August 25, 2016

Health and Wellness : Marielle's and Cindy's Journey to Weight Loss with InnoGen's LesoFat and LesoCarb

If we have a realistic, specific and measurable goal, what and how really keeps us from reaching it? 

Our mission in our lifestyle including health and fitness begins with the desire to attain something. If the desire is defined and strong enough, it will lead you to act. If you act properly and consistently, you will succeed.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. heads with Marielle Mamaclay and Cindy Patrimonio

One of the most issue is losing weight to be more fit and healthy.  Held at the MNB Bldg., Quezon City on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, during the press conference dubbed as "Less Is More", InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. shared to us about "Obesity" and discovering how to get more out of life with Less Fat and Less Carb.

Marielle Mamaclay and Cindy Patrimonio

Sharing these stories from the two newest ambassadors of Lesofat and Lesocarb ( anti-obesity medicines):

Cindy Patrimonio’s Weight Loss Story

Cindy Patrimonio, wife of celebrity cager Alvin Patrimonio, feels a lot stronger and healthier nowadays as on the middle part of her 6-month Project Body, a journey to wellness. She has firmly decided to make the change of becoming healthier and fitter.

Cindy said that when she was starting her weight loss journey, Cindy watched videos of extremely obese people and she repeatedly told herself that she won’t let it happen to her.

Cindy was quick to admit being guilty of Yoyo dieting in her younger days. She would compensate eating her favourite food by spending time at the gym. Working out neutralizes her food intake thus she often rely on her physical activity to maintain her ideal weight. 

Problem came when Cindy reached the age where metabolisms slows down drastically, she finds herself not being in control of her weight gain. Caught in harsh criticism of the public, Cindy couldn’t care less as she is only accountable for her own body. Realization only came at the time when she decided that she needs to be healthy for her own sake and her family. This was her turning point. 

Cindy quips, "I decided I needed to change and start to get healthy last year. I was feeling sluggish, feeling bad about how I looked. Being overweight for 16 years was long enough. I wanted to do it in a healthy and sturdy way. I was also feeling depressed mentally because of certain problems in life and I wanted to divert all that negative energy into something that would be a challenge for me."

Cindy’s biggest challenge was cutting back on her food intake as this is something new to her. She watched a lot of videos and research and soon as she got the hang of it, it was as easy as cooking pancakes according to Cindy. 

Another challenge for weight lost is when you run into a plateau, this is common among women and having to level up one’s fitness activity level should be continuous. 

Lucky for Cindy, Alvin is all out in supporting her and would often find himself accompanying her every now and then during her work out sessions.

Cindy’s family joins her whenever she hits the gym. And being healthy becomes a part of their priceless bonding moments.

Marielle Mamaclay’s Journey to Weight Loss

Multi-awarded singer feels she can reach her dreams and life goals including a healthy and fit body.

Singing out to a lighter figure nowadays is World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2010 Grand Champion Performer and Vocalist of the World Marielle Mamaclay. Being a performer, one has to look presentable. Thus, when Marielle reached her heaviest weight and started to lose confidence, she felt ugly and cried a lot.

Marielle’s weight problem also took a toll on her health, she found herself getting sick almost every month. This was her wake up call. She still have big dreams for her family and could not let herself go down in spiral due to her weight problem.

She started a healthy diet and increased her physical activity. Weight loss would not be effective if you feel deprived. Thus, Marielle gives herself cheat days, giving in to her cravings of Pizza every once in a while.

Having cheat days are important in keeping up with weight loss struggles as it gives you the much needed balance. Both Cindy and Marielle credit their weight loss journey with the help of LesoFat and LesoCarb. It’s always better to #BeArmedwithLesofat and #ThinkLesocarb.

Wellness, keeping fit, staying healthy is a lifetime journey. 

Here are important tips, reminders and information on health, healthy lifestyle and wellness journey: 


Discovering how to get more out of life with Less Fat and Less Carb

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals introduces ways in treating obesity. 

The supersized population

It is always an amusing picture to see people wanting to lose weight and at just as amusing to keep a positive thought for people who are happy in whatever size they are in. More than the physical attribute, wanting to lose weight should be an indication of an approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming healthy should be on top of everybody’s choice, since obesity is the main culprit of several health risk such as Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart diseases and Back pain. 

Restaurants with Rice-All-You-Can or Unli-Rice have the highest foot traffic. The report is also consistent with the steady rise of Restaurants offering buffet / Eat-All-You-Can in which High Fat food are rampant in their buffet spread. Pair these High- fat food with loads of Carbohydrates then you’re in for a food coma.

How to spot Obesity

Obesity is described as a medical condition in which your body fat has accumulated to the point that it may have an adverse effect on your health. Obesity is ruled when you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 25. A normal BMI should be from 18.5 to 24.9. Know your BMI by following the formula of weight divided by height

Philippine Obesity Scene

In a 2011 survey, it shows that 22.3% of Filipinos adults are overweight and 6.1% are obese. Philippines is on top of the list together with India as countries with the highest obese population according to a report from United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 

Another survey by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) also shows that 3 out of 10 Filipinos are obese which shows an alarming statistics.

Sustaining Activities

In trying to lose weight, we cannot rely on supplements alone. Choosing the right diet coupled with physical activities should be maintained to achieve your desired weight. Many are quick to blame inefficiency of a product due to their own lethargy, supplements are not magic potions which can transform your body without having to exert any effort.

Treating Obesity

Innogen Pharma brings to you two products that will help you with your Journey to Wellness. Innogen Pharma realizes the need to complement Filipino craving for High-Fat and High Carbo diet. 


Lesofat (Orlistat) blocks 30% of your fat intake through pancreatic lipase inhibition, It is in pelletech capsule for a uniform distribution and is non-systemic and works only in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT). 

LesoFat comes in two variant, 120mg that is suited for obese adults and 60mg for obese teenagers. Sold at Php33.00 (120mg) and Php29.75 (60mg) in box of 20’s. It is advised to take 1 capsule of LesoFat every high fat meal.


LesoCarb is an all-natural lifestyle supplement made out of white kidney bean, It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from food intake up to 66%, It is also non-systemic and works only in the GIT.

Lesocarb inhibits the starch digesting enzyme alpha-amylase by interfering the conversion of starch into glucose, thus, it lessens calorie absorption to the body.

LesoCarb is available in 500mg capsule and sold at Php14.75/cap in box of 42’s. LesoCarb should be taken in 1-2 capsule dosage every high carbohydrate meal.

LesoFat and LesoCarb are available in leading drugstores nationwide. 

For more information and tips, follow them on Facebook: @LesoFat and @LesoCarb.

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