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May 16, 2016

Teriyaki Boy's new Summer Food Offerings - Summer Set and Summer Roll

Teriyaki Boy is one of the most popular restaurant for offering a wide variety of value-friendly, Japanese food.

Teriyaki Boy Group Inc. (TBGI) created exciting new dishes for all foodie who always crave for something different and refreshing, especially this summer. 

Enjoy Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Food Offerings is for a limited time, until June 9. 

Craving for donburi and maki has never been this refreshing, Teriyaki Boy offers maki with - watermelon.

Teriyaki Boy’s summer food offerings -  Teriyaki Boy Summer Set with Chicken Rice Bowl, Katsudon Rice Bowl, Natsu Maki and two (2) glasses of iced tea.

Teriyaki Boy Summer Roll - Natsu Maki and Watermellon Shake

Summer Roll is Natsu Maki. “Natsu” in Japanese means “summer” and “maki” means “roll.” Summer Roll has watermelon and crabstick, Japanese mayo and fish powder, topped with caramelized watermelon and Japanese mayo and garnished with small spheres orange shrimp roe and black sesame seeds.

Natsu Maki, Php150.00
Watermelon is another of my all-time favorite, it's cooling our body in our tropical climate. Watermelon is best eaten on its own, in fruit salads, or juice and shakes, and now with the maki !

The new Natsu Maki, the watermelon and crabstick concoction is sure to satisfy your cravings 

Summer Set, Php379.00
Enjoy Teriyaki Boy Summer Set with Chicken Rice Bowl, Katsudon Rice Bowl, Natsu Maki and two (2) glasses of iced tea. Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Set meal is for only Php379.00.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken

Teriyaki Boy Chicken -  grilled chicken fillet marinated and cooked with sweet and savory teriyaki sauce.


Katsudon - is breaded pork deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce, onions and leeks,  served with steamed Japanese rice.

Don't miss this Summer Roll and Summer Set! Enjoy the wonderful world at Teriyaki Boy at the branches near you! The Summer Set and Summer Roll is available until June 9, 2016.

This delicious and affordable Summer Set is available for dine-in only and not in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

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