July 21, 2015

Free data access to get more rewards - Safezone powers free mobile Internet for rewards app PopSlide

Photo shows from left to right: Stephen Misa, First Vice President and Group Head, Voyager Innovations; Benjie S. Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Voyager; Yosuke Fukada, CEO, YOYO Holdings; and, Jim Sarmiento, Sales Director of Southeast Asia, YOYO Holdings. 
Getting free load by just swiping your lock-screen gets even easier because now, you don’t have to pay for mobile data fees as rewards app PopSlide is now fueled by SafeZone, the platform from Voyager Innovations that brings brands closer to consumers by providing access to the free side of the Internet.

With over 800,000 users in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, PopSlide rewards users who use its lock-screen application to display news, weather updates, announcements, features and advertisements. Once installed to the mobile phone, PopSlide gives free load to regular users of the mobile app as incentive.

Popslide is owned by YOYO Holdings Pte. Ltd, and by partnering with Voyager Innovations, both partners see further traction for PopSlide as users who will access it via SafeZone will not need to worry about incurring data charges.

Photo shows: Voyager Innovations and YOYO Holdings are bringing the PopSlide rewards app to consumers free from data charges.
SafeZone is an innovation from Voyager and it aims to connect businesses and customers by offering free data access to partner apps and sites. It is now the biggest community site as of June 2015 according to Effective Measure, with more than 2 million registered users and 6 million monthly page views. Digital brands that have partnered with SafeZone include the biggest names in travel, shopping, transportation, finance, and news.

“I’m glad to that we’re growing opportunities in the Philippines through our partnership for SafeZone. This is a good start, our first step in creating disruptive innovations in user experience across the region.” said PopSlide CEO Yosuke Fukada.

“SafeZone allows consumers to enjoy the best of the Internet without worrying about unwanted data charges. With this partnerships, PopSlide users can get rewarded more. ” said Benjie Fernandez, COO of Voyager Innovations.

SafeZone, is developed by Voyager Innovations, the digital arm of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), which focuses on delivering disruptive innovations for the rapidly changing digital world. 

To enjoy PopSlide on SafeZone, users may download the Popslide app from the SafeZone website, turn on the “Load Protect” feature to ensure that no data charges occur, and then use Popslide as they please. SafeZone is currently​ available for free to subscribers of Smart, Sun and TNT. 

For more information, please visit www.safezone.ph/free-services/#popslide.

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