June 16, 2016

Introducing an innovative all-in-one solution GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl – 3D Showering


GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl offers 3D showering: Drücken, Drehen, Duschen – the German expressions for push, turn, shower. The innovative push button technology means that personalising the shower experience has never been easier. This all-in-one solution does not only impress with its innovative technology. Its organic design makes also a stylish statement in the bathroom and sets the tone for a relaxed shower experience.

Intuitive and comfortable operation

GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl uses a very straightforward and easily understood triple button design which allows to control and memorize all desired shower settings. A combined push-and-turn button starts the flow of water and controls its flow volume. Its knurled surface means that the button can easily be turned even with wet fingers. To stop the flow of water, the user simply pushes the button again; the chosen flow rate setting remains memorized for the next time. 

The spray jet type can also be directly selected by pressing the push button, meaning adjusting the jet disc is no longer necessary. Blending several spray patterns – for example the gentle GROHE PureRain spray and the stimulating TrioMassage setting – is easy as well. The TrioMassage spray combines the action of two massaging spray nozzles with the dynamic GROHE Bokoma spray. Switching between the head and hand shower is just as simple by pushing the respective button. All controls are marked with self-explanatory symbols for intuitive operation, making this innovative shower system a joy to use.

The new flexibility in the shower sector

To create the ultimate shower experience, the system combines a GROHE Rainshower® 360 DUO head shower with a GROHE Power&Soul® hand shower. Measuring 360 by 220 millimetres, the lozenge-shaped head shower is a perfect match for the organically flowing lines of the control unit. A metal shower face completes the sophisticated look.

GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl will shortly also be available as a MONO variant. While basically using the same water control technology as the DUO version, this model will feature only two buttons, given that the head shower will exclusively deliver the gentle GROHE PureRain spray pattern.

Proven GROHE technologies for safe showering

The GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl shower system is equipped with GROHE TurboStat® technology. A metal thermostat handle allows to set and adjust the water temperature. The preferred temperature is reached within fractions of a second and will be kept constant even in case of fluctuating water pressure in the pipes. A SafeStop button prevents users from inadvertently raising the water temperature to more than 38 degrees. In addition, the proven CoolTouch® technology removes the risk of scalding by preventing the exposed metal surfaces from heating up. 

For added convenience under the shower, the top of the control unit serves as a shelf for shampoos, shower gel and other body care products which can be deposited on the XL EasyReach shower tray. Made of safety glass, the tray can be detached for easy and thorough cleaning – another fine example of user-friendly functionality packaged in an intriguingly futuristic look. 

GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl – 3D showering.

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