July 11, 2016

Cordillera vegetable farmers find an ally in Exalt 60 SC

Farmers on their way to discover a new insecticide by Dow AgroSciences, Exalt 60 SC, fortified with an ingredient called Spinetoram, effective in eradicating plant pests.
Cordillera farmers are touted to be some of the largest vegetable producers in the country, belying the fact that from time to time they need to grapple with the biggest challenge to their livelihood: the damages wrought by pests and plant diseases. 

This explains why farmers and agriculture officials in the region continuously look for products that eradicate these pests without sacrificing the quality of their crops and increasing the costs of production. 

To this end, Jardine Distribution Inc. (JDI) recently introduced the Exalt 60 SC, a powerful but economical insecticide that is specifically effective against the Diamond Black Moth.

Cordillera farmers are known as one of the country’s best vegetable producers, although sometimes faced with problems on pests and plant diseases.

Reiterating the company’s committment to helping local farmers eliminate such threats to their sustainable livelihoods, Sandra De Guia , Senior Product Manager, reveals that “the Exalt 60 SC is now aiding farmers in the Cordilllera region, especially in Benguet.”

The Diamond Black Moth is reportedly the most destructive insect pest in the world, especially for brassica crops such as cabbages, cruciferous vegetables, and mustard plants. Much of the damage to crops is caused by moth caterpillars tunnelling into the heads of plants such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts. 

The Diamond Black Moth likewise causes the contamination of produce by pupating inside broccoli florets and cauliflower curds.

Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, Exalt 360 SC was formulated to arrest this insidious process through its active ingredient called Spinetoram, the newest molecule in the spinosyn class. Spinetoram professes fast knockdown and good residual control of the Diamond Black Moth.

Cordillera farmers learn about Exalt 60 SC, an economical insecticide that can eradicate pest problems without sacrificing the quality and nutrients of vegetable crops. 

While the Exalt 360 SC is considered a very strong insecticide, it is harmless to the environment and does not expose our local farmers to health hazards.

What’s more, reliance on chemicals as a control measure for the Diamond Black Moth may result in the development of resistance to many insecticides. 

However, pests have no cross resistance to Exalt 360 SC, making it a very effective agent against pest infestation even after several years of use. 

These Exalt 60 SC bottles guarantee a quick extermination and control of the dreaded Diamond Black Moth and other pests, without any health or environmental hazards, unlike other pesticides. 

A winner of the 2008 US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the Exalt 360 SC is distributed by JDI nationwide.

Jardine Distribution Inc. (JDI) reaffirms their commitment to providing assistance to local farmers by introducing Exalt 60 SC to Cordillera farmers, as an aid in combating pest infestation, a daily threat to their livelihood.

Jardine Distribution Inc., a member company of Jardine Matheson Group, represents a number of leading brands in crop protection, local and foreign-made pesticides, plant growth regulators, hybrid rice seeds, and vegetable seeds.

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