August 4, 2017

Gab and John of Urbandub and The Ransom Collective collaborate for fresh Pinoy music with Coke Studio

Like the fresh sound of Original Pilipino Music that are created with their unique collaborations, artists taking part in the local industry-groundbreaking Coke Studio project are finding out surprising things about each other. For indie folk band The Ransom Collective, the revelation was in the form of a compliment from rock band Urbandub.

“The first time they saw us, Gab (Alipe) came up to me and told me that he really liked us, and I was surprised because you wouldn't think that they would like our music,” relates Kian Ransom, The Ransom Collective vocalist and guitarist.

It turns out that the Urbandub frontman and guitarist has always enjoyed folk music, and his band mate John Dinopol has never let labels dictate his musical preferences. “We never let genres box us in. Good music is good music,” John says.

Although they were known for their distortion, overdrive and songs with angst, Gab counters that that would be a limited view of their music. “With our songs, there was always something more. To just say that we did rock music with angst is a one-note way of seeing things.”

Gab sees the same nuance and richness with The Ransom Collective. “Their lyrics are engaging. There’s always something more.”

When asked about their collaboration process and their song, Gab just says, “When people hear it, I just want them to think, ‘Hey, they’re having fun!’”

The Ransom Collective—with Kian, Jermaine Chao Peck (vocals, percussion), Red Claudio (drums), Leah Halili (bass guitar), Lily Gonzales (keyboards), and Muriel Gonzales (violin)—do like to have fun, whether it’s in their music videos or interviews.

But the greatest fun still comes from making music. “We love, love, love to compose! We feel it together [and] let it grow over time,” says Muriel. “We let the lyrics get us started, and there’s a lot of back and forth,” Kian adds.

Taste the sounds of Pinoy music as Gab and John of Urbandub and The Ransom Collective collaborate for Coke Studio. Catch it on August 5, Saturday, at 7 p.m. on TV5 or on

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