November 9, 2015

C1 Originals : "Dayang Asu"


There’s money in the quarry business. Obscene amounts of money. And where there’s that much money, there’s corruption. Legalized corruption at that. Tonton is the son of a quarry master, a newbie thrust into a world he can’t quite fathom nor navigate eventually sucks him in like a vortex and forces him to make a decision that would change his life forever. 

Bor Ocampo call his debut feature “Dayang Asu”, which centers on the conflicts and tensions that simmer between a father and son, his homage to the Pinoy action flick and in many ways, it does genre proud, particularly because Ocampo nuances the genre tropes with tinges of noir-ish anxiety and pathos and local color, something Ocampo, who grew up in the film’s Pampanga setting, knows a little too well. Ricky Davao and Junjun Quintana play the father and son at the dark heart of the film, respectively.

“Dayang Asu” will have its gala night on November 10 (Tuesday) in SM Megamall Cinema One at 7:20PM. It will also screen during Cinema One Originals 2015, which starts on November 9 until the 17th, at select Trinoma, Glorietta, SM Megamall and Resorts World cinemas.

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