July 5, 2017

TAPADO (Fight for Justice), PH film to conquer int’l market soon

TAPADO (Fight for Justice) Press Conference at Museum Cafe.

TAPADO (Fight for Justice), the Filipino action film to conquer international market next year. Directed by actor-director-writer and martial arts champion Vincent Soberano, announced the filming of "Tapado", Fight for Justice, which has its eyes set on the international market in 2018. According to the multi-hyphenate, the movie will be the Philippines’ answer to Thailand’s “Ong Bak” and Indonesia’s “Raid: Redemption.”

Known for his award-winning films, "Blood Hunters" and "On the Brink: Uncharted Waters," Soberano shared that he's really hopeful that this film would open the eyes of many Filipinos and ignite their pride. 

Vincent Soberano
"Filipinos should realize we have lots to be proud of culturally, historically, and that we don’t have to always look to foreigners for inspiration. In terms of martial arts, we have our own, we should be proud of it.”

TAPADO (Fight for Justice) is the story of small town martial arts champion Jacob Casa who infiltrates an international drug syndicate’s underground fighting circuit called “The Trigonal.” He does so after his wife was brutally assaulted and his best friend murdered by the drug lord’s henchmen.

What is "Tapado"? 

Tapado is an Original Filipino Martial Art which came from a Hiligaynon (a Filipino dialect) word ‘Tapat’ or ‘Tapos’ which means – finished or done in english or to finish the job in one strike. 

This art was founded in 1960 by the late Grandmaster Romeo ‘Nono’ Mamar of Taloc, Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. 

And what is the Filipino Action Film "Tapado" (Fight for Justice)?

The film features a lesser known but extremely effective Filipino martial arts system that originates from the island of Negros. Called Tapado, this fighting method had been kept secret until now by practitioners fortunate enough to be taught by its masters.

Sarah Chang

The movie brings in international action stars such as Sarah Chang from China, Paul Allica from Australia, and China’s top UFC contender, Jingliang aka “The Leech” in his debut acting role. 

Ian Ignacio

Also starring in the movie are Monsour del Rosario, Ian Ignacio, Levi Ignacio and Director Soberano himself. 

TAPADO (Fight for Justice) is poised to be an indie blockbuster worldwide, setting the bar for local action films.

A full-throttle, high-intensity action film that gathers all the elements of Hollywood action films, the movie presents incredible action cinematography and audio-visual compositions by Japanese cinematographer, Takeyuki Onishi, who directed the photography of “Blood Hunters.”

Principal photography will commence between July and September in Negros, with various picturesque locations such as Bacolod City and Lakawon Island.

Line-produced by industry veteran, Elaine Lozano, with set design by award-winning production designer Fritz Solorio.

Executive producers are Jessie Efeno, Tony Aguirre of Piaya Network, and Oli Laperal of RS Video and Film Productions.

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