December 28, 2016

A Mom's Unbreakable Bond With Her Child

The relationship of mother and child remains indescribable, strongest and unbreakable bond on Earth. 

Seeing your body change, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling the first kick from your insides—these are the moments that build the invisible but irrevocable connection between a mother and her child. 

Because of this growing connection, you feel most responsible for your baby, so it is all but inevitable for anxieties to spring up left and right. 

You worry if you are giving enough nourishment. You worry if your baby is developing normally. You worry if your baby will get diseases passed down from your family. 

“I’m always thinking about my baby 24/7. I worry about his life so much so that besides adjusting my lifestyle for him, I also do a lot of research online. I ask advice from my friends and family about how I can take better care of my baby because I can never be truly 100% sure about his well being all the time.”  
                                                                              – Lea, 30, first-time mom

Like mommy Lea, maybe it has dawned on you that you cannot protect your baby for the rest of your lives, but what if we can alter that reality. What if there is a way to help secure your child’s life from several life-threatening diseases by preserving that one-of-a-kind connection between you and your baby? 

The umbilical cord is your child’s lifeline inside your womb. It is through this physical connection that you are able to give your child the gift of life. But after childbirth, this life giving cord is simply thrown away, not realizing the worth of the blood inside it.

Throwing the umbilical cord is like throwing life away. Cord blood contains the youngest and inherently valuable stem cells that may help save your baby from leukemia and other blood cancers, solid tumors, immunodeficiency and metabolic disorders.

With Cordlife, you can now make that one choice to take that one chance to protect your child’s life. Being the 1st and only registered Cord Blood Bank in the Philippines and part of the largest stem cell banking network in Asia, Cordlife gives you the chance to save your family by banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood. 

By storing your cord blood that is painlessly extracted from your umbilical cord right after giving birth, you can give your child a fighting chance to survive life-threatening diseases. 

Cord blood banking can provide the stem cells needed to replace and regenerate damaged bone marrow, treat blood cancers, correct genetic defects, and be a potential source for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. 

By preserving the visible connection between you and your baby, you can have your much-needed peace of mind when it comes to doing everything you can to secure your baby’s life.

Don’t throw life away. 
Save your baby’s cord blood. 
Save your baby’s life.

To know more about cord-blood banking, call (02) 332 1888 or visit

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