September 27, 2015

Immortalizing people on Rich Audio Lifecast at Martin Andanar's Podcast.Ph

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. The word “podcasting” is a portmanteau combining the words “broadcasting” and “iPod,” a portable music player. Podcasts usually contain talk back radio style content rather than music.

Podcasting is the start of a new media content revolution that is empowering individuals with the ability to globally distribute their ideas. It is no different than a webcast, a show that is broadcast over the web and is broken up into parts or episodes. Most podcasts are similar to news radio programs and deliver information on a regular basis, It is impacting traditional industries such as journalism, education and entertainment allowing anyone to freely create and distribute news and media. 

Martin Andanar at the Martin's Mancave on

Podcaster, audio blogger Martin Andanar, is a TV media executive, news anchor, radio commentator and voice over artist in TV5. He is the head of News5 Everywhere & Tv5 Everywhere, the online video portals of Tv5.

A radio buff and audiophile since his younger times, Martin was always fascinated by long form radio documentaries and interviews.

"I think immortalizing people in audio format is still one of the best ways. There's always enough time for important details tio be explained with space left for he listener's imagination to work," said Martin.

Martin host's his own podcast show called Martin's Mancave on, an independent podcast production and audio blog he initiated. Martin's Mancave went online last August 2, 2014.

Martin said podcasting is spreading the message to the netizens, especially to the Filipinos abroad so they will be updated on what’s happening in their country. With passion, Martin shared his own discovery of how he loved our country to broadcast via legendary figures of history. One he will never forget in his podcasts, is former President Fidel Ramos who shared through live leaving a legacy for the future generation.

Podcasting make history as it gives you more ideas to change the world. Martin tour us to the Martin's Mancave - his room, and one was his garage, made it nearly soundproofed and set up some technical recording equipment with microphones.

Josephine Bonsol,  podcaster Benjie Felipe, Mark Vincent Nunez, Axl Guinto, Podcast.Ph Host Martin Andanar and Myrna Roman at the Martin's Mancave 

This is an unforgettable Friday night having a casual conversation with podcaster Martin Andanar and his team,  Benjie Felipe and Deah Ricacho, and with fellow bloggers. We talked a lot about history, Jabidah massacre, Ninoy and Marcos times, Sultan, even ghosts and dreams.

Dreamscope by Benjie "TsongkiBenj" Felipe is the 2nd original show produced by Podcast.PH about dreams, horoscope and mysterious recesses of the unconscious mind.

Real Ghost Hunt is a show on real ghost huntings of the Podcast.PH hosted by Deah Ricacho.

Real Crime by Podcast.Ph is a 2-3 minute long podcast of real crime stories in the Philippines and in the Asian Region, narrated by Martin Andanar.

The George Review is a motoring show by George Apacible also on Podcast.Ph.

Dear Bayaw is a sex advice show with a tinge of comedy answering real life sex problems hosted by Jun Sabayton. 

Podcast.PH has so much content also available on iTunes, SoundCloud and other formats you can download for free. 

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