May 13, 2016

BRITISH SCHOOL MANILA -  Middle School Model United Nations Conference

Last 15-16th of April 2016 was a time for British School Manila’s younger Model United Nations (MUN) students to shine and enter into research and debate about pressing national and international issues. MUN allows students with a passion for world affairs to not just expand their knowledge and understanding but also develop those key skills of articulating their understanding, speaking in public and applying their acquired knowledge.

Our students debated in a variety of topics such as the containment of the Zika virus, the consumption of fossil fuels, LGBT rights and the Question of Syria. There was even a sci-fi themed debate - as aliens had made contact with the Earth and a variety of proposals were put forward to deal with this new global development. These debates were issues that the students themselves voted to address during their conference. 

We now have some 200 students on average participate in MUN and we host a number of major events – these are student-led events that give opportunities for students to learn leadership and let their abilities flourish throughout the conference - which is another great aspect of the programme. 

MUN has now become a model we are using in the classroom and we would like to congratulate all of our MUN(ers) who have been involved over the past year.

The fact that our MUN clubs have grown exponentially for the last 4 years as we introduced the Middle Year MUN to Year 6 to 9 is something we are very proud of. The number of students who are expanding their understanding of others' thoughts, researching the values and attitudes of a particular country and presenting that country’s views in committee meetings and to a general assembly is amazing.

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