June 29, 2017

Move into your dream home “instantly” through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove”

Say goodbye to the burden of waiting and possess your dream home at Amaia Scapes Capas in Tarlac 60 days after reservation through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” option.
The concept of “instant gratification” enters the realm of homeownership, with Amaia Land’s introduction of “InstaMove,” its newest homeownership program. 

Beginning in June, aspiring homeowners can move to their dream house 60 days (working) after they make their reservations, proving that hardworking Filipino families can actually acquire good-quality affordable homes without the interminable waiting that generally happens in “rent to own” schemes of other developers.
Amaia Land has offered more than 300 units for its “InstaMove” program, including units at Amaia Skies Cubao.

First-time homebuyers usually find it difficult to bear the cost of mortgage payments while continuing to pay rent for a dwelling until such time when they can take possession of their new units. But with Amaia’s recent launch of this exclusive offering, this burden is eliminated. 

Move into your dream home at Amaia Skies Avenida instantly through “InstaMove,” Amaia Land’s newest homeownership program.

Your dream unit at Amaia Skies Cuba is within reach through Amaia Lands’s newest “InstaMove” program, which allows homeowners to move in to their dream house 60 days after reservation.

Invest in quality and affordable homes at Amaia Steps Novaliches and move in instantly 60 days after reservation with Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” program. 

There’s no more delaying that dream home of yours at Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” program.

In a time when everything is instant, there is no reason not to take hold of your dream home instantly through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” program, which is being offered in more than 300 units including Amaia Scapes Capas in Tarlac.

With five easy steps and very simple requirements, you can now achieve your dream home at Amaia Steos Pasig through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” program.

No need to worry about mortgage payments while paying rent as Amaia Land introduces its “instant” homeownership program “InstaMove,” which is being offered in Amaia Steps Novaliches.

To date, Amaia has made an initial offering of more than 300 units—across eight different projects in the country—for its “InstaMove” option: Amaia Skies Avenida, Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa, and Amaia Skies Cubao for high-rise condos; Amaia Steps Pasig, Amaia Steps Mandaue, and Amaia Steps Novaliches for midrise buildings; and Amaia Scapes Cabanatuan and Amaia Scapes Capas for both house-and-lot developments.
Get in touch with Amaia’s agents and representatives to find out how you can move into your dream home at Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa just 60 days after reservation.
Quality and affordable homes at Amaia Scapes Capas come easier and faster for hardworking Filipino families through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” option.

Own your dream home at Amaia Steps Pasig for a pocket friendly price within 60 days after reservation through Amaia Land’s “InstaMove” program.

For more details, interested homebuyers can get in touch with Amaia through its agents and representatives.

Amaia Land brings the dream of owning a home closer to ordinary Filipinos by offering pocket-friendly payment options: cash, deferred cash, and bank financing. 

As with all Amaia properties, the Makati Development Corporation and Ayala Property Management Corporation are responsible for the quality and maintenance of Amaia homes.

For other inquiries, please visit www.amaialand.com, like www.facebook.com/AmaiaLand on Facebook, or call 02-531-2234.

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