March 4, 2016

FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. celebrates Women’s Month with Click to Chic: Female Photography Talks Series, feature Fujifilm X-A2N

Click to Chic: Female Photography Talks (Series) with Camie Juan  Miles Ocampo and Janeena Chan 

FUJIFILM Philippines marks Women’s Month with women-with-a-purpose oriented Female Photography Talks Series

FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. celebrates Women’s Month with Click to Chic: Female Photography Talks (Series) which was launched March 2 at Oakwood Premier in Ortigas. 

Click to Chic is a workshop series geared towards aspiring female photographers that aims to help them learn how to use their FUJIFILM cameras, especially the X-A2.

Click to Chic will be participated in by the X-A2 Circle of Influencers, a group of female photographers who will share basic photography skills and practical tips on how to best use the X-A2 be it in beauty, travel, or lifestyle photography.

FUJIFILM X-A2 is the best fashion accessory to highlight a photographer’s total look. It is armed with a wide range of functions that delivers simple operation and picture-taking power. The X-A2’s Super Intelligent Flash or IFlash automatically delivers the ideal amount of flash for every scene, clearly and brightly capturing faces even under strong backlit or dark conditions. It makes one’s skin tone look smoother and more ravishing. Also when shooting macro shots in dim lighting, the IFlash prevents the washout of the subject and background. For food shots, at extreme close-up, dishes look more appetizing and expertly-shot at that. When you’re ready to share your photos, you can easily highlight up to 30 images in your camera and wirelessly transfer them from your smartphone to post immediately.

Miles Ocampo
Miles Ocampo, a bright young thing over at ABS-CBN, is the perfect picture of a young woman on the verge of limitless possibilities that FUJIFILM X-A2 has come to embody. Ocampo will be the celebrity guest at the grand launch of Click to Chic: Female Photography Talks (Series) by FUJIFILM.

FUJIFILM Philippines endorser Bea Alonzo is also one super celebrity who has fallen in love with X-A2. She takes it to her travels and documents her adventures with it. She also brings it to work and loves discovering and trying out each and every feature of the mirrorless camera.  

“The X-A2 is such a reliable camera, like a dependable buddy whom you can count on to deliver pictures of high quality,” says the top TV-movie actress.   

Nelson Peres, Division Manager of Fujifilm Philippines
With an 80-year history and expertise in photographic film manufacturing behind it, FUJIFILM believes in the power and influence of women to see and capture things of beauty and milestones through the lens. It is both a journey and an adventure worth championing and shining a light on.  

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