December 15, 2017

City of Dreams Manila celebrates the season of giving through granting a father's wish

Following a touching father-daughter short video titled “Perfect Moments Made Real” that went viral in October with almost seven million views in Facebook, the luxury integrated resort City of Dreams Manila released another video granting the wish of a father to bond with his family this holiday season, captioned “This was our response to a father who had a simple dream for his family”.

The story of Don Pilapil, an app-based driver and bottling company agent and father of four, was discovered through his comment on City of Dreams’ first viral short video. He expressed a wish to have the time to bring his children to DreamPlay and have the same memorable experiences that his passengers seemed to enjoy when he would drive them to and from the resort. Because Don held two jobs, he got anxious about losing touch with his growing kids because of the little time he spent with them.

City of Dreams Manila’s team reached out to Don to give him the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience and quality time with his family, which included lunch in an elaborate set-up at the Grand Ballroom, play hours at DreamPlay and a staycation at Nobu Hotel Manila. 
“Don’s moving story was something we wanted to share with our audience on Facebook because it resonates with a lot of Filipinos striving for a brighter future for their families. In this season of giving, we take pleasure in making a father’s dream come true to have memorable moments with his family,” stated City of Dreams Manila Property President Geoff Andres.
Barely a week since its posting on November 30, Don’s story on City of Dreams Manila’s official Facebook page has reached over 1.4 million views, garnered more than 40,500 likes and reactions, over 7,600 shares and more than 1,600 comments. Don’s heart-tugging words certainly merit a thumbs-up: “I’ve learned that being a good parent isn’t measured by how much you’ve given. It is felt by caring, by spending time with them. So before they totally leave my side, if there’s something they could bring as they grow, I hope they remember that I have been a good father.”

City of Dreams Manila’s viral video ends with the caption “Make more perfect moments together”, which inspires its viewers to give the gift of time and love for their family this holiday season. 

To view the video, click on the following link:

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