May 12, 2015

WATTPAD PRESENTS"Sky, 'My Robot Prince'" on TV5

Artista Academy alumna Chanel Morales and Ken Anderson team up for the first time as they give life to the well-loved characters of Lowlah and Sky in WATTPAD PRESENTS “Sky, ‘My Robot Prince’”. 

Based on the Wattpad novel written by ZAI RED, WATTPAD PRESENTS “Sky,‘My Robot Prince’” tells the tale of true love in this modern age of technology. This TV adaptation features Chanel Morales and Ken Anderson as childhood friends who both try to hide their feelings from each other. Also, for the first time, Kiray Celis ventures into her first-ever TV5 project as she portrays the girl who will try to keep the characters of Chanel Morales and Ken Anderson apart. 

Ken Anderson

Sky (Ken Anderson), a member of famous boy band named “The Flower Prince 3”, is best known for his talent in playing the guitar. Though girls continue to chase him, he remains uninterested since he already has his eyes on his best friend Lowlah (Chanel Morales).

Chanel Morales
Lowlah is s a struggling robotics engineering student who wishes to excel in her field like her parents. Unlike Sky who has time for his passion in music, Lowlah chooses to concentrate on her inventions. Sneaking his way into Lowlah’s life, Sky inadvertently destroys her most-prized and latest invention: an android robot which perfectly resembles Sky. Afraid of Lowlah’s expected wrath, Sky decides to pretend to be the android robot in Lowlah’s room while he waits for his friend to fix the actual android robot that he destroyed. Awkward and difficult as it may seem, Sky takes this chance to spend more time with Lowlah.

In the middle of this, Lowlah discovers herself falling in love with what she thinks is her robot invention. Making this love story more complicated is the participation of Kiray Celis who plays the role of the obsessed fan of Sky who is willing to do anything and anything to have him for herself. Will Sky still be able to correct all the complications he himself created before he finally drives Lowlah away?

Don’t miss this “kilig” story brought to life by Channel Morales and Ken Anderson on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Sky ‘My Robot Prince’”, airing Monday to Friday at 9pm on TV5.

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