to deliver an ideal and cost-efficient way of building spaces without forgetting two important elements: the people and the environment. With HardieFlex®, James Hardie delivers products that are both health- and eco-friendly. 

First, its products are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals emitted in the air which may be harmful to people and the environment. Secondly, asbestos, a common additive found in other fiber board products, are 100% absent from HardieFlex® products. Research shows that VOCs can cause serious respiratory problems in children and the elderly. Without these harmful compounds threatening to pollute the air people breathe, it is much easier to enjoy life without worry. 

HardieFlex® products are also energy-efficient and designed to provide thermal comfort. Moreover, the products use sustainable raw materials and goes through a manufacturing process which minimizes the impact on the environment. 

5. Always go the extra mile

Confident of the top-notch quality of its products, James Hardie provides a ten-year warranty on all HardieFlex fiber cement boards. This winner of 3 out of 4 feature awards at the Architects’ Choice Awards Philippines 2014 by BCI Asia, including Most Trusted Brand for cement boards, also comes with excellent after-sales service. The company has dedicated hotlines for customer and technical support (toll-free 1-800-1-888-5427; or (02) 895-5427.

Living life without compromise seems like a very difficult undertaking. But with HardieFlex®, you won’t need to settle for anything but the best. 

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