May 3, 2015

Real life sweethearts Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert in WATTPAD PRESENTS "Marry You"

WATTPAD PRESENTS "Marry You" with Artista Academy winners and real life sweethearts Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert which will starts on May 4, 2015 at 9:00 pm  on TV5. 

"Marry You," originally written by pinkyjhewelii and now with over 9.5 million reads and more than 98.4k votes on Wattpad. 

Based on the hit online novel "Marry You," which tells the story of how true love blossoms between two individuals who are trying to escape their arranged marriage.

The young sweethearts portraying the well-loved characters - Sophie as Yumiko, a bratty pure-blooded Japanese girl raised by a Filipina stepmom and her Japanese da. Her father, though very successful in their businesses, still sticks to the traditional ways and beliefs of their Japanese roots, including that od arranging the marriage of Yumiko. Being the hard-headed girl that she is, Yumiko always devices plans and tricks to make her "potential husband" miserable so that all he guys her dad sets up for her eventually give-up - until she meets the latest candidate her dad is arranging for her , Lance (Vin). 

Like her, Lance is from a very affluent family but is a cold-hearted and distant guy. 

Yumiko and Lance both hate the idea of being paired up together until they find themselves slowly falling in love with each other. Everything is finally falling into its right place until another girl comes in and ruins everything for Yumiko. 

Will Yumiko still find her happiness? Will Yumiko and Lance's love for each other be strong enough to withstand everything so they can finally marry each other? 

Completing the WATTPAD PRESENTS "Marry You" are Teresa Loyzaga, llen Dizon, Richard Quan, Malak So Shdifat, Mark Roque, Benjo Leoncio, JP Duray, Chris Leonardo, Mark Manicad and Andrea del Rosario. 

Join the journey of Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert as they give you reasons to fall in love all over again every night on WATTPAD PRESENTS "Marry You," airing Monday to Friday staring May 4 , 9:00 pm onl TV5.

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