July 6, 2018

Asian Artists Agency’s Young Stars Fire Up The Stage This July

It’s a fiery July for the young generation stars of Asian Artists Agency (called the SRATS).

Online singing star and cover princess Aiana Juarez will take centerstage at Centris all Fridays of July. She will be joined by fellow AAAI artists Miko and Gab (July 6), Selena Marie (July 13), Drei Raña (July 20), and Miko and Gab (July 27).

Aiana will also have a series of shows at Resorts World every Thursday of July.

“I’m very excited with my upcoming shows. It’s gonna be a fun, fun night for everyone. I’ll give my best shot in all my performances. I would like to invite everyone to please watch my shows. Let’s sing and groove to the beat together,” Aiana said.

Aiana is a YouTuber known for creating her own versions of famous songs including Ex Battalion’s Hayaan Mo Sila, Perfect by Ed Sheeran, TitiboTibo by Moira de la Torre. Her rendition of the song Hayaan Mo Sila landed her on the number 2 spot on YouTube’s Trending section.

Wilbert Ross will go live at the Resorts World in all Fridays of July. 

Wilbert is Showtime’s Kilig Ambassador and a member of Hashtags. “Don’t miss the dates! Let’s party together. Gusto ko ipakita sa mga tao that I can make them happy and entertained. Masarap magpasaya ng mga tao.” 

Mac Murillo 

Joining Aiana and Wilbert is Mac Murillo who is part of the digital team of AAAI. Mac has had stints as an acoustic singer before working with AAAI, and staged regular gigs at The 70s Bistro and 12 Monkeys. He is also an active YouTuber. 

For inquiries, please call (02) 855-4765 or (02) 405-4423, email info@asianartistsagency. com, and visit fb.com/ asianartistsagency

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