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April 27, 2017

TV5's #WattpadPresents is back to capture our hearts this summer!

TV5 presents a whole new level of kilig as it brings back a much better and kilig-filled “Wattpad Presents”.

TV5 has always been crafting different sets of entertaining television programs based on the audience’s interest. It can be attested in the wide range of genres that is being offered on TV5. There are seat-grabbing action series, enjoyable animated shows, amusing tagalized films or series.

Romantic, sweet, dreamy love stories are one of the major genres that people enjoy. May it be because of its heart-wrenching plot twists, unforgettable soundtracks, true to life lines or may it simply be because of its power to make people experience that electrifying feeling, best known and expressed as kilig. But you don’t always get to watch new romantic films on a daily basis, right? Well that’s about to change because TV5 will make your romantic wishes come true with the return of Wattpad Presents.

As the show returns to your television screens, be prepared for an all new exciting set of stories that everyone – especially millennials can surely relate to! May it be falling in love with a best friend, a love story with a dark twist or a love triangle, you name it, Wattpad Presents will have it. 

To make sure that every scene is created with the highest production value, episodes will be produced by production houses known for quality films and commercials – Unitel and Firestarter, to name a few. The comeback of Wattpad Presents will also feature more popular titles and authors from varied genres like rom-com, romance with a bit of action, and even romantic horror stories. 

To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for your Saturday Night Kilig Sesh sa Wattpad, here are the first four stories that will be featured: 

Ben Isaac, Kate Alejandrino and Sarah Carlos
(1) “Destined” written by Blue Maiden, which has reads of 22.4 M and the Wattys 2015 winner. The story involves a love triangle that will also leave a question to viewers “Who do you choose? The one you love or the one who loves?” 

Recently, during "WattpadPresents media conference,  TV5 introduced the the stars for the premiere episode, which promises to give everyone a “kilig” experience. The former theater actress Sarah Carlos as Kayla; Ben Isaac, who was dubbed as one of Chalk Magazine’s Hottest Male Celebs, as Kean; indie actress Kate Alejandrino as Krystal, and Candy Cutie Raphael Robes as Dwayne. 

Jaime Habac Jr.
Jaime Habac Jr., director of “Im drunk, I Love You”, will direct the premiere episode.

(2) “Just the Benefits” written by Beeyotch, which reached 28.9M reads. The story is about a power couple who still find themselves still drawn to each other after breaking up, so they’ve decided to keep it casual and just enjoy the benefits without any labels. 

(3) “Unlucky I’m in love with my Bestfriend” written by Stupidlyinlove, with 38.1 M reads and was published by Summit Pop Fiction. The story is about BFFs Zandra and Zendrick. As time goes by, Zandra finds herself falling in love with her bestfriend. 

(4) “Special Section” written by Onneechan, with 17.5 M reads. This is a story about a very controversial high school “Special Section” wherein strange series of events occurred with a romantic mix. 

Now go and get your Saturday Night Kilig Sesh fix as the all-new Wattpad Presents premieres on April 29, 9:00 PM only on TV5!

April 26, 2017

DreamPlay holds the first 'Trolls Sing Off' for children

DreamPlay, City of Dreams Manila’s DreamWorks-inspired interactive play space, is searching for talented children ages 6 to 12 years old to join and sing their favorite Trolls movie soundtrack in the first “Trolls Sing Off” and vie for the grand prize of: P20,000, DreamPlay annual pass and plaque, P3,000 gift vouchers at DreamShop and Chez Gingy, an overnight stay at Nobu Hotel Manila and other exciting prizes.

Weekly elimination rounds will be held on April 23 & 30, and May 13 & 21 at 2pm. Qualifiers will compete in the semifinals on May 7 & 28, 2pm where six finalists will be chosen to compete in the grand finals on June 12, 2pm. Finalists will also bring home four complimentary DreamPlay passes, P1,000 DreamShop voucher and a souvenir photo with Dreamworks characters.

Criteria for judging in the “Trolls Sing off” are 30% voice quality, 30% song rendition%, 20% star quality, 10% audience impact and 10% stage presence. 

DreamPlay is now accepting signed entry forms including parent’s consent together with a copy of the contestant’s birth certificate and his parent’s identification card until May 7. Interested parties may fill out the entry form at DreamPlay or send an email to to get the form.

Terms and conditions apply, per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 4112 series of 2017.

For further inquiries and information, interested parties can call 800 8080 or e-mail or visit

April 25, 2017

Beyond travel. Everyday adventures. Sleek cabin-sized luggage for protection and smart travelling

A leading brand in laptop cases and accessories, Targus® Inc. unveiled the 15.6" cabin-sized Transit 360 Spinner, the latest travel companion that tailors to the needs of the rising number of business travellers. 

Travel and tourism contributed to more than USD7.6 trillion to the global economy in 2014. Comprising 38% of global business travel, Asia is the largest business travel region in the world and is expected to have double digit growth in the next few years. Sophisticated yet functional, the new 15.6” Transit 360 Spinner integrates protection, mobility and versatility, making it ideal for short trips and business travellers.

The Transit 360 Spinner was put to the test, and remains fully functional. Withstanding a wide range of tests - from lock, zippers and handles tests to drop, tumble and wheel abrasion tests - the spinner luggage is a sturdy piece of accessory fit for the business traveler to transit a step faster for hassle-free travels.

A refreshing look with brand new colours and details, the cabin-sized luggage features three colours: black (TBR029), silver (TBR02901) and wine (TBR02902).

Safe Travels In Every Way 

For a reassured mind

Embedded with a double-sided Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) lock, the 15.6" Transit 360 Spinner provides twice the reassurance for the traveller. The front of the built-in TSA protects electronic devices while the back secures overnight belongings. This provides double security, even when the main compartment is fully expanded, deterring potential thefts and safeguarding confidential documents.

Featuring a dedicated 15.6” laptop and iPad® compartment, devices can be stored away with a peace of mind. This compartment is strategically positioned in the middle section of the case to protect against shocks and abrasions. 

For that extra precaution, adjustable straps, zippered mesh pocket and Velcro® closure pockets keep the devices in place. Made of a hard exterior shell, the 15.6" Transit 360 Spinner further ensures the resilience and durability of the luggage.

Following Your Every Move

For hassle-free travels anytime, anywhere

The 15.6" Transit 360 Spinner is fitted with eight wheels to make each journey a more enjoyable one. Evenly distributing the load, one can expect to manoeuvre in greater ease as the wheels allow 360ᵒ rotation. 

City-centric and designed for urban commute, a 2-tier telescopic handle and expandable top and side handles also allow one to move around the airport easily or when slotting the luggage into an overhead compartment. 

Plan For the Unplanned

Relief for last-minute shopping

Business travellers can now store aside worries of insufficient space to store their last-minute purchase. Designed to accommodate more luggage space for a short two-to three-day trip, the 38-liters cabin-sized luggage is expandable and frees up to 30% more space. Organisation is made easy with an allocated workstation and Velcro® closure compartment for small items storage. 

Stylishly compact, this powerful yet minimalistic design perfectly balances practicality and functionality. Achieving more with less, the 15.6" Transit 360 Spinner is a comfortable piece to bring along while staying trendy.

The 15.6" Transit 360 Spinner is available at ₱10,999.00 in the following stores:

SM Department Store Makati

SM Department Store Mall of Asia

SM Department Store North EDSA

SM Department Store Megamall

SM Department Store Aura

SM Department Store Cubao

Rustans Gateway

Rustans Makati

Rustans Shangri-la

Rustans Alabang Town Center

Landmark Trinoma

Cash & Carry Department Store

Plug+ Play Terminal 3

April 24, 2017

Treat your kids to a #PrimeSummer experience with easy-to-prepare refreshments!

It's summer and there's nothing better to beat the heat with these cool refreshments! Liven up your outdoor entertaining or just refresh your thirsty family and treat your kids to a #PrimeSummer experience with these simple and easy-to-prepare refreshments!

Summer has always been the perfect season for the ultimate family bonding experience, especially since the kids are on vacation. While you may plan and do a lot of summer activities, there are some activities at home, which can let you have a #PrimeSummer experience.

One of the activities that your kids will surely enjoy is to let them help you in preparing some fun and exciting summer refreshments. It allows them to learn new stuff while satisfying your family's craving for cool drinks and snacks, as a way to beat the summer heat.

Here are two must-try goodies that you can make using #MegaPrime Whole Kernel Corn and Cream Style Corn. 

Mega Prime Corn Ice Pops

If there is one thing that kids and the kids-at-heart will truly enjoy this summer, it’s the delectable corn ice-pops. These refreshments are easy to make, especially with the easy-to-open Mega Prime Cream Style Corn.

What you need to prepare: 

¼ cup water
1 pack plain gelatin
½ cup condensed milk
½ cup coconut cream
1 can 425g cream style corn

5 easy steps to follow: 

In a pot, pour ¼ cup of water and one pack of plain gelatin. Mix well until the gelatin granules are dissolved. 

Heat the dissolved gelatin mixture and pour in the rest of the ingredients: ½ cup condensed milk, ½ cup coconut cream and 1 can 425g Mega Prime Cream Style Corn. Make sure that you and your kids wear pot gloves or use pot holders for safety purposes. 

Mix well and let it simmer. 

Remove pot from the stove and let it cool. 

Pour mixture into ice pops maker and chill overnight. 

Mega Prime Sweet Corn Smoothies

Summer and smoothies are a match made in heaven. These smooth blends not only quench our thirst, they are also comfort food for some people. So, if you want to treat your family with an easy-to-prepare and satisfying homemade smoothy, with an exciting twist of corn kernels, here’s how to prepare this: 

What you need to prepare: 

1 can Mega Prime Cream Style Corn
1 can Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn
½ cup fresh milk
¼ cup plain yogurt
2 tbsps. sugar
2 tbsps. honey
3 cups crushed ice

Three simple steps to follow: 

In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy. 

Pour into a glass or tumbler and sprinkle Mega Prime Corn Kernel on top. 

Serve immediately. 

These exciting summer coolers are made one-step easier with Mega Prime Whole Kernel and Cream-style Corn, in 425-kg easy-open cans. It is an ideal partner for moms to create refreshing recipes and still have enough bonding time with their loved ones this vacation season, so that families can enjoy a #PrimeSummer!

Mega Prime is a complete array of high quality products that are bursting with freshness. Aside from canned corn, Mega Prime also has canned green peas and mushrooms that can turn the simplest of recipes to hearty, delicious and delectable meals for the entire family. 

To learn more about Mega Prime, visit their website at

PERSUASION’S TOUGH BUT BEAUTIFUL ART Wining the mind game of influence takes more than mere logic

“Speech is a powerful master and achieves the most divine feats with the smallest and least evident body. It can stop fear, relieve pain, create joy, and increase pity.”

Such were the words of Greek sophist Gorgias who once taught the art of rhetoric and oration more than two thousand years ago. These words continue to ring true as our society becomes more polarized from politics to religion, and even science.

Today, it would take superb rhetorical skills to get people to consider your side of the argument. However, having a good grasp of logic and argumentation is not enough to win the crowd.

Many experts agree that underlying psychological factors play a key role in persuasion. This means that, on top of delivering your piece as factually and logically as possible, you also need to tap into the emotions and values of your listeners to gain their favor.

Psychology of persuasion

Dr. Robert Cialdini, Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, delves deeper into the psychology of persuasion in his book Influence: Science and Practice.

The book begins with the premise that people fall back to generalizations when making decisions to save time and effort in the face of information overload. Despite being given little thought, these generalizations form because they help people act in a more or less correct way.

Through numerous empirical studies, Dr. Cialdini identifies several principles behind this tendency. One of these is likability, which can be based on a person’s physical attractiveness or the compliments he or she gives. Even random similarities, such as having a similar-sounding name, can shape someone’s preference for another.

In another book co-authored by Dr. Cialdini titled Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be More Persuasive, an experiment by social researcher Randy Garner revealed that people respond better to those with names that sound similar to theirs.

The experiment involved two groups of participants. The first received a survey by mail from someone with a similar-sounding name. An example of this would be participant Robert Greer getting the survey from a ‘Bob Gregar’. The second received the same survey, but from someone with a non-similar name.

Of the first group, 56 percent completed and returned the form—almost twice as much as the second group where only 30 percent responded.

This and similar instances prove a point for Dr. Cialdini: People are more receptive to those who share characteristics with them whether in terms of looks, name, beliefs, school, hometown, and the like. Persuading them to your side, then, becomes a matter of exploiting this behavior.

A matter of justice

Dr. Cialdini’s insights may be meant for salespeople and advertisers, but playing the psychology game applies just the same in more serious situations, such as the courtroom.

Like all human beings, jurors are susceptible to influence. While the jury is sworn under oath to remain fair and impartial, it can be swayed based on the members’ shared values with the parties at court, or their disposition at the time of trial.

The way these unspoken biases are exploited is best exemplified by television show Bull. From facial expressions and hand gestures to the choice of clothes, protagonist Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) understands that non-verbal language can be used to take advantage of unspoken preferences and values.

With his team at Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC), Dr. Bull does an extensive research on the jury involved in his client’s case and uses this knowledge to gain an edge. In the episode “The Fall,” for instance, his client managed to win the favor of an animal activist among the jurors by tricking the opponent to bring out his keychain during questioning. The keychain turned out to have a genuine rabbit foot charm—a seemingly insignificant item that would cost him the trial.

In another episode titled “E.J.,” Dr. Bull and his team won the jury by getting their client to sympathize with the opponent. By making the client come to her opponent’s defense, she appeared more likeable to the jurors.

As the season finale approaches, will TAC still have enough psychological tricks left up its sleeves to win the case and save the day? Catch Bull every Wednesday, 9:00PM, first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment.

Philippine Red Cross' Million Volunteer Run 4

Now on its fourth year, the Million Volunteer Run is this year’s biggest humanitarian run organized by the Philippine Red Cross. It aims to further grow the PRC’s already extensive network of volunteers nationwide.

Happening on 13 May 2017, Saturday, 4:00AM, at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila, the advocacy run likewise seeks to once again draw participation from government, corporate, religious, academic, and athletic institutions to rally together behind the impartial protection of life and dignity, especially of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

A 3K and 5K fun run, proceeds of the event will fund PRC’s various humanitarian programs and lifesaving services such as its Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Health Services, Social Services, Red Cross Youth and Volunteer Services.

For more details on Million Volunteer Run 4, visit, like, or call (02) 790.2410.

April 23, 2017

Epson Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award for Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses

MoverioBT-300smart glasses

Seiko Epson Corporation has won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category (Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017)* for its Moverio BT-300 smart glasses with silicon organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.

Created in 1955 in Germany, the Red Dot Design Award is recognized around the world as one of the most prestigious awards in the design field. A jury of experts evaluates products announced during the past two years and selects the best designs based on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility, and durability.

The Moverio BT-300 features Epson’s own silicon OLED displays. It is compact and lightweight yet delivers amazing brightness, contrast, resolution, and image quality. Images are rendered in realistic color and without a distracting frame around the edges of the display. These features mean that Moverio images and information are displayed seamlessly in the user’s field of view for a realistic augmented reality (AR) experience.

“We always want our product designs to exceed customer expectations, but the Moverio BT-300 is more streamlined than our previous model. I think the judges recognized that the design achieves comfort and looks natural. We want to continue to make strides toward even better designs in the future,” says Hiroaki Sakai, general manager of the design department in Epson’s Visual Products Operations Division.

An awards ceremony was held in Essen, Germany on April 3.

For additional product details, visit

Note that Epson products and services vary by region. Please refer to your local Epson sales company for details of products and services available in your region:

For more information about the Red Dot Design Awards, please visit 

* Red Dot Design Awards are organized by Design ZentrumNordrheinWestfalen, a design center.

John Herrera and Epson team up for Eagle-inspired haute couture collection at London Fashion Week

John Herrera, winner of Britain’s Top Designer 2017, 
uses Epson digital printing technology to open up new creative possibilities 

At the John Herrera x Epson Preview Showcase in Manila

Fashion designer John Herrera ( has partnered with Epson to produce a 30-piece collection digitally printed with Epson’s digital textile dye-sublimation printers. The collection for men and women is inspired by the Aguila, the protected Great Philippine Eagle, and was showcased at the recent London Fashion Week 2017.

The collection won John the position of Britain’s Top Designer 2017, a competition organised by Fashion’s Finest and held during London Fashion Week. John, based in Manila, Philippines,was also previously a winner at the London Emerging Designers (LED) Awards in 2015.

John works closely with Epson in the Philippines and is at the forefront of taking fashion to the next level through digital textile printing using Epson’s SureColor F-series dye-sublimation digital textile printers. 
“This partnership with Epson is very exciting. There are so many things you can do with printing compared to just buying fabric. Before, all collections by designers were created painstakingly by hand. Many of the outfits, such as 3D items that are worn by the models can only be attached by hand, so what was presented on the runway cannot be worn again and again. With digital printing, the clothes in the collection can be worn in real life,” said John Herrera. “The collection I will be presenting will be impossible to create without the Epson digital textile printer. Without them I would have had to paint the designs myself and, with only a month to prepare, it could not have been done,” he added.

On his win at Britain’s Top Designer 2017 competition, he said, “The feedback from the judges was fantastic – particularly about the incredible quality of the fabric. One said that the eagle designs that I had drawn and printed were so clear and crisp they appeared almost 3D. Digital printing with Epson technology has enabled me to experiment with fabrics and choose the very best for my designs. It’s been a dream of mine – and most designers in fact - to be in control of the whole design process: from producing the fabric design, to choosing the fabric and printing it and creating the finished outfit. Epson has enabled me to realize this dream and I’m not going back now.”

John adopts a “no-waste, no plastic” approach and puts a lot of importance on reducing waste in his work. “With digital textile printing, we only use the exact volume of fabric. Instead of wasting five yards of fabric to do a lay out for a dress, we use only one and a half yards of digitally printed fabric. Digital textile printing significantly cuts fabric wastage. Faster, more intelligent, almost zero wastage - that’s what Epson brings to the table,” he said.

Epson’s digital textile printing technology is driven by the company’s Precision Core printhead technology, one of the fastest inkjet delivery technologies in the world. Its print nozzles deliver ultra-precise control of ink droplets for superior image sharpness across a wide range of ink and media producing outstandingly vivid and unique prints.

Digital printing shortens turnaround time and enables printing in small volumes for customized prints, compared to traditional printing techniques, which require high volumes and long lead times. As a result, digital printing helps designers such as John Herrera to achieve their artistic vision by translating their ideas to a range of fabrics quickly, easily and in the highest quality. 

“Epson digital textile printing is inspiring more and more fashion designers to explore the creative and production potential that this technology enables. There is much potential in the region for digital textile technology to revolutionize the way designers work and create. With this, the designers are only limited by their imagination,” said Shuji Hamaguchi, Regional General Manager (SE Asia), Professional Printing Division, Epson Singapore.

“We would also like to congratulate John on his recent at Britain’s Top Designer competition. We are delighted to have the opportunity to support his achievement, and we hope that this inspires more fashion designers to make their vision into a reality,” he added.

Watch the John Herrera Collection preview in Manila.

April 20, 2017

A Tale of Modern Nature: St Therese Chapel at Hamilo Coast

The architecture of the different structures in Pico de Loro Cove were carefully planned to fuse with the cove's natural topography and features.

Hamilo Coast is a place of many stories — brimming from its vast, pristine coastline that opens up to rich marine life and abundant flora and fauna. The stories also traverse from all of the beach resort town’s 13 coves that reach out to the West Philippine Sea: each one as breathtaking as the other. 

As much as it is a showcase of nature’s beauty, Hamilo Coast also presents structures carefully masterplanned to seamlessly fuse with its natural topography and features. Perched atop Hamilo Coast’s maiden community, Pico de Loro Cove, the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel is a sight to behold. The glass enclosure frames panoramic views of the cove and the infinity of sea into an artwork of paradise waiting to be appreciated from afar. The chapel is also a product of sustainable features where solar power-assisted air conditioning units are utilized, and the architectural design is made sure to maximize natural light, adding ambience to an already charming backdrop.

The St. Therese Chapel shows how a subtle space blends with its impressive surrounding to provide a visual structure that is one with nature

With the St. Therese Chapel tucked perfectly in between the lush environs of Pico de Loro Cove, the entire property may serve as an ideal venue for weddings and special occasions aside from prayer and meditation. The lush open spaces, tree canopies, and the calm Pico Beach all contribute to Pico de Loro Cove’s seamless fusion of nature and design providing certain areas for tranquil pursuits and festivities. 

The St. Therese Chapel is a favored wedding venue of members due to its awe-inspiring vistas of the entire property wrapped in the comforts of nature’s charm.

Envision saying ‘I dos’ amidst the sun, the sea, and the lush landscapes. Aside from Sunday and special mass celebrations, the St. Therese Chapel is a favored wedding venue of members who choose this scenic paradise as a witness to their personal vows. Add a touch of magic to your own tale of love with awe-inspiring vistas of the entire property from the chapel. Here, verses of romance are told in the few seconds the sun meets with the sea. Such cherished moments are captured once in a couple’s lifetime. At St Therese Chapel, worthwhile family occasions are wrapped somewhere in the comforts of nature’s charm – in an ambience that provides countless vivid recollections.

While it is a venue for undisturbed peace and solemn celebrations, the St. Therese Chapel stands to be a firm testament of Hamilo Coast’s commitment to sustainability. Hamilo Coast strives to make sure that development and preservation can co-exist, thus providing a visual structure that is one with nature.

Hamilo Coast is the SM Group’s premier beach resort town in Nasugbu, Batangas. Hamilo Coast is now approximately 90 minutes from Manila via Cavitex and the new Ternate-Nasugbu Road. For inquiries, call (632) 945-8000, or visit

STAR CRUISES and DREAM CRUISES PH launches another leg of the cruise fair

Make your way down to the CRUISE FAIR and pick out the cruise perfect for your summer cap-off trips, mid-year adventures or even for the year-end holidays happen! #LoveStarCruises #DreamCruises

Exclusive promos and offers await as Star Cruises and Dream Cruises brings another round of the Cruise Fair happening on April 18 to 21, 2017 at the Robinsons Magnolia Atrium

Hong Kong, 8 July, 2016 – Star Cruises, the leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific, alongside the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, Dream Cruises has once again announced another run of the Cruise Fair, highlighting exclusive promotions for the SuperStar Virgo Manila deployment, as well as the other Asian itineraries of the cruise lines’ fleets.

From April 18 to 21, 2017, Star Cruises and Dream Cruises picks up off on the success of the initial run of the Cruise Fair last March 1 to 5, 2017 in Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk. This run showcases the perfect cruise offers capping off the SuperStar Virgo in Manila deployment as well as new offers perfect for mid-year trips and year-end holiday vacations all exclusive for this 2nd Cruise Fair.

The Cruise Fair’s main promotion highlights the 6 Day/5 Night roundtrip itinerary of SuperStar Virgo to Laoag, Ilocos Norte to Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Hong Kong, exclusively offering the following:

Let your dreams set sail as the chance to go aboard on a cruise of a lifetime is back once again, as Star Cruises and Dream Cruises bring you the 2nd ever CRUISE FAIR!

Mother’s Day Special

– Special onboard cruise treats for Moms sailing on May 13!

Inclusive of Eye Society eyewear, Bridge and Galley tours, plus exclusive invite to Captain’s Tea Party

May Birthday Cruise Package

– Free birthday package onboard for cruising May celebrants

Inclusive with HKD 200 onboard credit, room set up decoration, Complimentary birthday cake, and birthday certificate signed by the Captain

30% + 10% promotions + Additional OBCR

– 30% off running promotion plus additional 10% off promo rate

– Per cabin entitlement of HKD 800 for May 3, 4, 8, & 9; HKD 500 for other departures

Senior Citizens at 70%

– 70% off Senior Citizens for departures on April 23 & 28, May 3, 8, & 23

Free Cycling Tour

– Bring your bike and cycle around Kaohsiung for May 18 and 23

Other promotions are also offered for this Cruise Fair:

Genting Dream 5N cruises – ex Hong Kong and ex Singapore for Buy 1, Take 1 at selected departures

SuperStar Virgo 3N Farewell cruise – ex Manila on May 28 to 31 2017 at 50% off

SuperStar Virgo 7N cruises – ex Shanghai/Osaka/Yokohama on July to Nov 2017

SuperStar Gemini 3N or 2N cruises – ex Laem Chabang at 65% off

SuperStar Libra 3N cruises – ex Penang at 50% off for Low and Mid seasons

Star Pisces Overnight cruise – ex Hong Kong at 30% off all pax

As the calendar shifts to travel season, there is no way to explore and discover what awaits you beyond the shores than the top cruise line in the Asia-Pacific, Star Cruises and Dream Cruises.

To know more about Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and its available cruise offers and promos, visit the Star Cruises booth at Robinsons Magnolia Atrium from April 18 to 21 during mall hours, or visit the Star Cruises official website /

Midea Gas Ranges: Surprisingly withstanding the test of Filipino-style cooking

Everytime traditional holidays approaching on the calendar, we start planning. Inviting friends, involve the kids, and create your own lasting memories. Whenever Filipinos are preparing for a big celebration, whether it is for birthdays, fiestas or family reunions, the kitchen sure gets so busy with all the cooking that needs to be done. All hands are on deck as all available chopping boards are brought out and batches of ingredients go through knives before getting them in the pots. While some ingredients are boiled or steamed before they are combined with the other ingredients to complete the dish, there are some that gets the heat treatment by frying, grilling, or roasting. This is how Filipinos do their feasts as one big community or one big family, helping each other, and then finally bonding over the dishes that they labored for.

A lot of kitchen appliances get battered every time there is a big feast coming up, especially the gas stoves and ranges, because they catch all the mess from pots dripping with sauces that usually get caked on the surfaces. This could rust the body or some other parts of the stove and eventually affect its performance and eventually cause it to become unusable. 

The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea understands the nature of how serious Filipinos are when it comes to cooking meals for their feasts. The varied culinary influences the country got from the Chinese, Malay, Spanish and other contemporary cuisines has kept the Filipinos’ passion for cooking burning bright, as some age-old traditions are being passed down, rediscovered, and reinvented by the younger generation.

Younger families who trace their roots from far-flung provinces are bringing in their family’s tradition to their very own homes, where there might be not enough open space for a fire pit for roasting and grilling, or those big and heavy gas ranges that could fire up a big wok and take in enough volume of food enough for a good portion of the family clan or barangay. Luckily, these young generations of families could still continue to enjoy and pass on further their family’s great recipes with Midea’s newest lineup of gas ranges that are specially designed to surprisingly withstand the test of Filipino cooking. 

They have three models, two of which has an oven volume of 58L, while the other has a bigger one with 65L, each of which could accommodate 4 pans and pots cooking simultaneously. These sizes are more than enough to take in big batches of liempo or fish to grill, or a big slab of pork belly, rolled into a porchetta stuffed with tanglad and other ingredients that makes a lechon flavorful.

The 65L model has its own thermostat, which makes it easier for any home chef to control the temperature in the oven and serve only the best home-cooked Pinoy favorites. It could even function as a rotisserie, so that it could cook any kind of meat evenly and perfectly. And with its tempered glass lid, monitoring your culinary specialty with the gas range door closed is a breeze. While all of the models are using SBT burners to make every cooking experience safe, the 65L model even has a flame failure device to keep gas from building up within the appliance. These features do not only assure the safety of everyone and getting every family member involved and to bond in the kitchen, they also enable Midea’s gas ranges to be handed down to the next generation. 

Cooking in large volumes and very frequently could lead to a burnout, with gas tanks running out of fumes to keep you going. One of the 58L models has a hot plate where it uses electricity to heat up the pans and allows you to cook. This could be helpful in keeping the whole kitchen running, even if it is just one stove cooking and everyone is taking a quick break to wait for an LPG refill or replenishment. After everything is done and everyone in the family, friends, or guests are satisfied with the feast, cleaning up the Midea’s gas ranges is absolutely friendly because its body is made out of tough stainless steel.

Midea is also confident in giving their customers a 2-year warranty on parts and labor along with a 5-year warranty on burners. This could only mean that Midea’s lineup of gas ranges are there to stay in the kitchen for a very long time, dealing with more hard core cooking, Filipino-style for the years to come. With that much time, another younger generation of family members will be ready to take on the family tradition and hopefully pass on the cooking torch as well. 

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

April 19, 2017

Soul Supergroup Apartel, to perform at Buddha-Bar’s Big M Night (“Dine and Drive a Maserati” winner, to be drawn at the event)

Makati City—April 19, 2017— Offshore Music’s Apartel, treats customers of Buddha-Bar Manila to an evening of soul and funk music, as well as unparalleled entertainment with the bar’s “Big M Night.” The event also sets the stage for the grand draw of this year’s winner of “Dine and Drive a Maserati” promo this Saturday, April 29, 2017.

A different dining and entertainment experience await Buddha-Bar’s customers since it brings the live performance of Apartel composed of members Ely Buendia on vocals & guitars, RJ Pineda on vocals & keyboards, Redge Concepcion and Coco Coo on guitars, Deej Rodriguez on percussion, Jun Lazo on bass, Pat Sarabia on drums, Diane and Donna Sagun on backing vocals and horn section Bras Pas Pas Pas.

Local Acts and DJs - Pasta Groove, Lustbass and Tarsius will also be performing and Evan Spargo will be hosting the event, adding to give customers a spectacular “mafia” themed night. 

“Buddha-Bar has been known for spectacular and unique parties that we arrange specially for our customers. This time, we are leveling it up with our Big M Night. We will treat them with Apartel’s good music, as well as with chances to win big prizes from our sponsors, including the Maserati Ghilbi,” said Bernadette Castillo, Sales & Marketing Head of Buddha Bar Manila.
The grand draw of the “Dine and Drive a Maserati,” which runs from January 30, 2016 to April 29, 2017,(Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 0424, Series of 2016), is one of the event’s highlight.

For a single receipt purchase of a la carte items worth as low as PhP 5,000 pesos, or PhP 30,000 on banquet events, customers can find themselves behind the steering wheel of a brand new luxurious Maserati Ghibli.

Buddha-Bar will also give away gift certificates, merchandises and other surprise prizes from its sponsors, which include Skyjet Airlines, Maserati and Offshore Music. Customers will also get the chance to be one of the winners of round trip tickets to a perfect get away from Skyjet Airlines.
“We are inviting all the music, traveling, and Maserati enthusiasts out there to come and party with us at our Big M Night. This is one of our biggest party yet, where customers get the chance to both win huge prizes and to be entertained. We also invite all those who already joined the “Dine and Drive a Maserati” promo to personally claim their dream Maserati Ghibli,” Castillo added.

Since it first opened in 2012, Buddha Bar-Manila has been dedicated to offering different themed events for its customers. It also carries the sophistication and the world-class service offered by the Buddha-Bar International franchise, based in Paris, France. It has also brought the luscious taste of Modern Asian and Western cuisine.

Buddha-Bar Manila is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Ave. Makati City. For inquiries and reservations, please call 8566719, 8566859, or 09989833918.

Sister Act The Musical in Manila

The blissfully silly heavenly hit show and much acclaimed Broadway musical comedy Sister Act premieres on June 27 at The Theatre at Solaire in Paranaque City. Touted as America’s new musical comedy classic, Sister Act brings to the musical theater scene a stage re-creation of the music and general story of the hit 1992 film comedy of the same title, but with an all-original score and script and spectacular production design.

The show is part of the Asian leg of the American production’s Asian tour for 2017. The musical will run for only two weeks with no extension.

Touted as America’s new musical comedy classic, “Sister Act” brings to the musical theater scene a stage re-creation of the music and general story of the hit 1992 film comedy of the same title, but with an all-original score and script and spectacular production design.

The play will leave the audience breathless as it they follow for two-and-a-half delightful hours the funny adventures of Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and the cops hide her in the last place anyone would think to look – a convent.

Under the suspicious watch of Mother Superior, Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she unexpectedly re-discovers her own.

The musical features original music and score with a big Broadway sound written by the most acclaimed composer of our time, 8-time Oscar winner Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast,” “”The Little Mermaid,” “Little Shop of Horrors”), with lyrics by Glenn Slater. The story was written by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner with additional book material by Douglas. Carter Beane. 

It had its world premiere at the Pasadena Playhouse in the Fall of 2006, followed by a production at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta on the Winter of 2007. The West End production began previews at the Palladium Theatre in London on May 7, 2009, while the Broadway production began preview performances on March 24, 2011 and officially opened on April 20, 2011 at the Broadway Theatre.2

Seen by over 6 million theater-goers across the globe, “Sister Act” has been performed worldwide in Milan, Vienna, Paris, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan and on tour throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. It has also been played in Canada, Ireland, South Africa and Spain.

The musical received five Tony Awards nominations in 2011: Best Musical, Best Original Score (Alan Menken-music/Glenn Slater-lyrics), Best Book of a Musical (Cheri and Bill Steinkellner and Douglas Carter Beane), Best Actress in a Musical (Patricia Miller) and Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Victoria Clark) 

It was also nominated for four Olivier Awards in 2010, including Best Musical.

The musical has drawn widespread critical acclaim for being a “fun, funny and feel good” act, with The New York Post describing it as “ridiculously fun” and The Huffington Post lauding it for providing fans “an unbridled joy.”

Sister Act is Ovation Productions’ second Broadway musical presentation; with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 2 years ago at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as it’s first. 

Media partners are Fox, MYX, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, and Philippine Daily Inquirer. Produced by Ovation Productions in cooperation with Broadway Entertainment Group, and Troika. 

Tickets at P6500, 5500, 4500, 3500, 1500 available online at or call (02) 981-9999. 

Book on Filipino Elderly Population Highlight Role of Senior Citizens in Nation Building

SM Cares, the CSR arm of SM Prime Holdings, Inc., along with StratSearch Foundation, Inc. recently launched the book “Population Ageing: Issues and Challenges” authored by distinguished political science professor Dr. Clarita R. Carlos . The book is intended to help planners in incorporating the contributions of the ageing population in national development efforts.

Dr. Carlos cited businesses for integrating facilities and programs that are favorable to senior citizens. She also believes that senior citizens should be given the chance to contribute to society beyond the currently mandated age of retirement. Citing SM Cares’ employment for the elderly as an example, she said that employment could actually prolong the lives of older people.
“It helps them feel needed and productive. Minsan kasi pag alam nilang meron silang pagbibihisan, they regain self-esteem. When we give them work, they are mentally and physically stimulated. It makes them happy; and when they’re happy, they get less sickly and eventually live longer” said Dr. Carlos.

The SM Cares Program on Senior Citizens include the award-winning casual employment for senior citizens, as well as other training activities such as Oldies But Techies where the elderly are taught the basics of computer operation.

Dr. Carlos is the executive director of StratSearch Foundation (formerly Center for Scientific Research and Strategic Development, Inc.). An acknowledged expert on foreign and defense policy, her vast experience of 50 years includes working with foreign and local institutions, government, and media in various capacities. Prior to the book on population ageing, she has also written books on geopolitics, national security, political psychology, and bureaucratic reform.

Research for the book was funded by SM Cares in support of Filipino senior citizens, with the objective of understanding the elderly more and eventually help the organization think of better ways to serve them better. The book is co-authored by Maria Iraliz E. Nool, Jan Albert G. Suing, and Jenny Marie Molina.

To know more about SM Cares and its Program on Senior Citizens, visit, or

April 18, 2017

Selfless selfies for Habitat for Humanity: top five global brand Vivo turns insta-hearts to insta-donations

Charisma Buan and Christian Jocson, Vivo brand executives, Annie Lim, Vivo brand director and Nelson Perez, Vivo digital specialist hand over proceeds from its Vivo Perfect Selfie Cup to Francis Hussein Mamasabulod, Habitat for Humanity partnership manager, and Rowena Kakilala, Habitat for Humanity individual giving manager. 
After the first ever #VivoPerfectSelfieCup, top five premium global smartphone brand Vivofulfilled its promise: donating all proceeds of the promo (a total of Php 101,980) Habitat for Humanity Philippines, a non-profit housing organization tacking poverty by building and renovating homes for families in need.

(L-R) Vivo brand executives Charisma Buan and Christian Jocson, Vivo brand director Annie Lim, Habitat for Humanity partnership manager Francis Hussein Mamasabulod, Habitat for Humanity individual giving manager, Rowena Kakilala and Vivo digital specialist Nelson Perez pose for a photo after Vivo gave its donation to Habitat for Humanity.

Vivo brand director Annie Lim and Vivo brand executive Christian Jocson handed over the donation to Francis Hussein Mamasabulod, Habitat for Humanity Philippines partnership manager, and Rowena Kakilala, Habitat for Humanity Philippines individual giving manager last March 22 at the non-profit organization’s headquarters in Makati City. 

Also present in the event were Vivo brand executive Charisma Buan, Vivo digital specialist Nelson Perez, Habitat for Humanity Philippines individual giving officer Tricia Abrigo and Habitat for Humanity Philippines direct marketing officer Mateo Bautista.

(L-R) Tricia Abrigo, Habitat individual giving officer, Annie Lim, Vivo brand director, Francis Hussein Mamasabulod, Habitat for Humanity partnership manager, Mateo Bautista, Habitat for Humanity direct marketing officer, Christian Jocson, Vivo brand executive and Rowena Kakilala, Habitat for Humanity individual giving manager.

In the #VivoPerfectSelfieCup, celebrities battled it out with a goal of garnering the most number of likes for their perfect selfies. 

Selfies of Yeng Constantino, Erich Gonzales, Jessy Mendiola, Enchong Dee, Andrea Brillantes, Jane Oineza, Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Maris Racal, and Loisa Andallo were posted in the Vivo Philippines Instagram account (@vivophil), captured with the brand’s newest flagship phone, the V5 Plus, equipped with the world’s first 20-megapixel dual front camera and the most advanced selfie technology to date. 

These selfless stars asked netizens to like their selfies on the Vivo Instagram page (@vivophil), with every vote equivalent to a one peso donation to Habitat for Humanity Philippines. 

Teen star Andrea Brillantes emerged as the Vivo Perfect Selfie cup winner, with a total of 18,848 likes. 

Although only one star emerged as the triumphant #VivoPerfectSelfieCup victor, every like for each celebrity photo was converted into one peso, raising Php 101,980, all given to Habitat for Humanity Philippines. 
Annie Lim, Vivo Philippines brand director, expressed her gratitude to all the participants in the #VivoPerfectSelfieCup. “Vivo thanks everyone who joined our contest. Above all else, our brand always aims to help Filipinos have a better life and through participating, we gave hope to homeless families in the country,” she said. 

Aside from the donation to Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Vivo also awarded brand new Vivo V5 Plus phones to ten lucky likers. 

For inquiries about Vivo V5 Plus, visit the Vivo website at
or check out their Facebook (, 
and Twitter ( accounts.

1according to International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker (;jsessionid=7595C1498F4F0FBF496CC767E273121B)

April 15, 2017

Sarah Geronimo makes a Jollibee comeback with ‘Don’t forget the hashtag’ video

After releasing a series of viral videos, Jollibee now features its long-time celebrity endorser Sarah Geronimo in a full-production commercial worthy of its own hashtag. The newest clip shows the Popstar Royalty shining on stage while singing “Don’t forget the hashtag” and dialing the leading fast food chain’s nationwide express delivery hotline, #8-7000.

The advertisement is a follow-up to the video “Isang Number Para sa Pinas”, which featured Sarah alongside promising young performers Juan Karlo Labajo and Elmo Magalona.

“Kinareer talaga namin 'yung rehearsals. Kaya sana kapag lumabas na ‘yung commercial, magustuhan ng tao at siyempre masubukan din nilang magpa-deliver sa Jollibee. (We really put in a lot of effort during the rehearsals. I hope that when this video comes out, people will like it and, of course, try Jollibee delivery themselves.)

The total performer shares her excitement in doing the TVC, especially to show Filipinos how easy it is to order their langhap-sarap favorites and have it delivered from anywhere in the country, by dialing just one number. 

Being a fan of well-loved treats like Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Peach Mango Pie, she recalls trying to get the numbers straight just so she and her friends can order their favorites. 

“Naaalala ko na naka-post sa ref namin ‘yong flyer na may number ng pinakamalapit na Jollibee branch sa amin. Tapos nagkaroon ng 8-7000 sa Metro Manila. Swerte na lang ngayon kasi may #8-7000 na Jollibee Delivery Hotline narin at lahat na, from Luzon to Mindanao, pwede na magpadeliver. Kailangan lang pindutin yung #, wala nang area code.” (We used to rely on Jollibee flyers and saved the number of the Jollibee nearest us. 

Then 8-7000 was launched in Metro Manila. Luckily, we have #8-7000 now which allows us to call in Jollibee anywhere, from Luzon to Mindanao. We just need to press the “#” first and we don’t need area codes anymore).

Touring the country for mall shows, appearances, and multiple commitments, Sarah finds convenience in using one number for great-tasting and consistently satisfying food from Jollibee Delivery.

“Iba talaga ‘yung Jollibee eh. Isipin mo, isang dial lang sa #8-7000, matitikman mo ulit ‘yung favorite mo. Masaya na ‘pag nag-crave ako ng Chickenjoy, mabilis lang, tatawag na lang.” (Jollibee is really one-of-a-kind. Imagine, you just have to dial #8-7000 and you can already have your favorites delivered. I feel happy whenever I crave for Chickenjoy. It’s very accessible, I just need to call.) 

Sarah gladly shares her secret to remembering Jollibee’s nationwide hotline. “Naalala ko because of our latest jingle, masaya pakinggan!” (I remember it because our latest jingle is just fun to listen to!)


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