March 23, 2018

Health Talks: New observational, non-interventional clinical study-a giant leap for taking care of peripheral neuropathy sufferers

Clinical study shows benefits on symptoms of peripheral neuropathy 

Manila, Philippines, March 2018 - Merck, a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials hosted NENOIN Symposium, a new clinical study shows benefits on symptoms of peripheral neuropathy with Dr. Rizaldy Pinzon last March 21, 2018 held at Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Manila.

Peripheral neuropathy sufferers treated with a combination of three neurotropic B vitamins have experienced improvement on all neuropathy symptoms observed in the study independently from the cause of their neuropathy.


The nervous system allows us to perceive, comprehend, and respond to the world around us. It coordinates voluntary actions like walking and involuntary actions like breathing and swallowing, Nerves, the components of the nervous tissue, enable impulses sensation and motion between the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the body.

Dr. Rizaldy Pinzon and host Gelli Victor 


Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder affecting nerves, impairing them in their function of transmitting information and potentially affecting millions of people worldwide. Peripheral Neuropathy can cause various body discomforts, such as tingling, increased or decreased sensitivity to vibration, hot or cold, numbness, muscle weakness and even burning pain. Peripheral Neuropathy can cause "typical symptoms" which appear more often and "atypical symptoms, which are less frequent and can be overlooked or misinterpreted.

Example of symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy: 

 Dr. Rizaldy Pinzon

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can seem innocuous but have an impact of the patients' well-being and their quality of life. Early detection and treatment are crucial as well as effective treatment options, which relieve patients from their symptoms without having to suffer from significant side effects.


A new clinical study (Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, lan 2018) has brought a major step forward for nerve health: it has demonstrated that an effective treatment helps relieve all neuropathy symptoms (observed in the study), regardless of the cause of peripheral neuropathy. 

Whether the patients were suffering from numbness, pain or paraesthesia (usually painless sensation like tingling or itching, often felt in the arms and feet, they experienced relief on all these symptoms. It was also observed that the longer they used the treatment, the more relief the patients felt from these symptoms. 

Finally it is also very reassuring to see that the treatment has shown a good tolerance profile over the whole duration (3 months).


Neurobion is a B complex vitamin supplement that containing vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

Neurobion contribute to nerve health and help provide relief for people who suffer from: -peripheral nerve problems -anyone at risk of vitamin B deficiency ( eg over-55 years old, vegetarians, diabetics and pre-diabetics and others.) 

Neurobion helps to enhance and prolong quality of life when people start experiencing the signs of an impaired nervous system – numbness, tingling or even a sensation of pins and needles can be some of the first external signs. The risk for this condition can increased with age.

Neurobion is highly recommended by Doctors because the effectiveness of the Neurobion is clinically proven to help nerve fibers work well and to relieve the symptoms of damage to the nervous system (neuropathy).

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