June 15, 2015

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Danica Sotto-Pingris and LJ Moreno in Happy Wife, Happy Life Season 2

TV5's daily reality and lifetyle show 'Happy Wife, Happy Life Season 2' continues to feature stories inspiring viewers. With the addition of seasoned TV host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as one of the hosts of Happy Wife, Happy Life Season 2 together with Danica Sotto-Pingris and LJ Moreno.

The latest season of Happy Wife, Happy Life  now highlights the exemplary stories behind loving mothers who continiously care for their family. As part of its tradition, Mariel, Danica and LJ present unique stories of ordinary mothers who exemplify their undying love for their husbands and children. They give the spotlight to mothers who never ceace to presevere for the benefit of theirf family.

It is worthy to note how Mariel, Danica and LJ personally visit these mothers who continuosly inspire not just their families but also their communities as the help them in their own little way. 

Furthermore, it is with great pride that Happy wife, Happy Life Season 2 imparts that it does not just feature stories but at the same time, it extends helps to those worthy individuals  who are helpful not just to their families, but also to their communities. This opportunity that Happy Wife, Hapy Life Season 2 is extending serves not only as a simple acknowledgement of their service but also as a inspiration for them to continuosly do better in the future.

Catch the hosts of Happy Wife, Happy Life Season 2 featuring Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Danica Sotto-Pingris and LJ Moreno as they continuosly share inspiring stories of wives and mothers and how they change the world airing every morning, Monday to Friday at 10:15 am only on TV5.

Make every day a lovely day for you and your family with happy housewives Mariel, Danica at LJ!

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