August 14, 2015

Acoustic balladeer TJ MONTERDE launches new single “Tulad Mo”

PolyEast Records acoustic singer/songwriter TJ Monterde is set to launch the new single and music video of “Tulad Mo” on Saturday, August 15 on PolyEast Records YouTube Channel (

It’s been two years since his last studio album and TJ is back dropping the digital release of the new single “Tulad Mo”. With his latest effort, the YouTube singer-songwriter traded in the acoustic ballads from his debut album for a breezy, mid-tempo charm.

“I've always loved acoustic and I will always love acoustic music. But this time, it's quite different compared to my previous acoustic songs. I tried reinventing to do more up-beat, pop-ish kind of feel. You know, the same music you sing when you’re happy” said the 25-year old acoustic singer. 

The new song was written by our singer-songwriter himself and recorded at the Studio 1103 in Panay, Quezon City “I came up with the melody last year but the lyrics came in later when I met my inspiration. I write all my songs and I really enjoy the whole creative thing-- I've always loved doing it. But the process of writing this song makes it more special because of my girlfriend.” TJ added. 

Belting out witty lyrics and acoustic ballads on YouTube since 2011, TJ started sharing his original compositions and reached a wide audience receiving rave reviews in the worldwide web. “Ikaw at Ako” became his signature song and officially debuted as the song for YouTube’s viral film called “My Super Fan Girl”. 

PolyEast Records released his debut album “Ikaw At Ako” in 2013 which included six OPM classics and five original compositions. One of which even became a TV commercial jingle of a popular biscuit brand with the song called “Treat You Right”.

“Tulad Mo” music video will be exclusively available on PolyEast Records YouTube Channel ( starting August 15, Saturday. The song is also available for download at, Deezer, Guvera, iTunes and Amazon. 

For more information, you may follow the official hashtag: #TJMonterdeTuladMo or follow @PolyEastRecords on Instagram and PolyEast Records on Facebook.

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