June 8, 2015

Golf Tips : Elevate your Athletes with SKLZ

Golf is a sport that really takes a long time to master. You must practice golf over and over again to get to the level that you want to be in your golf game.

What it means to be a golfer has changed. A new breed is re-writing the legacy of the game. Good hands or a smooth swing are no long enough. 

The required toolset now goes far beyond just solid mechanics. It extends beyond just being a player. 

To be a great golfer today and have the longevity to keep doing it tomorrow, you must be a COMPLETE ATHLETE.

It takes SKILL within the major areas of distance, accuracy and putting. It makes the human PERFORMANCE ELEMENTS of strength, rotational velocity, flexibility and balance.

And it takes an exceptional MINDSET and knowledge of the game. Not just in one area. But in all of them.

Supporting all of these functional elements is where SKLZ lives. Every day, making new golfers good. Making good golfers great!

With industry leading TEACHING & TRAINING TOOLS. With compelling INSTRUCTIONAL CONTENT.

The Golf Champions and SKLZ Sports and Dynamic Sports Heads during the launch held at Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Pasig City, June 3, 2015. 

With intelligent performance programs. With all of the elements to help … ELEVATE YOUR ATHLETES.

More Photos at Enjoying Wonderful World Facebook.

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