May 18, 2018

Take charge of your family's health, understand your DNA through PlumCare DNA Advisor

Cordlife, introduces PlumCare DNA Advisor - provides you and your family personalized insights from genetic advisors about your DNA so you can best manage your family's well-being across generations.

Serving the Filipino families for the last 8 years, Cordlife, the first and only DOH-registered, ISO certified and AABB-accredited cord blood banking facility in the Philippines, brings now the Genscreen – the testing service arm.

Understanding your family's DNA gives you a deeper knowledge of your health, and can help us provide insights to your family's health in the future.

PlumCare, DNA Advisor, to help Filipinos families to detect potentially disease-causing genetic variants made possible through a thorough analysis of the DNA of each family member.

PlumCare DNA Advisor specializes in providing genetic testing by DNA sequencing to help us make better life choices. To gather high quality and reliable genetic testing capabilities and through the testing services provided, Genscreen® empowers individuals to take control of their health destiny for disease prevention and early detection. 

PlumCare DNA Advisor was developed for by two eminent clinical geneticists, Dr. Paul Billings and Dr. Petros Tsipouras. 

PlumCare DNA Advisor provides access to the progress in genetics through DNA testing, analysis, insights, and learnings from world-class research. The service combines the simplicity of saliva-based whole exome DNA testing, data from all participating family members (family trios or more), family medical history, external research and analysis. 

At the PlumCare DNA Advisor media presentation held on May 17 at the Shangri-La Hotel, celebrity guest Chito Miranda, (Songwriter, Lead Singer for Parokya ni Edgar) shared us how they tried the DNA process.

Iya Villana-Arellano, event host and Chito Miranda 

"When Neri, Miggy, and I were offered PlumCareTM DNA Advisor, a genetic screening service that can sequence approximately 20,000 genes, and accurately detect hundreds of medical conditions including cancer, we did not think twice about grabbing the opportunity. 
The process was easy. All we had to do was to provide our saliva sample which a laboratory in the US will screen. The horror story when it comes to cancer is it gets detected late into its progression, when they can't do anything about it anymore. What PlumCareTM DNA Advisor does is it gives you an advantage or power to take action even before the problem starts so you can manage, delay, or even prevent whatever tragedy cancer or other medical condition may bring. My family's health is my responsibility so I take it very seriously. If it's something that will keep my family safe and give them a fighting chance against anything that we might need to deal with in the future, I will never hesitate about investing in it."

This is a powerful new approach to lifetime health, we learn more about how genetics impacts our health. This means one DNA sample can give you actionable insight today and years from now - through further scientific advancements.

Take charge of your family's health. Find out more PlumCare DNA Advisor at or call (02) 4701735 and (02) 3321888 or +639988486064.

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