June 16, 2016

Technology Meets Performance: AEOLUS is racing to dominate roads with its new extreme performance tyre

The AEOLUS Tyres Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of ChemChina – a leading tyre manufacturer in the region, and the biggest shareholder of both Aeolus and Pirelli tyres. 

AEOLUS was founded in 1965, starting out as a producer of heavy duty and off-road tyres for trucks and earth-moving machinery around the globe.  Today, the company’s over 50 years of experience has expanded into the fabrication of radials for passenger, private, and other commercial vehicles as well.  

The group’s global headquarters and manufacturing facility in JiaoZuo in Henan, China sits on a total space of 1.3 million square meters and employs over 9,000 people.  It boasts an annual production capacity of five million tires.  This exceptional company sets out to constantly redefine international benchmarks, with quality control as one of the company’s highest priorities.

All AEOLUS manufacturing facilities across the globe operate according to strict quality guidelines and management standards, and are ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, ISO/TS16949, and ISO/IEC 17025 certified – along with other global safety and quality certifications. 

Mr. Gerard Tan is President/CEO of Southgate Express Marketing, sole distributor of Aeolus Tyres in the Philippines.

AEOLUS invests heavily in tyre innovation and evolution, and has an advanced Technology Center and four Research and Development Institutes for elastomers and tyres.  These make it possible to offer groundbreaking technology to millions of customers around the world.  This emphasis on leading edge technology and the guarantee of exceptional quality is heightened by a strict focus on bringing together the requirements and needs of the market, a keen eye for detail, advanced materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.  

AEOLUS, the company and its products, are designed to offer eight key advantages:  

1) They are ECO-FRIENDLY, the tyres are manufactured under the most stringent environmental conditions;

2) INNOVATIVE, the group’s developments correspond with the latest, cutting edge technology and science;

3) HIGH-QUALITY, all AEOLUS products are tested under the most rigorous conditions to the highest quality standards;

4) HOME-MADE, all the tyres are manufactured in the AEOLUS’ own production facilities;

5) SUSTAINABLE, the company is strongly committed to the preservation of the environment – each product is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels;

6) COST EFFECTIVE, AEOLUS works to guarantee an extremely good price-versus-performance ratio;

7) DURABLE, the tyres have a long service life, even under heavy loads; and

8) SAFE, AEOLUS’ products, manufacturing processes, and management systems conform to the highest safety standards.

Today, AEOLUS is the fifth largest Chinese tyre company, and one of the 23 largest tyre makers in the world.  AEOLUS tyres are trusted by millions of users worldwide with the company’s global marketing footprint extending to over 140 countries – with a special focus on Europe, Latin America, and North America. 

Introducing, the AEOLUS SteeringACE2 AU04

In the Philippines, AEOLUS, began by selling truck, heavy machinery, and industrial equipment tyres.  About three years ago, the company introduced into the country their PCRs, or Passenger Car Radials, and in April of 2016, its second generation PCR’s hit the local market:  

Welcome the AEOLUS SteeringACE2 AU04, a more advanced, and further enhanced Extreme Performance Summer Tyre developed for serious sports car, sports coupe, and performance sedan enthusiasts looking for superior traction and the best “stability of steering” and “brake performance” around.  

The new AU04 belongs to the AEOLUS “ACE” series, a unique line of radials created to offer several advantages:  Optimum grip on wet surfaces; long service life; good driving behavior; modern tread design; and, low rolling resistance.

The next generation AEOLUS ACE2 series was release in 2015; and, to date, has already passed the TÜV SÜD Tire Test Mark.  TÜV SÜD is a global testing, certification, inspection, and training provider dedicated to assessing quality, evaluating sustainability, solving problems in technology, and adding tangible economic value to its customers.  It is the top tire-testing facility in the world.  Headquartered in Munich, Germany and founded in 1866, TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading technical service organizations.  The TÜV SÜD Mark on a product indicates exemplary quality, reliability, and sustainability.

The Aeolus SteeringAce2 AU04 is a very rare breed of tyre.  It is an Extreme Performance tyre that beautifully melds top quality and performance backed by state-of-the-art technology and research, with an affordable price.  The tyres cost nearly half the price of the world’s top tyre brands, yet tests have repeatedly shown that they’re just as good when it comes to road or driving performance! 

Key to the AU04’s impeccable performance is its design features.  It has been engineered with a technologically advanced silica compound, this nanotechnology improves handling, braking, and tread wear performance.  Four longitudinal grooves with two linked V-shape shoulder blocks provide excellent water evacuation to avoid aquaplaning.  A continuous, solid central rib transfers lateral forces to help provide excellent stability at highway speeds.  The radials also have a large shoulder block design that provides long mileage and improves steering stability.

Proving a Point, Beyond any Doubt

AEOLUS Philippines didn’t just introduce the SteeringACE2 AU04 to the local market.  They wanted to prove a point.  The group confidently pitted the new AU04’s – globally classified as Tier 3 tires – against two top international Tier 1 tyres.  Without revealing the brands of the competition tires, AEOLUS took its new tires to the Clark International Speedway to test all three brands on an Autocross slalom course to assess their handling, then on a drag strip to check their stopping or braking distance.  Both tests were conducted on a dry road surface and a wet road surface to see how well the tyres perform, given the country’s dramatic weather conditions.  

Driving the cars was one of the country’s top race car drivers who chose to remain anonymous, thus he was given the sobriquet “Astig,” after the famous Top Gear International racing expert “Stig,” who also chooses to keep his identity hidden.

Under the sizzling, tropical morning sun, AEOLUS PHILIPPINES treated its dealers from all over the country to a morning of mad driving skills and a chance to drive an Autocross course, or take the same course in one of the many Miatas loaned to the group by the Miata Club of the Philippines.

First, the tires were tested on a timed Autocross or “Autoslalom” course.  These are courses defined by rubber cones, which are used to create a series of sharp curves, slaloms and zigzags, and are usually about 1 – 2 kilometers long.  Cars go through a course one at a time and are timed.  The shortest time wins.  

Unlike track races like Formula 1 or Nascar, Autocross places more demands on car handling skills rather than engine power and speed.  Here, the driver has to attack the course extremely hard, and straight off the bat.  One can not build up speed.  The cars must explode right out of the blocks.  Drivers need to complete the coned course as quickly as possible, without hitting anything.  Concentration, control, and traction are critical.

After the Autocross course, stopping distance was tested.  One by one, the cars accelerated to 100 kph.  When they passed a brake marker, the driver had to step on the brakes hard.  The distance from the brake marker to the point where the car came to a complete stop was then measured.  This demonstration revealed how quickly the tyres brake on dry pavement – showing how safe and reliable the tyres are. 

Then the entire series of tests was repeated on a wet road.  This time, the tests showed how well the tyres work to clear the water from the road.  For the customer, it is very important that the tyres clear the water from the road, especially at high speeds, to make sure that the drive is as safe as possible, and the car does not hydoplane.  That’s critical for a country like ours where it rains half of the year.

The objective was to show the Philippine AEOLUS Tyre dealers how good a product the new AEOLUS SteeringACE2 AU04 Tyre is by pitting it against two top international Tier 1 tires under the same extreme driving conditions.  While the Philippine event was simply a demonstration and not a recorded test, actual subjective handling and objective stopping distance tests have been conducted around the world and the results have always been the same:  

AEOLUS tyres’ scores came out equal to, or sometimes even better than, the top tier tyres!  That proves without a doubt that AEOLUS Tyres have all the qualifications to be considered one of the major brands in the world – and because of its PRICE versus its PERFORMANCE, it’s really one of the best in the market all across the globe.

Top Marks for a Top Tyre!

The outcome of the Philippine demonstration came out the same as they have in actual recorded tests across the globe.  AEOLUS tyres deliver the same quality and performance – if not better  – than two of the world’s top Tier 1 tyre brands!

In front of most of AEOLUS tyre dealers from all over the country, the new AEOLUS SteeringAce2 AU04 proved its incredible quality, safety, traction strength, grip, and value.  On the dry road surface, AEOLUS’ score on the Autocross slalom course – a course set to gauge handling – was a best time of 37 seconds.  It would have been 36 seconds, but the driver knocked down one rubber cone, thus adding a 1-second penalty to the score.  Tyre A scored a best time of 38 seconds, while Tyre B scored 37 seconds.  The AEOLUS tyres landed the same time as two of the world’s top Tier 1 tiers.  In the stopping distance or braking test.  Tyre A, scored a best distance of 41.61 meters, Tyre B stopped at 47.77 meters, while the AEOLUS tyres stopped the car at  40 meters flat!  Better than the Tier 1 tires!

On the wet road surface, both the Autocross slalom course proved a bit trickier.  Tier 1 Tyre A scored a best time of 40 seconds on the curves of the slalom, while Tyre B scored 38 seconds.  The AEOLUS tyres matched Tyre B with a 38-second time.  During the wet surface braking test, AEOLUS outshone its Tier 1 competitors!  It took Tyre A a best distance of 47.36 meters to come to a complete stop, while Tyre B took 55.46 meters.  On the other hand, the AEOLUS tryes stopped completely after only 38 meters, attesting to the fact that if one needs to stop suddenly on a wet road, one will be much safer using AEOLUS tyres.

Not only did the scores prove that the new AEOLUS SteeringAce2 AU04 is a great product to sell and will effectively help grow one’s businesses, they also show that high price is no guarantee that one is getting the best quality and performance.  That said, low price is no guarantee that one is getting the best value.  What is crucial is the relationship between the two.  AEOLUS delivers both high quality and a very affordable price – which is an advantage for the dealers, as well as the end-users.  It’s a great quality, ultra-high performance tyre at a very competitive price.

Beyond this, AEOLUS understands that safety is always critical.  This is why the company always puts so much into research and technology to create the best tyres for its customers, and the world.

This is why AEOLUS is a value leader all across the globe.

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