May 9, 2015

#Palaro2015: A special moments with Lina, long-jumper student athlete

There are many interesting situations you can see in a national event like the 2015 Palarong Pambansa where more than 12,000 participants, compete and do their best to win. 

Here's about an amazing story.

Lina Abando

Lina Abando, the 9-year-old athlete participant in the long-jump competition in the Palarong Pambansa 2015, being held in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

A short conversation with Lina, she showed us that a little girl in the Kalinga mountain is happy and honest while sharing her life.

She became an student athlete and made it to the 2015 Palarong Pambansa for the first time. Gladly to be in. She told us and thankful that her mother gave her P20 as her "pocket money" so she have to use in the entire event from May 3 - 9.  

The Deped and sponsors provide the student athletes their food, accomodation and all things they need. 

In an interview, one asked her what would she do to the cash prize when she wins. "Isasauli ko sa nanay ko ang 20 pesos na bigay nya," she replied. 

With laughs and one asked her "walang interes?" First she said, "wala po." When asked her why she’d only give back 20 pesos only. She said she will use the money to buy school supplies. 

But after in a while she told us "ibibigay ko po 40 pesos." We smiled and love her because of her being candid and her inspiring moments she shared.

What do she wants to be when she grows up ? An adorable and charmed Lina said "gusto ko po maging doktor ng mga aso.” She wants to be a vet doctor.

What makes her special? I'm in tears actually. 

Having a disability can make life so difficult, especially when you’re a little kid who just wants to play and do all the other things that your classmates get to do.

Very special, happy and inspiring young girl. 

Lina is partially blind.

That’s why it’s so wonderful when we see a child overcome their disability and get a shot at a better life.

Athletes with intellectual disability, visual impairment and those who are orthopedically handicapped will have a chance to be scouted to compete in international events. 

“Ang Palarong Pambansa, kagaya ng edukasyon, ay inclusive o bukas sa lahat. Wala itong pinipili, wala itong itinatangi. Ito ay para sa lahat na may pusong handang magpunyagi upang sa dulo ay magwagi.” -  Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC presents Palaro as a means to support the Department’s commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for all learners. (Sports, Education, Oportunities)

Photo: Arts Travel Magazine 

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