June 12, 2016

Google launches doodle to celebrate Independence Day

Manila, Philippines - June 12, 2016: Google Philippines joins the country as it celebrates 118 years of independence, with a special one-day only doodle on the Google.com.ph homepage. This year’s Independence Day doodle features the classic Filipino roadtrip showcasing a festively-designed multicolored jeepney filled with a mix of family and friends prepared for an adventure ahead.

The seventh Independence Day Google doodle is inspired by Filipinos’ love for adventure and pride for their country. The Philippines is home to thousands of tourist destinations, which they like to enjoy with their family and friends. The doodle reflects the importance of the family for every Filipino and their passion for discovering the beauty of their nation.

Clicking on the Google doodle will lead visitors to more information about the history of Philippine independence.

“Doodle” is the name used for decorative changes made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. Doodles make searches even more fun as we learn new things with each new design.

This fun activity began in 2000 when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin asked their intern Dennis Hwang to create a doodle for Bastille Day. It was so well-received that Hwang was promoted to chief doodler and doodles began showing up more regularly. Through the years, doodlers have created over 2,000 doodles that brighten the Google homepage and bring smiles to readers all over the world.

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