February 19, 2016

Volleyball star Rachel Anne Daquis on championing women

Rachel Anne Daquis, the former FEU Lady Tamaraw team captain, with a very successful career in the field of sports, is now ready to cross the boundary of athletics as she redefines the true meaning of being fit and healthy while reaching for aspirations.

For some, beauty comes in being pleasing to the eyes of the many, but for some, it comes in being extraordinary in the consciousness of the few. Volleyball star Daquis is ready to set another milestone in her career as the new figure of modern Filipina who is capable in reaching for dreams by being fit and healthy inside and out.

“Filipino women are known to have a stunning beauty and extraordinary traits that can impress men from around the world. But for me, the measure of true beauty does not simply stop from the physical appearance rather it is the start of deeper and more desirable traits that a Filipina has. It reinforces the image that is being portrayed and seen on the outside and it is best accompanied by being fit and healthy,” Daquis said.

“This day, sexy is a lot less about the height, shapes and colors. It has become a lot more about confidence, affection, humor, kindness, loyalty and intellect which every woman deserves to be described,” Daquis added.

Daquis wants every Filipina to realize that achieving dreams is possible with the support, self-motivation, and desire. Self-motivation will drive a person to get closer and closer to succeeding while making sure that it is what a person really wants in life.

“I like to prove that Filipinas have the ability to reach for their dreams. Before, I dreamt of becoming the best volleyball player, the best version of me. And of course, like every girl’s dream, I am conscious about my figure. I wanted to become fit and sexy,” Daquis said.

It’s no wonder Filipina women are proclaimed by many men to have the best female traits in the world. Daquis’ story is proof that Filipinas should never put boundaries on themselves. It’s her determination and success that made her the perfect addition as the newest ambassador of Vida Nutriscience, Inc.’s Snowcaps and mySlim.

Snowcaps is the first oral glutathione in the Philippines and is among the leading skin whitening supplements in the market today. As a brand which in the past managed to gather and to sustain a strong following through word of mouth, Snowcaps today takes the spotlight to play alongside the bigwigs – by partnering with one of the hottest stars in the Philippine showbiz today.

Snowcaps contains the premium, FDA-approved 500mg of L-Glutathione formulation, also known as the miracle enzyme, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C for safe and effective whitening in as fast as six weeks.

It also contains 50 percent more glutathione than more expensive brands.

Glutathione is also a compound naturally produced by the liver and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants which inhibit the production of toxins and free radicals caused by stress and other external lifestyle factors – perfect for busy individuals like Daquis who not only want to maintain luminous and fair skin but also sound and healthy body.

Daquis is among the new converts of mySlim Yerba Mate Drink. A clinically proven safe and effective detox and slimming supplement, mySlim is formulated with Yerba Mate to aid in weight loss, and Palatinose for prolonged energy, making it an ideal drink for people like Daquis who want a safer and healthier way to maintain or lose weight.

Independent methods like crash-dieting tend to be counterproductive for weight management. Studies by Swiss chemicals and Biotechnology Company, Lonza, show that crash diets only lessen bone density and lean tissue rather than fat, making physical activity more difficult than usual.

Good thing for Daquis as mySlim is packed with Carnipure which gives her the energy needed to keep up with the demands of her sport. 

When asked why she entrusts her skin and overall health to the brands, Daquis had these to say.

“I consider mySlim and Snowcaps as great tasting parts of my daily diet. Like every Filipina who wish to have pleasing body shapes, I am grateful that I’ve found mySlim and Snowcaps for these supplements don’t only promise you to have a sexy body, and white and glowing skin, it also guarantees you to have a healthy body,” Daquis said.

“There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say, ‘I can and I will. Watch me,’” Daquis added.

Having Daquis represent Snowcaps and mySlim opens women to the opportunity to go beyond beauty and health supplements and partnering that with a healthy and active lifestyle. The aspiration of every Filipina to not only be fit and sexy but also healthy is possible through determination by never letting anybody push you around.

For more information on Snowcaps Glutathione and mySlim detox and slimming supplements, go to www.vidanutriscience.com. Available in all major drugstores nationwide.

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