February 25, 2018

Eight reasons to date a treehugger - Let's hug trees together

What do Leo DiCaprio, Ian Somerhalder, Lily Allen and Gisele Bundchen have in common? Of course, apart from being incredibly gorgeous, they’re also treehuggers! And if their advocacies are not enough to convince you, here are eight really good reasons why you should look for these passionate individuals:

1. They’re caring. They’re definitely not afraid to show their soft side. Just like their mission to nurture the trees and protect the forests, they know how to care for those that have been hurt and taken for granted. Parang ikaw.

2. They’re passionate and they fight for what they believe in. They are outspoken and opinionated. When push comes to shove, they will fight for what’s right. Whether it’s protecting the forests or fixing relationship troubles, hinding hindi ka nila bibitawan.

3. They are socially responsible. They always like to give back to those in need, living a life of mindfulness and sensitivity towards social issues, and staunchly advocating the causes they support. In other words, bigay lang sila ng bigay kahit hindi sila nage-expect ng kapalit.

4. They will take you on meaningful adventures. To them, Palawan is not just a summer getaway, it’s a landscape that has ecological significance and is rich in biodiversity. They don’t just travel for the sake of taking pretty selfies, they travel with a purpose -- willing to travel far and wide to grow trees and help forest-dependent communities. In short, hindi sila takot sa LDR.

5. They’re more than willing to go the extra mile. They’re the type who would volunteer for eco-friendly activities or participate in forest conservation movements. They’re always willing to share their time, effort, and commitment for something they’re passionate about, whether it’s for protecting the forests or spending time with you. Effort, bes, effort.

6. Life with them is never boring. Of course, part of being socially responsible also means that they’re in the loop with the latest rumblings around the world. They will be the first to know of any issues affecting you or the environment. That’s why life with them is always filled with excitement and a sense of purpose. For sure, mas exciting sa ex mo.

7. They’re a great source of comfort. We all know that it is scientifically proven that hugging has a lot of health benefits. But did you also know that hugging trees is also scientifically proven to improve your health? So, why not hug trees together? May excuse ka na rin para i-hug si crush!

8. They’re making the world a better place. Through all their personal advocacies, forest conservation activities, and even those quirky eco-friendly initiatives they ascribe to -- everything they do and work for is ultimately so we can have a clean, green, and sustainable future. Parang yung future niyo lang.

That’s why a group of treehuggers have banded together to start the Best Friends of the Forest Movement (BFF Movement), a community driven by youth advocates that aim to inspire people to protect and conserve the Philippines’ forests. Think you’re a treehugger? Join the movement on March 21, 2018! Malay mo, makasama mo pa si crush.

About the BFF Movement
Organized by Forest Foundation Philippines, the Best Friends of the Forest Movement is a community of environmentalists, travel enthusiasts, artists and social entrepreneurs who aim to inspire people to protect the forests.

What started with a mutual love for the trees and a willingness to take action among millennials and millennial-mindsetted individuals turned into a movement that champions the protection and conservation of the forests. For more information, log on to http://www.forestfoundation.ph/be-a-bff/.

About Forest Foundation Philippines
Established in 2002, under two bilateral agreements between the governments of the United States of America and the Philippines, the Forest Foundation Philippines is a non-profit organization that provides grants to organizations that empower the people to protect the forests. 

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