November 16, 2017

Fitness enthusiasts troop to Nuvali for Golden Fiesta’s ‘Heart Healthy Camp’ kickoff

Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp participants at Nuvali try out the Heart Pumps plyometric box jumps to improve their leg and lung power and increase heart rate to burn more calories and fat.
A tropical cyclone had come and gone, the sun was up bright and early, and for the Philippines’ leading cooking oil brand, Golden Fiesta, it was perfect weather for the special gathering of health enthusiasts, both incorrigible veterans and newbies in the fitness game.

The Heart Skips low hurdles at the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp improves leg power and agility, speeds up metabolism, and improves blood circulation to the heart.
Clad in their exercise gear, they all trooped to Solenad 1 in Nuvali, Laguna, last Saturday, November 11, some as early as 6 a.m., for Golden Fiesta’s Heart Healthy Camp—a fun-filled holistic fitness program designed to improve one’s overall body strength and conditioning. 

Their singular goal: to jump-start a heart-healthy lifestyle and be physically fit at any age.

The Elastic Heart fitness band at the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp aims to improve total body functional strength, build lean muscle mass, and push the heart to pump needed blood to function well.

Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp participants at Nuvali get to know their fitness status through the Golden Fiesta Karada Scan machines before warming up for various workout exercises and activities.
The Heart Waves battle ropes at the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp helps increase overall strength and total body conditioning and improves mobility and stability.
The sunny weather matched the high spirits of participants—some with their families or groups of friends in tow—as they kicked off the weekend on a high note. 

The organizers couldn’t have felt more gratified as Golden Fiesta successfully held the first leg of its Heart Healthy Camp. The free-admission fitness camp, after all, was warmly received by scores of fitness enthusiasts who quickly filled up the Solenad 1-Flex Lot and got the new fitness regimen going.

Nutritionist-dietician Fia Batua conducts “Heart Talk” and explains the benefits of using the heart-healthy Golden Fiesta Canola Oil in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Camp participants readily tried out an assortment of workout routines and activities that were categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advance levels that matched their varying fitness requirements.
Families bond over fun-filled workout activities during the kickoff leg of the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp at Nuvali last Nov. 11. 

Each station was manned by professional coaches and trainers to ensure that everyone was carrying out the exercises properly and safely. The workout activities included Pumps! Plyometric Box Jumps; Heart Skips! Low Hurdles; Heart Beats! Agility Ladders; Elastic Heart! Fitness Band; Heart Swing! Kettle Bells; and Heart Waves! Battle Ropes.

Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp participants at Nuvali try out the Heart Swing kettle bells, which improve the overall functional power and keep the heart rate elevated.

The morning was likewise made livelier by a Zumba session led by top Zumba and yoga instructor Karen Buenvenida.

 Zumba and yoga instructor Karen Buenvenida leads the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp participants in a Zumba session to jump-start the morning.
The camp participants might have worked up quite an appetite after all the activities that they eagerly watched a live cooking demo—of recipes using heart-healthy Golden Fiesta Canola Oil—conducted by Pinoy celebrity chef Jose Sarasola. 

Sarasola showed the audience how to prepare simple, heart-healthy meals like Golden Fiesta Lettuce Salad with Guyabano Vinaigrette, Golden Fiesta Bangus Back Fillet and Adobo Kangkong Duo, and Golden Fiesta Japanese Chicken Katsu in Curry Sauce.

Celebrity chef and fitness buff Jose Sarasola holds a live cooking demo and food sampling of homey and hearty comfort meals made using the heart-healthy Golden Fiesta Canola Oil.

The cooking demo was followed by a food sampling, of course.

“To be healthy, you have to eat healthy, and part of that lifestyle is choosing the right kind of oil. There’s a misconception that all oils are unhealthy—that’s not the case with the heart-healthy and versatile Golden Fiesta Canola Oil, which is not only good for frying but also for making sauces and salad dressings. It does not take rocket science to learn and make healthy meals at home,” Sarasola said.
Celebrity chef Jose Sarasola uses quality NutriAsia products like Locally Blended Juice Drink Guyabano flavor and Golden Fiesta Canola Oil in preparing heart-healthy meals like the Golden Fiesta Lettuce Salad with Guyabano Vinaigrette. 

“To reach the goal that you want in life, you have to really work hard for it. And when it comes to achieving that healthy lifestyle and physically fit body, Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is there to aid you,” he added.

Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is a rich source of cholesterol-reducing phytosterols, an all-natural plant extract that can reduce your body’s cholesterol level by as much as 15 percent. Scientific studies and trials show that consumption of two grams of phytosterols per day has the potential of diminishing one’s risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Participants were encouraged to learn more health tips by engaging in “Heart Talks,” which was conducted by licensed nutritionist-nietician and fitness specialist Fia Batua.

“We Filipinos can’t say no to fried food, but the good news is Golden Fiesta is promoting simple changes that we can do on a daily basis to improve our overall health. We urge everyone to start these simple lifestyle changes in your kitchen,” Batua said.

“Canola oil is one of the best and most nutritious oils in the market—it’s even healthier and cheaper than olive oil,” she added. “Canola oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are very good for the heart. You can use it for baking, frying, and as dressing.” 

Celebrity chef Jose Sarasola poses for a group photo with Golden Fiesta and NutriAsia executives and fitness coaches during the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp kickoff at Nuvali.

According to Carl Constantino, category marketing manager at NutriAsia, the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp is the brand’s way of reaching out to Filipino consumers and encouraging them to be more mindful of their food choices and to maintain an active lifestyle despite tight schedules.

“We are very happy that residents of Laguna and nearby areas took this opportunity to learn and enjoy new fitness techniques from fitness experts and enthusiasts—all for free,” Constantino enthused.

Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp participants are all smiles as they pose for group photos at Solenad 1, Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last Nov. 11.
Members of Pinoy boyband 1:43 take the time off their schedule to learn and enjoy new fitness regimen as they grace the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp at Nuvali last Nov. 11.

Even kids and teens did not miss the chance to learn new fitness techniques during the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp at Nuvali last Nov. 11. 

“Today, our camp participants brought home some useful tips from nutrition and fitness experts and learned how to cook their favorite fried dishes—plus new recipes that they can try at home—using heart-healthy Golden Fiesta Canola Oil.”

After the Nuvali leg, the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp will proceed to Track 30th at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig onNovember 26 (Sunday) and to Eton Centris Walk in Quezon City on December 3 (Sunday).

The Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp is coming soon to a venue near you, so make sure to check out Golden Fiesta’s Facebook page at for updates on upcoming legs.

Golden Fiesta by NutriAsia, the country’s number one cooking oil brand, is available in leading supermarkets nationwide. NutriAsia is a powerhouse of beloved, timeless, and iconic Filipino food brands, including Datu Puti, UFC, Silver Swan, Papa, Jufran, Mafran Mang Tomas, and Golden Fiesta.


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