December 18, 2017

Liza Soberano Turns her Sights on the Business of Wellness with "HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness"

Liza SoberanoPhilippine showbiz industry’s “ultimate crush” is now a certified entrepreneur, entering the wellness industry with her very own HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness.

Liza explained that the decision to have a wellness center as her first business should not come as a surprise to many because she has always been a great believer in wellness that goes beyond beauty.

Liza, whose real name is Hope Elizabeth Soberano, said that she believes wellness goes beyond beauty.
“Wellness impacts more than meets the eye. It is all about making us feel better holistically, from head to toe, body to soul,” Liza said.
Liza shared her own wellness ritual by using a lot of essential and organic oils to pamper her hands and feet and also to boost her body and spirit.

“I am a great believer that wellness is essential in making us the best version that we can be. HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness is the first manifestation of the HOPE Wellness brand. We want this to be the go-to place for everyone and anyone who wants to feel better. HOPE is open to people of all ages, genders and walks of life,” Liza adds.

Speaking like a true businesswoman, Liza quoted economist Paul Zane Pilner who said that the health and wellness industry is predicted to become the next trillion-dollar industry worldwide, underscored by the trend that spas and wellness centers have become a lifestyle for many people around the world.
“By putting up HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness, we do not only encourage people to have their own proper wellness ritual but we are also aggressively taking part in what is described as the business of the future,” Liza said.
Liza mentioned that as much as her time would allow it, she would want to be very hands-on in managing the operations of her wellness center.
“I made sure that I am actively involved from conceptualization to the actual construction of this place down to the services that we offer,” Liza adds.

HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness exudes serenity and calm with its blush pink, light grey and white color palette, customized comfortable seats for the clients, with sophisticated lighting elements creating the perfect relaxation vibe.

Liza’s wellness center offers not just the basic mani-pedis but special packages such as: 

Boss Lady, Sugar Spice and Everything Nice, Age is Just a Number, HOPE Signature Wellness Package, The Pro- Active Package, The Chill Chic, and the Little Prince/ Little Princess Package.

Visit HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness at U4, Creekside Square, 74 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Like us on FB @hopewellnessofficial and Instagram @hopewellnessofficial.

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