July 11, 2018

Care and cleaning of camper trailer and tent

With the weather improving, people in this part of the world are looking forward to enjoy their camping vacation. It is time to check out on your camper trailer. It has been months since your last camping trip and you will need to get your trailer fresh and clean from top to bottom before you set out on your next camping vacation. Starting early will give yourself plenty of time in case you come across any parts that need extra attention or replacement.

Before you start cleaning, equip yourself with all the proper cleaning tools, sponges, a big wash brush mounted on a pole long enough to areas that you won’t be able to reach, hose, bucket, vacuum, liquid washers, etc. Cleaning should start from the roof of your overland trailer first and then begin to work your way down for the exterior.

For the interior of your trailer, start with the sinks, shower and water tanks using an all natural solution mixture of half cup vinegar, quarter cup of baking soda and half gallon of warm water. This serves as an all-purpose cleaning solution for the interior of your shower, stove, and countertops. Next, remove any leftover junks, sweep the floor, and vacuum the rugs.

Next, take a look at your roof top tent. Even though it was in good condition when it was stored away, there is no harm checking it one more time before you hit the road. If it rains, you wouldn’t want your vacation to be spoiled by a leaking roof top tent. If you find that the roof top tent is worn, then it time to get a replacement. It is better not to risk your roof top tent falling apart in the middle of your camping vacation.

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