September 25, 2016

Jollibee launches JolliDance Showdown app ! And Limited Edition of Jolly Pinoy Collectibles available

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food chain,  launches its first mobile app using augmented reality - JolliDance Showdown app that is sure to be a hit among Jollibee fans of all ages.

It was super fun Saturday, September 24, at Ascott Hotel in Bonifacio Global City, as Jollibee revealed the all-new mobile app that will make use of augmented reality (AR) with the help of the Jollibee Kids Meal box. It allows kids to try some interactive fun with the fast-food chain’s famous mascot, Jollibee.

The app was developed by renowned Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger. The agency has produced applications for other clients like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Film.

Going live with Jollibee AR beats

During the launch, Radio jock Chico Garcia and mom entrepreneur Bettina Carlos, along with her daughter Gummy, were the first to try these features. The experience began by watching the JolliDance Showdown app transform Jollibee’s friendly face on the Jolly Joy Box into a platform. These guests then captured photos for their screen avatars and, after choosing their image on screen, they watched Jollibee and friends enjoy Electro, Pop, and Rock beats.

Other features of the JolliDance Showdown App were also discussed, including unlocking new characters with every visit to Jollibee branches and scanning the Jolly Kiddie Meal promo board located at the store counters.

Just download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. The dance showdown with Jollibee, Scan Jollibee character,  and your avatar that you can customize with a quick selfie! 

The other choice is the DJ for Jollibee mode where you can customize the tracks your avatar and Jollibee dance to based on the three music choices: Rock, Pop, and Electro. 

You can also add more fun with the Jollibee squad into the mix by visiting any Jollibee branch where you can scan the yellow portion of their promo toppers at the cashier to unlock more friends to dance with in the AR app.

Visit the nearest Jollibee branch so you can purchase a Jolly Kiddy Meal and get the Jolly Joy Box it comes with. The app will ask you to then scan the box and it will be the base for all the AR fun you and your kids are about to have.

“Everyone just really loves going to Jollibee. It struck us an important part of the Philippines’ pop culture," according to the Trigger team as they shared their experience in creating the app that captures the lovable persona of the dancing Jollibee. Trigger Senior Director of Client Services Natasha Weinstein shared their impression.

This quick immersion of the app’s designers determined the features and the overall appeal of the app. Trigger President and Executive Creative Director Jason Yim explains the app plays on the sense of community. “Getting friends involved and getting your own avatar involved, that’s definitely the most fun part. You can’t help but smile when you do it."

“The app is pushing how we can engage kids with augmented reality. It’s more than just having characters appear. It’s interactive and gives a much deeper experience.” 

The event shared the most recent effort of the leading fast-food brand to augment the langhap-sarap experience. Francis Flores, Jollibee Global brand chief marketing officer, says of its new partnership, 

“We are glad to work with Trigger to help enrich the Jollibee experience for children and for the young at heart with the launch of our JolliDance Showdown App. Being the first local fast-food to come up with an augmented reality game, we are very excited for our loyal customers who love Jollibee and Friends, as this gives them an opportunity to interact in a fun way using their mobile phones and tablets. Combining great-tasting food and augmented reality to level up their Jollibee experience -- now that is really an exciting way to engage our customers.”

The JolliDance Showdown App is free for download in iTunes and Google Play Store. 

Get the app and watch the Jolly Joy Box go live. The Jolly Joy Box comes free with every purchase of the Jolly Kiddie Meal.

Limited Edition of Jolly Pinoy Collectibles

With fun Filipino way of life, Jollibee also launched a new line of collectibles with the mobile app that pays tribute to our unique culture. Featuring your favorite Jollibee and friends, each limited edition collectible shows different Pinoy icons and various functions that proudly represent our rich heritage. 

There are 5 new limited edition Pinoy Collectibles include: the Jollibee Jeepney, Twirlie Pinoy Sorbetes, Yum Kalesa Fun, Popo Carabao Farm, and the Hetty Vinta Getaway.

The limited edition Jolly Pinoy Collectibles are now available nationwide with any of your favorite value meals for only P150. 

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