November 22, 2015

The perfect shoes for the holiday season

For this holiday season, it’s time to break the hoarding habit and slip on those special-occasion shoes that are truly worth it— shoes that you will truly, proudly, enjoy wearing, the ones that are fashionably on point, expressive, comfortable and lasting. 

According to a recent fashion poll, the average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, but only wears five of them because the rest are either uncomfortable to wear or too difficult to match with outfits. Some are even too afraid of damaging their expensive pairs so they choose to keep it in the closet instead! 

Ging Pajaro of Via Venetto firmly believes in the significance of owning good pairs: “More women buy new shoes during the Christmas season. It is a fashion statement, at the same time a fulfilling reward, that help women establish their trademark, and express their persona. But what we truly deserve to have are the ones that express our lifestyle, that can make us go the distance happily for a long time.” 

Meticulously crafted in the brand’s fatto a mano (made by hand, handcrafted with years of experience and innovation) tradition to create that perfect silhouette for the feet, Via Venetto shoes speaks to every personality and for all occasions. For the Holiday 2015, the brand puts forward a collection that’s perfect for the season of celebrations. 

From leather ankle boots perfect for that edgy look, studded pumps that can make a statement in night parties and balls, to the posh and vintage feel of slingback heels and the insouciant modishness of flats—Via Venetto’s Holiday 2015 collection marries glamour with comfort and lastingness by providing the right cushion,support and fit. 

This Christmas, reward yourself with an investment pair that is not meant to be kept in your closet nor easily needs to be replaced. 

Visit Via Venetto stores at Greenbelt 1, Alabang TownCenter, Trinoma and SM Megamall. For inquiries, you may contact them at Phone: 63 28926334; Telefax: 63 2 8432725; or visit

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