December 26, 2016

Celebrating Awe-Inspiring Talents

i-Shine Talent Camp mentors, grand winners, and host Dimples Romana, are all-smiles as they culminate the successful fifth season of the first and biggest online talent search in the country

Watching your child learn and develop new skills is nothing short of rewarding. But as you do, it’s sometimes hard to remember that your child’s love and excitement for discovery is what’s behind all his or her new accomplishments. 

Young minds seek stimulation—and when your little one continues to show eagerness to learn, it’s important that you let support them him/her to foster creativity, growth, and a love for learning they that can nurtured through adulthood. 

i-Shine 5 Music Camp, Stage Camp, and Art Camp grand winners Seth Salada, Sean Bermudez, and Alliyah Umandal, through the support of their parents and mentors in nurturing their gifts, celebrate their well-deserved victory

This is precisely why PROMIL PRE-SCHOOL continues to aid parents in achieving their children’s potential by providing them with the unique combination of brain & body building nutrients which help support learning during the crucial window of talent development. Simultaneously, PROMIL PRE-SCHOOL continues to create platforms such as the I-SHINE Talent Camp, which gives kids an opportunity to hone their inherent talents to their maximum potential. 

Already on its fifth year, this year’s I-SHINE Talent Camp gave children a lot to work on, together with high caliber mentors meant to draw out their talents across various genres. Divided into three camps, each one features an expert in the field to help kids nurture their gifts to the highest potential. Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy and Rico Blanco team up to be mentors for the Stage Camp, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab shares his mastery of music among members of the Music Camp, and Robert Alejandro imparts his artistic vision to the creative minds being nurtured in the Art Camp. 

i-Shine 5 Art Camp mentor Robert Alejandro, together with the finalists, wave to the audience during the Talent Camp finale opening number

i-Shine 5 mentors Robert Alejandro, Ryan Cayabyab, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, and Rico Blanco watch the finalists with awe as their previous students showcase their inspiring talents

The grand culmination of this year’s I-SHINE Talent Camp was celebrated with the mentors, parents, and of course the children, who displayed everything they have learned at the Huseng Batute theater at the CCP. This year, Sean Hayden Bermudez won the top prize for Stage Camp after displaying exceptional moves and stage presence; Alliyah Umandal’s puppet art wowed judges who awarded her as the Grand Art Camp i-Shiner; and Seth Levi Salada, displayed his mastery of rhythm and took home the grand prize for Music Camp. 

“How you support your kids and nurture their brain and body are some of the best things the best investment you can make as a parent. I-SHINE serves as a way for PROMIL PRE-SCHOOL to give parents more opportunities to create unique experiences that can develop and foster potential in their child,” ends Yvette Villegas, Product Manager, Wyeth Nutrition Philippines. 

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