October 26, 2015

ABS-CBN announces Angel Locsin will no longer do the DARNA Movie Due to Health Reasons

Angel Locsin will no longer be doing Star Cinema’s DARNA movie as ABS-CBN’s Public Relations team officially made an announcement tonight that due to health reasons.


It is with deep regret that we announce that ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and Angel Locsin have mutually agreed that Angel will no longer do the “Darna” movie due to health reasons. Because of her passion, dedication, and commitment to the project, she underwent various rigorous training regimens for two years. Unfortunately, this led her to developing a disc bulge in her spine. This then limits her from doing strenuous activities such as stunts, liftings, and the usage of harness, all of which will be required of her for the action scenes in the film. Aside from that, she will need to undergo rehabilitationand treatment.

And so while we have envisioned her to do the iconic Filipino heroine, Angel’s health and safety are both our primary concern. Hence, the decision.

Fans need not worry. They can still look forward to seeing her in a movie that she is currently shooting with Vilma Santos. Angel’s physical condition does not prevent her from finishing the said project.

Again, we sincerely thank Angel for her hard work and pray for her recovery.

— Kane Errol Choa
Head, Corporate Communications

Angel also made an Instagram post: 

therealangellocsinIt was a painful and hard decision to make, but we had to prioritize my health and welfare. Because of that, despite the two year preparations and rigorous training, I regret to inform everyone that I can no longer play Darna :( Production has to start filming already, and my body is not in the right condition to do anything too physically strenuous. It is only fair for production as I don't want to be the cause of delay or problems because of my recurring back injury. Rest assured that I am still undergoing treatment so I can come back stronger and hopefully, be your superhero again :) Thank you ABS CBN for looking after what's best for me and my health, especially to Tita Malou Santos. Thank you Tito Boy Abunda, Roxy Liquigan, & the rest of the Tonight with Boy Abunda team for giving me the chance to explain my situation in your show. To all Darna fans, I want to thank you for all the love and support you've given me. I will forever treasure that. And I hope and pray that you will give the same amount of love and support to the new Darna. Rest assured that ABS CBN has already chosen the perfect person to fill in Darna's boots. :) Again, thank you😘
(photo taken April 2012)



RT ericjohnsalut: Angel Locsin explains why she is no longer doing Darna! Exclusive with Boy Abunda tonight!

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