August 3, 2015

TV5 highlights funny side of empowered women in “Misterless Misis”

“Misterless Misis”, a new weekly sitcom that highlights the modern-day lives of today's Filipinas, showcasing the fulfillment and challenges of being independent women while at the same time depicting them in a realistically funny way. 

TV5’s “Misterless Misis” is a witty sitcom showcasing the realities and everyday struggles of empowered women as they stand on their own and face the responsibilities they have, be it a child or a job. “Misterless Misis” tells the story of six (6) women who share a unique bond of friendship as they draw strength in each other in coping with their individual lives of being “mister-less”. 

This August 9, TV5 premieres “Misterless Misis” top-billed by some of the most renowned actresses in the industry, namely, Lorna Tolentino, Gelli de Belen, Ritz Azul, with Mitch Valdes and Ruffa Gutierrez, introducing Andie Gomez.

Lorna Tolentino

In her TV5 comeback, multi-awarded actress Lorna Tolentino plays the role of Jenny, a career-oriented woman who is single and jaded when it comes to love. Lorna Tolentino breathes life to the fiery and independent character of Jenny as she showcases her comedic prowess.

 Gelli de Belen 

Meanwhile, Gelli de Belen plays the role of Lisa, wife of an OFW who is bombarded by the incessant rumor of the alleged philandering of her husband. Lisa represents the wives who live independently every day, away from husbands who work abroad.

Ritz Azul
Homegrown TV5 actress Ritz Azul, on the other hand, plays the role of Mia, a sexy and mysterious young lady who just recently moved in the neighborhood. Out of curiosity, the other five women all come up with theories as to why Mia is always visited by various men in her house.

Mitch Valdes
Seasoned performer Mitch Valdes plays the role of Elsa, a newly widowed tenant in the compound who finds it hard to move on from the death of her husband.

Andie Gomez
Joining the cast of “Misterless Misis” is showbiz new comer Andie Gomez who plays the role of Tiny, daughter of Elsa who got pregnant at an early age. Marked by overflowing confidence, Tiny believes that she easily attracts men.

Ruffa Gutierrez
Completing the cast of this weekend sitcom is showbiz royalty Ruffa Gutierrez who plays the role of Diana, a separated wife who never gives up on her hopes of finding Mr. Right. Diana believes that there is no rule written in any book that indicates that you can only love one person in this lifetime. 

Under the direction of Direk Mark Meily, “Misterless Misis” follows the lives of the six strong-willed women as they deal with their life situations in a cheerful and funny way.

“Misterless Misis” airs every Sunday, starting on August 9, at 9pm, exclusively on TV5.

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