August 8, 2016

A behind the scenes look at the latest LBC TV commercial - Aming Ligaya

LBC Express comes out of their newest TVC entitled 'Aming Ligaya' endorses Kris Aquino. The Anthem for the Joy of Moving it for Filipinos all over the world. This anthem reassures everyone that with LBC’s pride and joy in moving.

Aming Ligaya, draws inspiration from this same passion and perseverance because, more than anything else, LBC values the Filipino family and the importance of connecting each and every member wherever in the world they may be.

Aming Ligaya seeks to remind everyone that there is nothing easy about LBC’s daily deliveries, be it in the city, the provinces or from every part of the world.

A behind the scenes look at the latest LBC TV commercial - Aming Ligaya

To Filipinos all over the world, LBC is synonymous with dependability. It has after all, a 66-year history of delivering to the Filipino, literally and figuratively. After its “We like to move it” rebranding a few years back, LBC needed to evolve further to move itself even closer to its customers. They would come up with a new campaign, one that didn’t have to look far for inspiration––The Joy of Moving. It would talk about LBC’s team, the passionate, hardworking men and women who tirelessly served and touched people through their efforts. This led to the creation of the newest anthem and campaign material. 

Ito ang Aming Ligaya. 

You’ve seen it by now, the epic in scale LBC TV commercial that looks like it was shot across the entire archipelago. While there’s some truth to that (parts of it were actually shot in the far-flung reaches of Tanay, Rizal), one thing you can be sure of is that like many LBC deliveries, it was no easy feat. But just like all these deliveries, it was a labor of love––shot, sealed and delivered with joy. 

The production made use of very little CGI. Filmmaker Jessel Monteverde helmed 90% of the shots on location, with real talents and real people. The kids happily running behind the LBC truck were an active bunch of locals who were more than eager to be part of the shoot. Monteverde made sure that this authentic joy and excitement came out in each of the material’s major moments, from the mother and her child receiving a package from his OFW father, to the old man in the outer limits of a barrio, getting the money his daughter sent. 

Monteverde’s vision for the film was inspired by his own experience growing up with the brand. “I grew up with LBC. The happiness that you feel when that balikbayan box arrives and is opened––it’s like Christmas morning.”, he said. Veteran Director of Photography Rody Lacap utilized a lot of natural lighting to bring out these genuine reactions and also highlight the beautiful landscapes, many of which were captured through a series of long shots that contributed to the film’s bigness. 

“This is the first time that we are doing something of this scale. The idea is to highlight how LBC does the legwork so that we continue to bring happiness into people’s lives. We take pride in the joy of moving—whether it’s for our customers or our team members,” says Mr. Javy Mantecon 

Talented production designers made use of existing structures and dressed them up to transform them into authentic looking homes and even LBC branches. Familiar bright red LBC trucks maneuvered through tight city streets as they would normally do on a regular run. The hardiness of these vehicles (and its drivers) were also shown and tested on the backroads and makeshift bridges featured in the other scenes that they were shot. 

Uncontrolled elements during the production such as unforeseen rainfall were creatively included in the shots, making the scenes even more difficult for LBC’s delivery crew talents. It was a welcome development, as regular delivery crews would normally go through the same difficulties, if not worse. 

“What LBC employees do isn’t easy. But they do what they do with joy in their hearts and love for their job--people on the receiving end of this, the customer, feel this,” Monteverde added. 

The booming beats of an urban hip-hop influenced anthem (arraged by Tomas Vinoya and Digitrax) fleshed out the film’s voice, expressing the brand’s joy and enthusiasm through well-meaning lyrics and an arrangement that rouses the spirit of serving. 

Aming Ligaya seeks to remind everyone that there is nothing easy about LBC’s daily deliveries, be it in the city, the provinces or from every part of the world. 

A package arrives in the hands of the recipient because of the hard work and total dedication that LBC’s team members commit to each day.

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