December 31, 2017

Vivo PH Grand Christmas Giveaways,Take selfie with Vivo V7/V7+ to Win Stephen Curry Signed Merchandise in this Christmas

Christmas is not yet over as Vivo holds V7 and V7+ Grand Christmas Giveaway. Vivo is riding in on the spirit of a Filipino Christmas with the launch of its special holiday contest. 

The Vivo V7 | V7+ Grand Christmas Giveaway promises for their valued customers. The prizes up for grabs are not just gadgets though as special Stephen Curry signed merchandise are also part of the prizes items,  exclusive Stephen Curry items (a basketball, jersey, and shoes), two of its latest top-of-the-line products, the Vivo V7+ and the Vivo V7 or limited Vivo gift items.

This is open to all consumers although the specific requirement is to have your selfie taken on either the V7 or the V7+. The giveaway began on December 16, 2017 and will last until January 6, 2018, with a weekly draw for a Grand prize winner. 

Here's the mechanics:
  • Take a selfie using a Vivo V7/V7+ smartphone and use the Watermark Feature.
  • Write a short message containing your wish for your fellow Filipinos this Christmas season
  • Upload your selfie and message on the Vivo mini-site and share your entry on Facebook
  • Please be reminded that an entry is only eligible to win in the contest week it was uploaded on.
  • A weekly draw will be conducted every week with the following prizes up for grabs:
  • The entry with the most number of likes will win the Grand Prize.

For minor prizes, entries will be chosen randomly. Customers may join the contest multiple times but is only limited to one entry per week and provided that their entry is different from their previous submissions. 

Entries can be uploaded and voted on until 5 PM every Friday, any entries uploaded after the said time will be considered for next week’s draw. 

Customers without the Vivo V7 or V7+ are still welcome to participate. All they need to do is to proceed to any Vivo concept store or multi-brand store and approach a Vivo personnel for assistance. 

A demo unit will be provided to take selfies and upload entries, Vivo is also giving the assurance that Facebook accounts would be logged out in front of the participant to ensure privacy and safety.

Every week a grand winner will receive a Stephen Curry signed merchandise and the second and third prize winner will receive a V7+ and V7 respectively.

For submission of entries and voting click on the link here.

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