October 29, 2016

Join the "Be a Wall" campaign : Vaccination drive against dengue #WallAgainstDengue

The “Be a Wall” campaign  and Vaccination drive against dengue, launch by Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of multinational pharmaceutical company and industry leader, Sanofi. 

Dengue remains to be one of the fastest-growing mosquito-borne diseases in the world.

The “Be a Wall” campaign to mobilize the citizenry in a nation-wide campaign against the spread of dengue was launched  aims to build awareness among Filipinos parents and inform them how they can better protect themselves and their loved ones against the fastest-growing mosquito borne disease. 

It also aims to educate them about the multi-pronged ways to prevent dengue infection – vector-control, disease information and vaccination.

The Be a Wall campaign engage Filipinos by inviting them to connect, share their experience, ask questions, and join a community that’s building the nation’s resistance against dengue. 

It aims to remind them of their role to step up the fight against the disease and to get involved by taking an active part in health matters that affect them and their families. 

Dengvaxia is the world’s first dengue vaccine. It provides protection against all four virus serotypes. It has been approved for people belonging to the age group 9-45 years.

Celebrities, doctors and medical people, media and bloggers and advocates were at the "Be a Wall" campaign launch held at the Novotel Hotel, Araneta, Cubao Quezon City on October 25, 2016. 

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Christine Bersola-Babao, Paolo Abrera, Mommy Mel and her daughter Rika with Dr. Rubi Dizon who is the Medical Director of Sanofi and Dr. Lulu Bravo President of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, stand out to to build a wall against Dengue.

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Multi-awarded Actress, Columnist, Award-winning Author and Triathlete, share her experience on dengue as she had twice. The first was when she was six years old and the second time when she was already married.
“As responsible Filipino moms, let our voices be heard to raise awareness on dengue and let’s spread the good news that it is now a vaccine preventable disease. Each of us can now be a wall against dengue,” Maricel said.

Paolo Abrera, sports and public affairs host, share his own story as when he got the virus, he was down and out for a number of days and this surprised him as it hit him at the peak of his health when he was so active in sports.
“It’s great news that there is a dengue vaccine now available in the market. As a public affairs anchor, I’m on top of the news everyday and it’s very alarming to note the rising dengue cases from different regions of our country. It’s definitely a relief for Filipino parents out there especially a father like me to be able to visit our doctors today and have our kids vaccinated,” Paulo said.

Christine Bersola-Babao, Celebrity mom,  shared she had dengue three times! She also expresses her support for the dengue vaccine.
“I am a mother of two and I want my kids (family) to be safe from life-threatening diseases like dengue. Aside from the vector control measures that we have been doing, we really need a new tool that will help us in fighting the epidemic and vaccination is the answer. I encourage other Filipino moms to ask their doctors about dengue vaccination today,” she shared.

The Philippines ranks among the top-three countries affected by Dengue.

Cebu City, for example, has just declared a state of calamity with over 5,821 dengue cases recorded as of October 2016. Other areas considered as the most infected hotspots include Metro Manila or NCR, Region IV-A or CALABARZON, Northern Mindanao, SOCCSKSARGEN, Central Luzon, and Western Visayas.

Join “Be a Wall” campaign for the health of our families and love ones and all. Get vaccinated too.  Visit your doctor to know what you can do so we can all be a #WallAgainstDengue.

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