April 23, 2018

IVO, the purest, cleanest water on tap

Water is necessary for the survival of all living organisms on Earth, an integral part of many ecosystems that support us and a myriad of other species. Water is a precious substance that meets our physical needs. 

Having safe and pure drinking water start at home. To ensure the safety of our family, an ultimate water purifier can give us the freshest, purest water handily from our faucet.

Here's IVO -  gives you the freshest, purest water handily from your faucet.

IVO easily makes available to you the cleanest, purest water with the turn of the tap.

Thirsty. This word is much used in the current cultural zeitgeist to express a deep and bottomless desire for pretty much anything.

IVO, with its sleek design as well as superior technology will not just make you “thirsty”, it will deliciously quench it.

We’ve been conditioned to buy our water for such a long time that the concept of drinking water straight from the tap is practically revolutionary, not to mention liberating. IVO makes this possible and hands the control of your drinking water back to you. 

IVO is made in Japan and comes from the makers of Torayvino, the number one faucet mounted water purifier brand in Japan. Torayvino has a long history featuring sophisticated, superior filtering technology which has made them the number one brand in Japan since they launched the faucet-mounted water purifier in 1986. They pioneered the world’s first faucet mount type water purifier using hollow fiber membrane filters in 1988 and now have an overwhelming 66 percent market share among faucet-mounted filtration systems in Japan. Their name is synonymous with pure.

In the Philippines, Torayvino is IVO, the WORD in water innovation and evolution. IVO gives you the freshest, purest water handily from your faucet. IVO removes 99.99% of the bacteria in your tap water but retains the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals essential to your body. We’ve all had issues from the water from our taps being over-chlorinated or cloudy or having issues from the main supply. IVO removes all the unnecessary components from tap providing water that is not only safe but delicious.
Here in the Philippines, we have no shortage of water sellers that tout their products as pure and crystal clear, but the fact is a vast majority are not registered with the Department of Health or are compliant with government regulations. The consumer often has no idea how often their filters are changed, and if they adhere to the standard of changing the various components such as the UV and carbon filters regularly.

It is ideal for all homes and establishments, but the convenience it can give people who live in high rises cannot be overemphasized. This means not having to lug your water jugs up flights of stairs and elevators or not needing to constantly have your water delivered.

The ubiquitous 5-gallon blue water jugs or transparent ones that fit in a water cooler that most water companies use not only monopolize much needed space in households and condos, they are decidedly not BPA free. BPA, which stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical compound linked to cancer and birth defects, that leaches into the liquid that it contains. When you look at the canister of the IVO filter, you wonder how such a compact gadget can pack a lot of purifying power, but bigger isn’t always better. Water purifying companies might have these large filters because of the large volume that has to pass through those filters is for commercial quantities. What many people don’t realize is that those things are often for show. The rocks and paper you see in some commercial water filter stations don’t really filter water as effectively and may even harbor bacteria. 

IVO’s hip design fits seamlessly with any faucet, and the white and silver colors will fit any kitchen interior. IVO makes the push towards healthy lifestyles easier. People are ditching sodas and high-sugar drinks for freshly pressed juices and water. You could say that fruit infused water is the new soda. This makes it even more imperative that your water is the best and purest it could possibly be. Hydration is the new sexy. 

IVO also helps the planet. There is a large ecological impact to filling your own recyclable water bottle. Everyday millions of plastic water bottles are dumped into oceans and landfills contributing to environmental waste. It is estimated that the world consumes a million bottles per minute, 91% of which are not recycled which is a staggering amount (source: Euromonitor). 

Do-gooding has never been this refreshing nor this reasonably priced. IVO is not only easy to use, it’s a lot more economical in the long run than the average P35 per 5-gallon water. A basic IVO unit costs P1,980. The refill filter costs 1,380 and can filter 1,500 liters of water on average. This depends on the condition of the water as well. Hard water will mean you will have to replace your filter earlier than if it comes from the city’s water treatment facilities. It’s easy to tell when it’s time to replace the filter because the water won’t flow as efficiently, but as long as there is water coming out of the filter, the water remains 99.99% bacteria-free. 

IVO Water Purifier fits most faucets, and there is a lever where it can be easily switched to unfiltered water for when you’re only washing the dishes or your hands. The unfiltered water pressure is an ultrafine spray, with 0.4 mm diameter provides soft feeling to your skin, splashes less water and creates the proper water volume for washing dishes, which means IVO is still eco-friendly even when you’re not using the filtered water mode. In fact, the unfiltered spray mode gives you 30% water savings because it has more coverage than water flowing straight from an unfiltered faucet. 

The Philippines or Moduvi, Inc., a Philippine based company, has exclusive rights to IVO, with the Japanese parent company Toray, allowing its distribution to other countries. 

Only three letters separate you from better access to health and life quality. The purest and cleanest water flows easily with IVO.

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