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June 25, 2017

Coca-Cola plants a greener future in Hinatuan

Along the rocky terrain of Mindanao’s eastern coast, in the town of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, is a lush 10-hectare community farm that has been cited as one of the model farms by various government agencies, including the Department of Agriculture (DA). Despite the unpredictable weather, which includes month-long monsoon rains and even longer dry spells, the farm has yielded fruits and vegetables beyond what the land and its surrounding areas has ever seen.

Arsocena Cabiling, farmer and mother, holds up harvested corn in their fields in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.

This verdant bounty and pockets of rain forests belies the fact that most of Hinatuan lies on limestone bedrock. The constant salty winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean, alongside the lack of access to fresh water has contributed to the less than ideal environment for agricultural cultivation and has restricted most farming activities to coconut and corn production. The lack of water source also discounts the possibility of livestock-raising.

“In 2012, we decided to farm better with the assistance from various stakeholders. We made sure that every help we received would be maximized,” said Arsolino Cabilin, chairman of the Tagasaka Coconut Farmers Association (TACOFA).

In that same year, TACOFA became a recipient of the Coca-Cola Agos Program in partnership with Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI). Through this project, the community was able to effectively shift to a more sustainable farming system – organic farming.

The Coca-Cola Agos Program installed a modified version of a simple technology called ram pump that allows lowland water to be brought to elevated areas without the need for electricity.

Making barren landscapes lush with the Coca-Cola Agos Program

“The unpredictable weather made it difficult for us to veer away from planting only coconuts and corn. There were times when it would suddenly have three weeks of no rain, sometimes it would stretch for two and a half months. Vegetables could not hold it out that long without rain,” said Dina Bayarcal, a TACOFA member and former treasurer. “We would fetch water from the river and manually bring it to the farm and water the plants. That’s the only thing we would do the whole day during a dry spell,” Bayarcal added.

Dina Bayarcal shows off her soybeans in her portion of the 10-hectare TACOFA demo farm. With water easily accessible with the ram pump, Bayarcal and her group are rotating crops, from soybeans to cantaloupe to corn.
With the availability of water through the ram pumps, TACOFA was able to diversify its crops that now include cantaloupes, watermelons, soybeans, corn, coconuts, and other vegetables that are grown throughout the year. The association is even putting up a coco fiber rope and coir (coconut fiber) production facility.

Large tracts of land are now watered in more efficient ways with the help of the ram pumps that draw water from the river.

Today, TACOFA membership has grown to over 100 farmer members tilling and developing the 10-hectare land, tapping its water source from the Coca-Cola Agos Program. The organization even plans on leasing some of the neighboring farms in order for them to expand their production.

“With a secure source of water, through the Coca-Cola Agos ram pumps, we were able to think of ways on how to better improve the way we farm. Access to water opened us to an endless possibility of options on what we can plant and raise,” said Cabilin. “We are also looking at ways on how we can further add value to our products.”

This year, the association has completed its coco coir production facility that would enable them to produce ropes, fiber mats, and coir logs – natural and biodegradable ways of preventing soil erosion, and contour farming. Tagasaka’s coconut nurseries have even boosted its contribution to the Department of Agriculture’s continuing effort to rehabilitate the ageing coconut industry, with seedling mortality rates now reduced from 55 to 20 percent.

Colorful murals are painted on the exterior walls of the water reservoir of Coca-Cola Agos Program.

Coca-Cola Agos Program: A gift to the next generation

TACOFA serves as the association for managing the Coca-Cola Agos Program after the ram pumps were turned over to the community. As the recipient organization and on behalf of the whole community, they are responsible for the maintenance and assurance that the ram pumps will continue to serve its purpose. Prior to the turn-over, TACOFA underwent workshops and orientations conducted by AIDFI on how to maintain and manage the ram pump as well as their natural environment. Two members of the organization also underwent hands-on mechanical training and have been certified by AIDFI to maintain the ram pumps for the community.

The organization serves as the unifying body for all household and farm recipients of the Coca-Cola Agos Program. They work hand-in-hand in taking care of the gift of water brought about by the installation of ram pumps for their community. They envision the project to serve the water needs of now and preserved for the next generations of TACOFA members.

“The Coca-Cola Agos ram pump is a gift to us, and it will be our gift to the next generation. Today, we will show the people the many ways one can farm; we will show those who have given much to us that we are grateful for their gift,” said Cabilin. “And we will show the next generation that with hard work, perseverance, and unceasing faith, things can and will be better.” 

June 24, 2017

Long Weekend Staycation at Seda Vertis North

Spend your long weekend holiday at Seda Vertis North, the largest and newest hotel in Quezon City. Enjoy the introductory rate of P3,888++ with buffet breakfast for two at Misto, complimentary Wi-fi, use of e-lounge, gym and pool. 

Booking period is until June 30, 2017. Stay date is until December 15,2017. For reservations, email or call 739-8888. Seda Vertis North is located at Astra cor. Lux Drives, Vertis North, Quezon City.

Beat the traffic with ANGKAS ! Mobile Motorbike Hailing Platform provides access to Fast, safe and affordable motorbike transportation

Picture this: you’re seated inside a cab, jeepney or bus – the clock is ticking and you’re going to be late for that office presentation, final exam, or anniversary date. Your heart is beating fast, your legs moving up and down, you’re shaking your head and clicking your tongue. You’re practically bartering with god to make the traffic move faster. 

If you’ve ever commuted around Manila, you’ve definitely experienced this. You’ve prayed, cried, sworn and wished for a way to teleport across the city that, according to the 2015 global survey conducted by a popular travel app, has the worst traffic in the world.

Now, imagine breezing through that traffic congestion, finding alternative streets that no 4-wheeled vehicle could pass through, and arriving at your destination in a fraction of time. With Angkas, you don’t need to stop at imagining! 

Available on both iOS and Android, Angkas is a mobile on-demand motorcycle hailing platform that connects riders to a rigorously-trained, professional motorcycle driver. Angkas provides convenient, safe, and affordable motorbike transportation that will get you to where you need to go faster! 

Simply download the app, add your destination, and, with the tap of a button, your biker will arrive shortly to bring you where you need to go.

Safety is the top priority for Angkas: all bikers go through rigorous background checks, skills assessment, and safety training. Rides come with a quality helmet and personal accident insurance. Raincoats are provided to passengers in case of rain, and face masks and hair caps are issued for hygiene.

Starting June 19, new users can book their first ride for FREE (up to PHP 80) with the promo code ANGKAS to make travel around the metro more convenient than ever. Say goodbye to the trains’ long queues, the hours of sitting in traffic in a packed jeepney, and the steep fare of cabs. Take back all the time you lose from the traffic with a tap on your phone, and conveniently hitch a ride with Angkas.

For more information and latest promos visit

June 23, 2017

Boost your earnings online!

Nowadays, traveling to the office to clock in eight hours of work just isn’t ideal anymore. Precious time that should be spent with loved ones is wasted being stuck in traffic during commute.

This is why more and more Filipinos are venturing into online freelancing. Aside from freedom from the grueling commute, freelancing also offers opportunities to earn more while getting control of your time. But, how do you really standout from others? Here are some tips to help you win more e-gigs.

1. Update your profile constantly. Your profile page is your resume. Make sure to put your best foot forward. Properly list your credentials, education background and updated work experience. Also, take time to curate your work for the portfolio section.
2. Bid for projects that suit your skills and interest. Take advantage of your work experience and skills. Whether you are into writing, graphic designing, programming, or working as a virtual assistant, make sure that you put the relevant details of your past jobs to show that you are the best for the project.
“Before submitting a bid, freelancers should carefully read the project description. That way you can properly assess the timeline and provide details that are relevant to the projects. Don’t send generic bids because employers are more impressed with freelancers who prove they clearly understood what the employer wants out of the project,” said Monica Martinez of
3. Communicate with your client and make sure everything's clear. Once you get the job, make sure that you are on the same page with your client. Update your client regularly and be disciplined with your time to meet the deadlines. In this way, you will earn good reviews that will be instrumental for you to get more projects in the future.
4. Join freelancer groups and online communities. There are many other useful tips you can get by just joining freelancer groups and online communities. You can also learn from experts like Genesis Reonico, the founder of, a website that helps people to get started on freelancing.
Genesis has been spreading the word about freelancing in the country for years now. “My primary motivation in pushing online work and digital career here in the country is to let others have the opportunity to also experience what I had experienced as an online worker; the flexibility of time, being location independent to do the work and the amount of money you can possibly earn,” he shared.
5. Link your Paypal account to an e-money account that doesn’t charge withdrawal fees. Powered by UnionBank, EON doesn’t charge anything on top of the minimal fees charged by Paypal. To link EON to your PayPal account, enter Union Bank of the Philippines as your bank, enter 010419995 as the bank code and your EON Account number.

You can easily grab an EON Starter Kit at the counter in 7-Eleven stores or have it delivered in packs of 2s to 5s through Lazada. But before you do, check out EON's many cool innovations on, Facebook /eonbankph, or Twitter @eonbankph.

“UnionBank’s EON has been a part of [the lives of] many online freelancers for years now. With the release of the new EON and the features it has to offer, using EON will be a much more enjoyable way of doing financial transactions,” said Genesis.

Remember that just like traditional jobs, online freelancing requires focus, professionalism, and efficient time management. You can contact Monica at and Genesis at for more tips on getting more projects online.

8List.Ph presents the return of well-loved radio dj for Str8 Up with Delamar

8List.Ph presents the return of Delamar, well-loved radio jock stars in her own online talk show & live chat.

Delamar Arias, well-loved radio dj is back for Str8 Up with Delamar, an online talk show produced by award-winning website, the 

8List is a dynamic website known for making lists that resonate with Filipino millennials. With a pulse on the Pinoy, it has consistently published content that is always informative, enlightening, yet entertaining. The website known for viral stories reached out to Delamar, coaxing her out of retirement because she is undoubtedly someone Filipinos listen to and admire.

Str8 Up with Delamar is her first solo program after she bid goodbye to a radio career that spanned more than 2 decades. She was a mainstay for the award-winning radio show The Morning Rush on RX93.1. Although the decision was not easy, the needs of her growing family came first.

As a wife to BPO executive Tyler Ashby and a mother to two beautiful boys and a new-born baby daughter, Delamar says, “I wanted to spend more time with my family, especially my three children who need attention from their mom at this early stage in their lives.” 

But after a year as a stay at home mom, she felt that she still had a lot of things to say. She knew that with her most important role now as a mom, her world had changed, and figured she needed a different platform to have a different kind of conversation with the public. “Everyone’s on the internet now and it’s such a great place to engage with people. Here, I could collaborate with a team and create content that can really open people’s minds. Or at least entertain them.” Whatever the conversation is about, she promises the show will always present something new or different. 

Str8 Up provides Delamar a digital platform to tell her experiences and express her unique opinions to educate in a clear and fun way. With her different perspective on relevant topics ranging from politics, relationships, and everything in between, which she will be delivering straight up.

With Delamar, Str8 Up aims to be a voice of discovery, striving to talk about important issues both old and new with well-thought-out arguments backed by research -- a refreshing break from the usual fare online.

The first of the series to be aired will be all about comfort zones which Delamar is all too familiar with. Transitioning from radio to video is not an easy feat but this is where Delamar shares how she grew in doing so. She also encourages other people to do the same -- get out of their comfort zones and learn something new, every week by watching her show on the 8list Facebook page, and then participating in a Live Chat right after the video. 

Like the 8list Facebook page so you can watch Str8 Up every Wednesday at 12 noon beginning June 21 and catch Delamar on her live FB video chat following every episode. Check out Str8 Up teasers on the official Facebook page of 8List for updates.

To know more about Str8 Up, visit the 8List social media sites:

Experienced Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck in Luneta! NutriAsia offers new Filipino flavors on the road

In light of the celebration of the recent Philippines Independence Day , NutriAsia brings to us Joy Ride! NutriAsia's food truck in Luneta, eager to have a taste of both traditional and new Filipino comfort food made with quality products of NutriAsia.

According to Dang de Leon, corporate marketing consultant at Nutri-Asia Inc., the food truck goes around the metro serving reimagined local food fare.

“We tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials,” she explains, saying that the brand has partnered with GalaStars Culinary, which is headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, “because they know what young people want.”

Chef Gala is very excited about collaborating with NutriAsia. He points out, “They have so many wonderful products and as a chef, I have a lot of fun being creative with the recipes I am developing.”

The chef appreciates the fact that the leading condiments brand in the Philippines offers well-known products like Datu Puti and Mang Tomas, and that its excellent pre-mixes make cooking a lot easier, especially for harried homemakers.

The Joy Ride! by NutriAsia’s bill of fare offers meals like Adoburrito, with a choice of Spicy Adobo and Humba Adobo, a dish popular in the Visayas. The Adoburrito wrap is a combination of the popular adobo and burrito, created with highly mobile young professionals in mind. 

Acknowledging that each and every region in the country has its own version of adobo, NutriAsia, de Leon avers, puts their Datu Puti adobo series to maximum use. 

Other food choices at Joy Ride!, de Leon discloses, are based on crowd favorites, usually a combination of dishes that are well-liked in the metro as well as in the provinces.

De Leon recommends the Pinoy Chicken Slider served with pan de sal and the Siga Bagnet Wrap, which is prepared using Mang Tomas Siga, a spicy version of the regular Mang Tomas sauce. It also has Datu Puti vinegar and cucumber to give it a kick.

Meantime, the crowd favorite, Skinny Chix, is street food made crunchier and more flavorful by using NutriAsia’s recently launched, first-in-the-market Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Fry and Shake, a breading mix in smoked barbeque, cheese, and sour cream variants. 

On the other hand, Chef Gala reveals that food preparation is done in GalaStars Culinary—from weighing and chopping to marinating, etc.—then brought into the food truck. “We cook everything on-site so that the food is fresh when served.” 

Chef Gala has nothing but compliments for NutriAsia’s products. “When one has excellent condiments to work with, it is easy to adjust the taste and formulate the recipes. Cooking becomes ‘masarap masaya’.”

Affordable, prices at Joy Ride! range from P40 to P80. The brand makes their offerings as affordable as they can because they want everyone to have a taste of their food creations. The serving portions are likewise larger than average, perfect for sharing. 

Apart from making condiments and sauces, NutriAsia, de Leon reveals, has ventured into beverages. “We have pick-me-ups in mangosteen, guyabano, kamias, dalandan and kalamansi. These are locally sourced Pinoy fruits that we have bottled into natural juices.” 

Watch for the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia, which started rolling out in Metro Manila this month, serving people at food parks, employees of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and customers at bazaars, events, and universities.

City Garden Grand Hotel invites you in a Grand Wedding Experience

For a wedding to be perfect, it is important that it is scheduled at the right time and is planned very well. Timely enough, this month of June, City Garden Grand Hotel invites you and your partner in an event that will give you an insight of an ideal wedding experience.

City Garden Grand Hotel invites you to experience your dream wedding and help you turn it into reality. “THE GRAND AFFAIR” is a grand wedding and food tasting event wherein City Garden Grand Hotel will allow guests and clients to get a taste of the best-selling dishes from appetizers, main course, and down to the desserts. This will also give you the opportunity to have a glimpse of the hotel’s wedding set-up and experience a real event at the Rosemary Ballroom of City Garden Grand Hotel.

The GRAND Affair is a wedding showcase that will help you plan and prepare for your perfect dream wedding. In this year’s wedding theme, City Garden Grand Hotel will present to you the “Rustic Chic” and “Whimsical Garden” theme set-up. Aside from the wedding theme set-up and food tasting, there will also be suppliers that will exhibit their services and products, which can be really helpful in every last detail on your wedding.

Event coordinators such as “Wedding Bachelors” and “Event Tree” will be present to help you with all the planning, and a photo and video company, “Photo Farm”, will also be there to help you on some ideas in capturing the perfect moments on your wedding day. 

For style inspiration, a mini fashion show will also be held in the event, showcasing popular trends in wedding gowns and barongs from some of the local designers. And the event will be serenaded by a quartet performance of SJT Music.

The GRAND Affair is the 2nd wedding event of City Garden Grand Hotel and it will be on June 25, 2017, 10am-4pm, at the 31st Floor Rosemary Ballroom. Take your partner in the event and get insights and inspirations for your dream wedding. 

For event inquiries, please feel free to contact +639175533179 or 09178533902, or email us at

June 22, 2017

OPPO smartphones now officially available in Shopee!

OPPO and Shopee Philippines are now partners offering customers hassle-free nationwide delivery with Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery option for all OPPO smartphones

Shopee, the fastest growing ecommerce site in the Philippines is now officially carrying OPPO smartphones. Through the partnership of OPPO and Shopee, customers may avail of free shipping nationwide and cash on delivery payment option on any OPPO smartphone.

In time with Shopee's  2nd year anniversary this June, the eCommerce platform now provides a wider offering of brands and products to customers nationwide.

Complete lineup

The OPPO Official Shop on Shopee will carry the complete lineup of the brand’s smartphones, including all color options such as gold, rose gold and black. These smartphones are the F3 series OPPO F3 and F3 Plus, best-selling F1s Upgrade, mid-range best-value A57, entry value A39 and A37.

Shopee Guarantee

At Shopee, customers can be assured of their order with Shopee Guarantee, which protects both buyers and sellers as Shopee holds payments in escrow until buyers receive their order. Only then will the payment be released to the seller -- this makes buying online safer, earning an increasing number of loyal buyers at Shopee.

Furthermore, Shopee partners only with trustworthy and credible brands to establish Official Shops on the platform, further giving users peace of mind on their purchases. Aside from Shopee’s Free Shipping program, it also offers its services at no additional fees, commissions or hidden charges.

"E-Commerce in the Philippines is indeed growing and we can’t deny its potential in the future. Our partnership with Shopee will further increase our online reach and give customers more options to buy official OPPO products,” said Stephen Cheng, OPPO Philippines Brand Marketing Manager.

Visit OPPO Shopee store, and to know more about the smartphones. 

You can also download the official Shopee app for free via on Google Play and the App Store.

Director, Producer , Actor Albert Martinez finds a deeper purpose being a supportive dad and family man

Albert Martinez with daughter Alissa and son Alfonso
Undeniably a formidable actor with immense talent, Albert Martinez,   even with the many awards and critical acclaim under his belt, Albert’s greatest trophies –his most precious rewards –are truly his kids: Alyanna, stylist and fashionista; Alissa, online entrepreneur and foodie; and Alfonso, certified car nut and restaurateur. 

“From a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, I became more responsible. Being a father really gives you a more purposeful way of looking at life, and makes you more success-driven in order to provide a better future for your family,” as Albert is first to admit how fatherhood completely changed his life and his outlook. 

The untimely passing of his loving wife Liezl two years ago dealt a painful blow to family. While the void will forever be felt, Albert is grateful that Liezl did an excellent job in laying a strong foundation for their kids as they were growing up. “They’re all very focused and grounded,” he beams with pride.

And indeed, the Martinez brood is a picture of a contented, tight-knit family that is supportive of each other’s diverse interests and respective of each other’s personalities, where they make time to bond – to live deeper — just like friends. And what better symbol of this filial bond than the gift of a TechnoMarine watch for dad Albert on father’s day.

“My dad and I have a lot of things in common,” shares eldest child Alyanna. “We love traveling, we love the outdoors, and we’re both moody at times,” she confesses. And while Alyanna was steadily making a name for herself in the world of fashion, Albert was always around to lend his support, attending shows and launches even with his hectic schedule. He even took a break from the hit series Ang Probinsyano just to be with Alyanna on her winter wedding in the US last year.

For Alissa, on the other hand, her being a foodie and love for animals are the ties that bind her close to her dad. Apart from helping set-up her online business PoppyLuca, an online pet accessories store, they can often be found in the kitchen together trying out new recipes. “My dad and I love to cook and we both love to eat!” she shares with a laugh.

And then, of course, there’s Alfonso, the unico hijo and bunso, whose love for cars and karting is something he picked-up from his dad. “My dad loves tinkering with cars during his free time,” he relates. Alfonso recalls fondly how he and his dad would join car clubs and go to car shows. “It’s really his passion aside from acting, and a hobby that I enjoy myself!”

Another thing that runs common among the Martinezes is their love for animals. They currently have seven dogs and translated this passion into a thriving family business: Ask a Vet.

With all these blessings and more, Albert Martinez is no doubt the perfect embodiment of TechnoMarine’s Live Deeper spirit. “For me, living deeper is all about knowing yourself more, being yourself, and enjoying life to the fullest!” 

Albert wears the new TM-616002 from the UF6 line, the premium watch collection from TechnoMarine. TechnoMarine is available in Trinoma, Greenbelt 3, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM City Cebu, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza and all My Diamond boutiques nationwide. Like TechnoMarine on Facebook: and follow them on Instagram @technomarineph.

June 20, 2017

Marawi situation poses risks to children’s well-being

Iligan City --- Child-focused aid organization World Vision began its relief operations last June 8, 2017 after more than 200,000 people were forced to flee the city of Marawi in Mindanao.

“We have started distributing relief items to at least 1,000 families today. It is heart breaking and heart-warming at the same time but knowing that there are people standing with them brings them so much hope and comfort,” shares Associate Director for Operations Jocelyn Mariscal.
Child-focused aid organization World Vision begins its relief operations after more than 200,000 people were forced to flee the city of Marawi in Mindanao. At least 1,000 displaced families now sheltering in evacuation centres and in their relatives' house were provided with hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry soap, bath soap, undergarment, malong or tube skirt, sanitary pads) and non-food items like blanket, mosquito net and plastic mat.

Child-focused aid organization World Vision begins its relief operations after more than 200,000 people were forced to flee the city of Marawi in Mindanao. At least 1,000 displaced families now sheltering in evacuation centres and in their relatives' house were provided with hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry soap, bath soap, undergarment, malong or tube skirt, sanitary pads) and non-food items like blanket, mosquito net and plastic mat.

The relief items include hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, undergarment for men and women, bath soap, laundry soap, sanitary pads, nail cutter, malong or tube skirt) and non-food items like blanket, mosquito net and plastic mat. The distribution catered to those who are in evacuation centres and the home-based (those living with relatives) internally displaced families in Sta. Elena, Iligan City.

The clash started on May 23 after the Philippine Army conducted a raid operation in Marawi City where an Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leader was hiding. The government forces were met by gunfire coming from ASG’s local armed allies the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and Maute group. This escalated to a massive firefight causing 175 deaths and displacing thousands of people. The still on-going clash has also affected 132 schools and more than 22,000 school children, said Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao-Humanitarian Emergency Action and Response Team (ARMM-HEART).

World Vision hopes to reach at least 10,000 people or 2,000 families. In the next days, child-friendly spaces will also be set up in two evacuation centres to provide psychological first aid to the children affected by the conflict.

The Child Friendly Spaces created by World Vision are designed to let the children play and have the opportunity to interact with other children. It helps to provide an opportunity for children to express themselves through art, play and also to connect with other children facing similar distressing experiences.

6-year old Husnia joins her mother in getting the relief items. Until today, she and her mother are still waiting to hear from her father who was left in Marawi when they left for Iligan City.

World Vision is now in close coordination with the Department of Education to provide 10 schools with Temporary Learning Centres (TLCs) and 18, 000 learner’s kits for the students.

“We thank all the donors and sponsors who have supported us in responding to the needs of the affected children and their families. We also continue to appeal for support as World Vision continues to work with the government and other humanitarian actors in providing aid to the people of Marawi,” says Acting National Director Rommel Fuerte.

To extend your help to the people displaced by Marawi crisis, visit or call 372-77-77, for more information.

‘The Big Big Show’ again with brave, bolder and better with Frenchie Dy, Radha, and Bituin Escalante

HM Entertainment brings back - Frenchie Dy, Radha, and Bituin Escalante as they recreate the magic - The Big Big Show: Again at The Theater at Solaire, on July 14, 2017.

Big voices, big talents, will be braver, bolder and better after the resounding success of ‘The Big Big Show’ last December 3 at The Theater at Solaire.

There has been a clamor to stage a repeat, as reviews for the show were glowing. Music aficionados and concert goers alike were in unison that says:

‘The Big Big Show’ did not only celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, it also served as showcase for the musical gifts and versatility of its three headliners, Frenchie Dy, Radha, and Bituin Escalante. ‘The Big Big Show’ marked the first time that the three talented singers shared one stage together and boy, what wonders and magic they made, easily slipping from one musical genre to another with flair and gusto." 

“The concert was ambitious as it offered a repertoire quite removed from the usual, mixing not-so-familiar show tunes and popular Top 40 fare.”  - - - Neil Ray Ramos of Manila Bulletin Entertainment made note of the concert’s unique concept. 

Rendered with big band flourish courtesy of musical director Mel Villena and his AMP Band, the formidable diva trio of Frenchie, Radha, and Bituin were in great form from the get-go. It mattered little if they were doing solo spots or a medley of kundimans. Frenchie, Radha, and Bituin were just gung-ho and ready to sing their hearts out.

By the time the three women were doing an Aretha Franklin medley featuring well-remembered classics like “Chain of Fools,” “Respect,” and “Think,” audiences were on their feet, swaying to the rhythm, waiving their arms in the air, lost in the spellbinding effect of the formidable diva trio’s virtuoso performances.

Adding more wallop to the powerful feminine concert, ticket buyers will get a chance to receive goodies, laptop, mobile phones, IPADs, and a lap top.

It will be a treat for those who missed it and a nostalgic trip to revisit for those who enjoyed the first staging. Like its lovely and hugely-talented headliners, ‘The Big Big Show: Again’ without a doubt is bigger, braver, bolder and better with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Mark your calendars on July 14 for  ‘The Big Big Show, Again’ still at The Theater at Solaire, home of world class Filipino concerts and performances.

Tickets to ‘The Big Big Show: Again are now available via Ticketworld. Call 891 - 9999!

6 Ways you can bond with your kids as this school year opens , get fun with “Team YeY” !

School year started opens now,  engage your kids in quality time by taking inspiration from activities you can learn together on YeY channel’s “Team YeY,” the only local all-kids variety show where kids can learn something new every day. 

Check out these fun ideas.

1. Prepare baon together.

Teach your kids the basics of food preparation by involving them in preparing simple snacks like sandwiches, veggie sticks, or simple ulam-and-rice combos. Make it extra fun by coming up with Bento meals, where rice and ulam can be done in various shapes. Try making Monster Burgers, as shown on Snaks Naman of Team YeY.

2. Learn Philippine literature together.

Turn TV bonding into a fun learning experience by tuning in to Team YeY’s StorYeY to revisit classic Philippine literature. Stand by to explain any questions they might have, and turn it into an educational viewing habit.

3. Do art projects together.

Having quality time with kids doesn’t have to involve lots of planning and money as you can help with their homework and art projects every now and then. Together, you can get crafty and creative. Tune in to Team YeY’s Artstig for easy ideas.

4. Beat the rainy day blues with party games at home.

To make rainy days festive, improvise by organizing DIY party games at home with the kids. Invite cousins and classmates over on a weekend and engage them in team games as seen on Team YeY’s Sunday Funday and Game Play.

5. Take a break from work stress and jam.

Take a short break by jamming with your kids while watching Team YeY’s Soundcheck. This will also give you an opportunity to see and experience what your kids are into these days. Try teaching them your favorite songs, too—they’ll enjoy learning “old” songs from you too!

6. Get some exercise by dancing.

Since it’s hard to find time to exercise these days, improvise! Bust a move with the kids as they dance along to Team YeY’s Galaw Go. You don’t need a Zumba class—just dance with the kids and have some laughs as you attempt to follow the dance steps on TV.

Don’t let the start of the school year stop you from spending quality time with your kids. Set aside a little time each day to play and learn with them. Tune in to Team YeY every day of the week at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. Team YeY airs on YeY channel exclusively on TVplus, with catch up episodes on iWant TV.

“Team YeY” brings the fun and learning with its daily themed segments. Galaw Go!, is led by AJ Urquia and Nhikzy Calma; Snaks Naman by Mitch Naco and Sophie Reola; Artstig by Jana Agoncillo and Althea Guanzon; Game Play by Sam Shoaf and JM Canlas, StorYey by Raven Cajuguiran and Yesha Camile; Sound Check by Luke Alford and Noel Comia Jr.; and Sunday Funday with all the hosts.

YeY is a free and exclusive channel on digital TV via ABS-CBN TVPlus, which you can get for a one-time payment of P1499. ABS-CBN TVplus signal coverage is available in Metro Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, Metro Manila, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Rizal, Laguna, Pampanga, Tarlac, Benguet, and Cavite. Yey is also available on cable via SKYcable and Destiny Cable and on direct-to-home or satellite TV via SKYdirect. 

Visit and follow ABS-CBN TVplus and Yey on Facebook. You can also subscribe to YeY’s YouTube channel for your daily dose of YeY.

Wish to experience the best in condo living? Check this out - Filinvest’s Pioneer Pointe

Pioneer Pointe is located at the center of the bustling commercial and business district.

This is for those who want to experience the convenience, accessibility, and security of condominium living, there’s the Pioneer Pointe in Mandaluyong, part of Filinvest Livable Condos that value quality of life by creating well-planned homes.

A 28-storey premium property, Pioneer Pointe is strategically situated at the center of the bustling commercial and business district which allows for functional and enjoyable urban living. It is a real address of convenience as it is close to the EDSA MRT line and gives easier access to possible places of work in Mandaluyong City, Makati City, and Bonifacio Global City, where many small and medium enterprises and top corporations are located.

Pioneer Pointe’s two-bedroom bi-level unit includes a living room area.

Also a short distance away from Pioneer Pointe are premiere shopping destinations which are home to leading retail stores and restaurants. 

Pioneer Pointe offers studio units ranging from 30.85sqm to 40.39sqm and two-bedroom bi-level and flat units ranging from 62.3sqm to 73.52sqm. Two-bedroom garden units are also available from 96.1sqm to 110.8sqm. At your disposal are stand-out features and complete amenities, including a function room, swimming pool, and a pocket garden with children’s play area.

Residents can enjoy the use of swimming pool for
rest and relaxation.
With only a few units left, there’s no better time than now to acquire and invest in a condo unit at Pioneer Pointe. What’s more, it has a limited offer of a low down payment rate of only 2.5% until June 30, 2017.

So whether you’re an empty nester, a young professional, or starting a small family, take a closer look today at Pioneer Pointe—the best in urban living right at the heart of the city! For more information about Pioneer Pointe, please visit and follow the Facebook page at You may also call 850 0888.

June 19, 2017

Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6 tested and proven in marathon performance run

The 2017 Petron TriAction Performance Run flagged off from the Petron NLEX-Marilao service station on its northward journey to Ilocos Norte before traversing the entire length of Luzon down to Sorsogon and back to Manila. Eighteen vehicles of various makes were tested under hypermiling and normal driving mode. More than 50 participants were involved in the run, including official observers from the Department of Energy (DOE) and Automobile Association Philippines (AAP). 

Since 2005, market leader Petron Corporation has tested its cutting-edge fuels in real world driving conditions to validate its laboratory findings. This has resulted in fuel innovations that best match the requirements of Filipino motorists, for all types of vehicles, on all types of terrain.

Following the certifications issued by leading global laboratories which rated Petron’s Blaze 100 Euro 6 as surpassing the most stringent fuel technology and emission benchmark in the world, the Philippines’ most advanced gasoline was field tested in a marathon performance run across the length of Luzon.

Fueled by Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6, hypermilers Raymund Dimapilis (right) and Enrico Mabunay (left) traveled an impressive 33.69 kilometers per liter on a Honda City 1.5 E CVT. 

With Honda as the official vehicle partner, test teams were deployed in two driving modes—hypermiling mode to test fuel efficiency, and normal mode to test the overall driving experience. The six-day run saw the test teams driving up to Ilocos Norte and then all the way down to Sorsogon, before turning back to return to Metro Manila. For the hypermilers, the challenge was to see how far they could go on one full tank of Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6. In normal mode, the cars were heavily loaded with luggage and other equipment, and drivers were asked to drive as they saw fit depending on the terrain and traffic conditions.

Driving a Honda City 1.5 E CVT, the hypermiling team of Raymund Dimapilis and Enrico Mabunay were able to travel an impressive 33.69 kilometers for every liter. According to Dimapilis, their team did not expect to go the distance, saying: “There are a lot of write-ups that say there is no need to get a high-octane fuel beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, this run proved that having a high-performance fuel has its benefits—in our case, fuel economy—when used properly. Another factor is that Blaze is 100% gasoline, so we had additional energy available to go farther.”

On another Honda City 1.5 E CVT, hypermilers James Benjamin Gaston and John Abraham Zayco achieved 33.19-km/L. Having participated in previous Petron test runs, Gaston has the following observations: “Blaze had a significant improvement on power. This was clearly felt in the ability of the car and engine to slowly accelerate from 21-kph up to 35-kph using a steady engine rpm of 1,000. This significantly boosted the hypermiling technique of a steady crawl at a thrifty rpm in urban areas where stop-and-go driving and spiking rpms are the greatest factor in losing fuel efficiency.”

Further, he notes that while this was not so obvious to the driver at higher speeds and rpm, the engine computer continued to show good fuel economy. “This can be attributed to the better power delivered by Blaze as the engine does not need as much fuel to achieve the same power necessary to maintain cruising speeds,” he explains.

Meanwhile, Antonio Siddayao and Lester Constantino, on-board a Honda CR-v 2.0 AT were testing the new Blaze formulation in normal driving mode. Over the course of the six-day run, Siddayao reports: “At our first fill-up, we did not notice any significant change. After our second refill, the engine response was noticeable and we took note of our fuel consumption from thereon. From Laoag, Ilocos Norte, to San Fernando, La Union, we only consumed 12-liters, despite some sudden accelerations and averaging highway speeds of 60-90kph.” Driving through the varying terrains and traffic conditions in the southern corridor of Luzon until the finish in Naga, driver logs showed that the team used about 185-liters on 2,367-kilometers. That’s like traveling from Manila to Baguio 9-1/2 times on just three fill-ups of the Honda CRV’s 58-liter fuel tank. “Not bad for a 2.0-liter SUV,” Siddayao concludes.

According to Petron R&D, due to its pure formulation and very high octane, Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6 gives motorists six advantages and benefits, namely: (1) improved fuel efficiency; (2) powerful engine performance and acceleration; (3) guaranteed cleaner engines on just one full tank; (4) improved combustion with its unique fuel and additive formulations; (5) significantly reduced harmful emissions; and (6) reduced maintenance costs (e.g., longer catalyst life for emission system).

Based on the fuel efficiency results and driver feedback, these are tangible benefits that ordinary motorists can experience with Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6. These also confirm the results obtained in tests conducted by leading global laboratories in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Germany. 
The hypermiling team of James Benjamin Gaston (right) and John Abraham Zayco (left) achieved 33.19 km/L with Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6 on another Honda City 1.5 E CVT. 

Samples of Blaze 100 Euro 6 were taken from Petron’s Bataan refinery and randomly from its stations by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. The samples were then sent to SGS laboratories in the United Kingdom, Singapore and the Philippines. All samples tested met specifications (EN 228:2012) for Euro 6-technology vehicles.

Petron also sent samples of this innovative product to ISP The Testing Institute, a leading engine and vehicle testing laboratory for fuels and lubricants development. ISP conducted a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) test with Blaze 100 Euro 6 and found it did not cause carbon deposits in GDI engines. GDI is a more advanced engine technology that addresses fuel economy and emissions. It is being used in newer European, American, and Asian car models. 

Millbrook Proving Ground, which provides validation and engineering services in the automotive, transport, and defense industries, also tested Blaze 100 Euro 6. It conducted an Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) test and found Blaze 100 Euro 6 cleaned over 70% of engine deposits in 60 hours. Millbrook UK said Blaze 100 Euro 6 passed the “Euro 6b” emission standard— the strictest emission standard in the world. IVD tests apply to Port Fuel Injection engines which are widely used the Philippines. 

“We are proud that Blaze 100 Euro 6 meets the world’s best environmental and fuel technology standards. With the highest octane rating but the lowest sulfur content, it is the best gasoline in the market by far in terms of power, efficiency, engine protection, and reduced emissions,” Petron President & CEO Ramon S. Ang said. 

“Since our fuels are locally-produced and formulated in our refinery, we can guarantee the quality and consistency of Petron fuels. We will continue to innovate and lead in fuels technology so we can put more savings in our customers’ pockets while improving air quality across the nation,” he concluded. 

Community partnerships, a culture of volunteerism are keys to business success

“When an employee is involved, they become more passionate about their work, more excited to pitch in, and ultimately, more inspired to perform their best because they know how valuable they can be in making a difference,” says Capital One Philippines General Manager Pete Hayden.

Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp., the Muntinlupa-based global in-house contact center of Capital One Financial Corporation, has been partnering with community organizations to not only help improve the lives of Filipinos but also to ensure that its associates realize the value they can bring to a community and to their workplace.

Just recently, Capital One Philippines held its first ever Investing for Good Roadshow, a two-day event showcasing their partnership with Tuloy Foundation, Alabang Elementary School, Haven for Children, Planet Water Foundation, Rise Against Hunger (formerly known as Stop Hunger Now), and Don Bosco Calauan. The roadshow aimed to create awareness about these vital community initiatives and generate commitment for upcoming activities.

Capital One Philippines holds a two-day meal packing activity, aiming to bring 14,000 packed meals to families in Don Bosco Calauan in Laguna.

“‘Investing for good’ is about creating sustainable partnerships that benefit the people and the communities that we work with, especially in the Philippines where the culture of malasakit is deeply rooted,” shares Capital One Philippines General Manager Pete Hayden. “We want to bring our new associates on board in this journey and strengthen the involvement of our associates.”

Aside from the roadshow, Capital One Philippines is also holding an initiative dubbed “ICONNECT”, an offshoot of its Icon Class where new hires are taught about Capital One’s culture during their first week of employment. Through ICONNECT, new hires are encouraged to volunteer to clean classrooms in Alabang Elementary School. “Immersion is part of their onboarding. They have to know our culture and big part of it is volunteerism,” adds Hayden.

Capital One Philippines also held a meal-packing activity in partnership with Rise Against Hunger. With this, 14,000 meals will go to families in Don Bosco Calauan in Laguna, Capital One Philippines’ newest partner. A Red Cross Blood Donation Drive was also held, registering more than 100 volunteers. Each person’s blood drive donation is set to benefit three individuals in need.

“Volunteerism is part of the fabric of Capital One. We’ve seen how it brings out the best in our people. When an employee is involved, they become more passionate about their work, more excited to pitch in, and ultimately, more inspired to perform their best because they know how valuable they can be in making a difference,” says Hayden.

About Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation ( is a financial holding company whose subsidiaries, which include Capital One, N.A., and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., had $236.8 billion in deposits and $357.0 billion in total assets as of December 31, 2016. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Capital One offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients through a variety of channels. Capital One, N.A. has branches located primarily in New York, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. A Fortune 500 company, Capital One trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "COF" and is included in the S&P 100 index.

Capital One Philippines Support Services Corporation supports Capital One’s US credit card business. Capital One Philippines is fully owned by Capital One and is the first in-house offshore operations location and the largest single contact center location.

For cooking passionate and all, here's why La Germania is the ideal kitchen helper

Cooking has always been my passion,  and eating too. A passion for food involves a love of cooking, experimenting with food and recipes and coming up with tasty dishes. When I was a little girl I loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen with my father, mostly because my mother does the marketing but my father did the cooking. Learning delicious traditional recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.

Cooking is potentially one of the most relaxing and creative household tasks. For both experienced and first-time home cooks, preparing meals whether for themselves, their families or friends is even more pleasurable if they’re equipped with kitchen appliances that are well made and dependable.

La Germania is one of the ideal kitchen helper recommended by many people I know. Celebrity chefs and restaurateur Chef Rolando Laudico and Chef Jackie Laudico shared to us that they used La Germania when they started their catering business 17 years ago and up to now.

Ask any chef, home cook or food connoisseur and they will most likely say that the most important and indispensable item in their kitchen is the range oven or stove since is where their culinary magic really takes place. 

Even novice cooks can attest that using a reliable stove or range that produces consistent heat or flame can do wonders to one’s cooking.

The cooking demo by Chef Lau and Chef Jackie, they show some of Chef Laudico Guevarras menu using the latest La Germania gas range and the mounted microwave Combi-Oven. “What I love about La Germania is that it doesn’t breakdown a lot. So it is saving me a lot of time and money,” says Chef Lau.

La Germania, the preferred household brand of professional chefs, home cooks and foodies, has an array of cookers and ovens that suit the demands of all kinds of culinary needs. Its wide assortment of products from its five-gas burner range ovens to single burner tabletop gas and electric stoves can also fit any budding cook’s budget. 

Chef Rolando Laudico  and Chef Jacke Laudico 

TV show host Suzi Entrata - Abrera , Chef Rolando Laudico 

and Chef Jacke Laudico 

Three (3) kinds of Mango Salad with Mesclun Greens, drizzled with Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette topped with Garlic Shrimp 

Roast Angus Beef Kare Kare and Grilled Gindara served on Paella Rice 

Suman Panna Cotta Rice Cake with Latik and Fresh Mangoes

Trio of appetizers : Sisig Baskets, Tuna Kilawin Sppons and Palabok Roll 

Pork Sinigang with Taro Puree wrapped in Petchay

La Germania products have been meticulously engineered to be tough enough to withstand the constant grind of the modern Filipino kitchen.

Manufactured locally by General Heat Corporation under the trademark La Germania, by virtue of a licensing agreement between Bertazzoni SPA of Italy, La Germania stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cookers and accessories are prized by families and professional kitchens for their longevity, mileage, superior quality and performance. It is also distributed in the Philippines alongside its sister brands Bertazzoni La Germania and Bertazzoni.

Celebrate the art of cooking and have a more delightful time preparing meals for loved ones and friends by using kitchen appliances like La Germania that can make your task easier.

 La Germania is available in Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers nationwide.


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