November 29, 2016

Big Breakthrough in Hair Technology : Discover Argila and Hair Toxx

Thinking about making a change on your  hair? Hair makeovers? Trying fresh new styles?  But before anything, we really have to make sure our hair is soft, beautiful and healthy.  

YAMÊ SPELZON, Marketing Manager
Proud Filipino-owned hair salon, Aesthetics & Cosmetics by Escalava, announces the arrival of two of the newest Brazilian Hair Care technologies in the Philippines during the product launch held at Crowne Plaza Galleria attended by salon owners and operators, and hair care experts and professionals. 

The Argila Amazonia and Hair Toxx are guaranteed organic and all-natural and zero formaldehyde.

The Argila Amazonia

The Argila Amazonia is a revolutionary hair-straightening system that provides long-lasting results, making hair smooth and silky soft. Using only all natural, ingredients straight from the Amazon, such as White Clay and Murumuru Oil, Argila Amazonia promises zero damage to your hair.

White Clay, the active ingredient in this groundbreaking system comes from one of the best-preserved ecological sanctuaries in Brazil, the Marajo Island. This island has an extreme climate of high temperatures- high humidity and heavy rainfall – that lead to the formation of White Clay exclusively found on the island. The clay forms through the decomposition of certain types of rocks over a period of thousands of years, they fuse with organic components of the land and turn into White Clay that is rich in minerals and metals such as titanium, magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, calcium, lithium, iron and trace elements which are extremely beneficial to human health.

The murumuru grows in the Brazilian state of Para, in the Amazonianregion. 

Oils extracts from Mururmuru seeds offer numerous advantages to our skin and hair. It is a highly effective emollient and moisturizer as it helps hair to recover long-last moisture and regain its natural elasticity. 

The exotic Murumuru Oil is a powerful, nourishing anti-frizz oil that is unique to the Argila line of products. It is proven that it replenishes the natural nutrients as it reinforces the structure of the damaged hair by restoring the natural hydrolipidic layer, thus providing brightness, softness, hydration and protection for long duration.

The Hair.Toxx

Hair.Toxx is a product of perfect combination of natural ingredients and state-of-the-art molecular research to renegerate and protect strong and healthy hair.

The outer layer of the hair is called the cuticle that provides protection through a small layer of natural oil, the sebum. These two act like a shield, protecting the hair’s inner layers, the keratin based cortex and the medula which are responsible for hair’s color, form and texture.

Everyday, our hair is exposed to potential damage. External factors like the sun, salt and other harmful elements in the environment accelarte the natural aging process, leaving hair limp and brittle, dry and dull. The damage becomes serious and worse when these weak hair strands undergo chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching and straightening as these break disulfide sulfur bonds and reduce the levels of keratin and other nutrients in the hair.

Hair.Toxx makes it possible to protect hair while still bleaching, coloring and straightening it all you want. 

Hair.Toxx formula- combination of Acaí, Hyaluronic Acid and a proprietary Lipophilic Complex – creates an effective shield around hair follicles, especially when used as part of a daily care routine, as this shield helps protect daily damage while restoring natural beauty and bounce by creating disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair and buffering existing ones through the action of the Bleaching and Coloring Revitalizing Serum.

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